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How can I show a youtube-video in the video plugin? I put in a youtube link. then put in the plugin-shortcode on my video page, but there’s no video shown? What’s wrong?


-Create an empty page titled “videos” Select this page in the plugin settings (videos> settings) - to add a video: video -> add new, and paste your youtube or vimeo url -click on generate a thumbnail at the right of the text editor

I hope it will help

Hi Constantin, Love the new feature with the lightbox for videos looks great. If i may make a suggestion….:-)

It would be cool to have the option to show Thumbnails of other videos in the navigation bar of the Lightbox underneath the Video. And also to determin how long the Navigation bar stays visible. just a suggestion to make it eaven more perfect.

Thx again for ur exellent work on this Theme Support, code and functionality of Flycase is the best on the market. best regards etuonu

Thx a lot for the support! it is much appreciated. I note your suggestion

Hi, Great theme! I love it, thanks a lot.

I was wondering whether it would be possible to display the shows thumbnails (featured images for each show) within the “Upcoming Shows” widget and the Wolf Tour Dates ([wolf_tour_dates]) widget?

That would be awesome!

Bonjour, 1- Je voudrais créer une deuxième page au modèle Video. J’en ai déjà une sur le site et quand j’en crée une nouvelle elle m’affiche exactement les mêmes vidéos que celle qui existe déjà. Est ce possible d’en créer une vierge pour mettre des vidéos différentes ? 2- Est ce que c’est possible de mettre une vidéo dans une Gallery où il y a des photos ? Merci d’avance


Vous pouvez utiliser les categories pour afficher plusieurs pages avec differentes video


Sorry Constantin, but where is the option for video lightbox…? I’ve updated to 1.1.3

Well done it! It’s another thing now! Perfect!

But now a question… What happend’s with the original pages where video’s are standing? Because they are indexed by Google. I look into the source code for the Video Page and all the links to pages are there, and obviously all single video pages exist but they can’t be reached now directly. We will have 404 errors? What do you think?

Google doesn’t look well 404 errors, mostly the pages are indexed, and present in sitemap… That’s why I’m asking…

Hi constantin, I just updated the theme to the latest version and the fix for the fancybox does not work if i am using the child theme. When using the normal theme all is fine and all buttuns in video cann be used but when switching to the child theme the same issue like befor the theme update buttuns inside fancybox do not work. Is there something i need to do after the update ? Best regards etuonu

As a workaround i have pasted the css code u mentioned above into my custom css box and now it works. but if i remoove the code it does not work in child theme…

Sorry i am a nerve today…:-) just noticed another minor issue the fancybox does not look/ work well on mobile devices. Its responsive behavior is out of proportion when the fancybox opens(scroll bar shows up when video is playing and when the fancybox opens the video thumbnail is out of proportion. is there a way to fix this ? or make the swipebox loade instead on mobile devices ? so that should be it for today…:-)

Could post a ticket on the forum? Thanks! http://help.wpwolf.com

Hi, I cant seem to access the theme options panel. I want to add my facebook page link to the logo that is on the top bar.

Sincerely Linda


You can set your social profiles URL in the theme options -> socials tab If you need further help, pls post a ticket on the support forum with your website URL and your login credentials via private comment if needed htp://help.wpwolf.com


Hi – I just purchased this theme and went to install it and Wordpress says it’s missing the style.css file. I tried renaming the editor-style.css file and rezipping and uploading but Wordpress said that style.css was missing a valid header. Help?! Thanks, Beth

Nevermind – finally got it….

Hi: when I log in to the admin of my site, I get notices that there is a new version of flycase. When I go to the downloads section of my envato account I can download flycase but it does not show what version it is. How do I verify the version so I am not installing over the same version?

Thank you

You can check the current version in the item description changelog link http://updates.wpwolf.com/changelog.php?theme=flycase

Or directly in your admin panel: flycase -> update


It would make sense to title your theme updates so we know before we upload what version is in our Envato downloads file. Cheers


I totaly agree. When I submit a new update, the file is originaly titled flycase-pack-1.1.3.zip, but themeforest changes the file name automatically.

Hi can you help me ! I have some problems with the menu or the visualization of the different pages ! On an ipad, pc , mac or different navigators I cllick on the menu but doesn´t go to that page. What else is wrong ? galamusic.com.ar


It sounds like a javascript conflict.. Maybe due to a 3rd party plugin pls post a ticket on the support forum with your website URL and your login credentials via private comment if needed htp://help.wpwolf.com


Tried to update and recieved this error :Fatal error: Class ‘Wolf_Theme_Metabox’ not found in /home/nyq/thestarship.net/wp-content/themes/flycase/includes/metabox.php on line 71

website now wont work or let me go to wp admin

I just did the update per directions and the update crashed my site with the following error message- can you please help?

Fatal error: Class ‘Wolf_Theme_Metabox’ not found in /xxxx4/xxxx9/public_html/wp-content/themes/flycase/includes/metabox.php on line 71

After waiting all night for a response, I read the’help article’ you pointed to above.

1.) I went into my website file structure via ftp as my admin/backend is no longer is accessible thanks to this update. 2.) I went to the flycase folder and deleted all files. 3.) I went to your latest flycase files downloaded to my local machine 4.) Re-uploaded all flycase files to the flycase folder. 5.) I attempted to re-enter my admin/backend for the site and cannot do so- the error is STILL -“Fatal error: Class ‘Wolf_Theme_Metabox’ not found in /XXXX4/XXXXXXX9/public_html/wp-content/themes/flycase/includes/metabox.php on line 71”

As you can imagine this is very frustrating and I still have a site down. Can you give me the correct fix for this please.



This error is due to a file that was present in your last version, but that is not at this location anymore. You need to delete all old files before re-uploading the new ones http://help.wpwolf.com/faq/update-fails/

I hope it will help

As I stated above. I deleted ALL old files and replaced them with your updated ones. I suggest to you that either the latest update is not correct or there is something else wrong (also what specific file(s) needs to be added or deleted?). Rather than repeatedly directing us to the same help file, perhaps you need to actually look at these sites and see what is actually, not theoretically wrong. This is due to the update, not us. I have people complaining that Ther website is gone now. We need to solve this. Please help. This is your construction. Thank you.


If you still have the error message, it means the metabox.php file from the old verison is still there. You can post a ticket on the forum with your login infos in private comments and we will fix that for you.

I improved the zip upload update system, so this issue won’t happen again

Sorry for the inconvenience


If anyone is confused or having trouble regarding the upgrade and error. I can share what I had to do to fix this. This is per me guessing and looking his documentation. Use at your own risk and/or confirm with the author. It worked for me.

A.) Go to your Envato account and download the flycase zip (the full one) B.) Open a new folder on your desk to. You can call it whatever you want. C.) Go to your downloads where you downloaded the flycase zip folder. D.) Extract all files to the new folder on your desktop (or wherever you created it). This will set you up to the ftp process.

Now: 1.) Access your site files using ftp (I use filezilla) 2.) On the left pane (local) of your filezilla interface-Find the flycase folder you created and navigate it open so you can see the file structure 3.) On the right side (Remote) of filezilla-Navigate this way: www>wp-content>themes>flycase. 4.) On the filezilla right pane-Right click and Delete the flycase folder completely. 5.) On the left pane of filezilla, find the flycase folder-not the zip file, the folder. Right click and upload that. You will see it show up where you deleted the old folder.

This process somewhat fixed the issues. Check yrou site and yoru admin login. There was still some formatting errors but I could see my site again and I had access to the backend-admin area.

What I noticed was that flycase was saying I still had an older version (10.09 I think). I had nothing to lose at this point so…

I used the automatic installer and navigated that to the folder I created and clicked on the flycase zip file inside the main flycase extracted contents. It updated the site to the current-correct version.

Again, there was still some funky formatting but my site was back, I was in admin again and I was able to fix most of the weird errors. It looks to me like the author of flycase did something to the structure which does have a permanent affect. Like I said, once the big issues got solved, the rest was pretty easy to fine tune.

This is what I had to do to fix this. Maybe there is a better way. Not sure.

Thanks a lot for sharing with others! It is much appreciated.

This issue won’t happen again as I improved the zip upload update system


Hi, how am I able to create the same layout as on my website as the one shown in the demo? Also, I get this similar products advertisement in my header of my site. You can check it out at www.indastreetlyfe.com, how am I able to remove it?

When I try to change the product image sizes in the Woocommerce Settings they just instantly revert back to the default settings. I did stumble across a setting somewhere that had use WooCommerce Theme Style check but the woocommerce-functionsphp has this: add_theme_support( ‘woocommerce’ ); // add Woocommerce support // add_filter( ‘woocommerce_enqueue_styles’, ‘__return_false’ ); // disable Woocommerce CSS. The product images in the shop are unacceptably HUGE. can you please advise? Thanks!


The woocommerce image sizes are defined in includes/admin/default-options.php at the end of the file

You will have to regenerate your thumbnail after changing the value. You can use a plugin such as Force Regenerate Thumbnail to do that https://wordpress.org/plugins/force-regenerate-thumbnails/

I hope it will help

Hi Brutal Design,

what is the old font in the Menu? Why has it changed? Please let us know. I thought the last one was pretty nice!

Where could i Change it back and what to? Thank you mati


You can set your font style in the theme options -> fonts tab https://www.dropbox.com/s/2gjc4xkb5kzqupn/flycase-uppercase.png

I hope it will help

Great! You are so good! Is there an option to change the mouse over menu color?


You can chage the main accent color in the customizer. I hope it will help

Hi! Great theme!!!

I want to add a home icon to the main menu, but I dont’ know what this mean:

“add the “home-menu-item” class to your “Home” menu item”

Can you help me? Thank you very much!

Hi! I figured it out already!

The jPlayer is on every page. How can I make it appear on only one page? Thanks.

Greetings. I have installed the theme on a subdirectory. I then uploaded via FTP a php.ini file to increase the upload limit. (sitename/sub/wp-admin/php.ini ) but the theme still says max upload 8mb. I need the client to be able to upload the mp3s through the site and not through ftp. I have looked through all the comments here and at your helpdesk but everything I try does not work PLEASE help! thanks

disregard…. php is being handled by fastCGI and the php.ini (or even .htaccess) no longer overrides the roots php.ini file. The solution was to go through the webhost to the root access and manually changing it there or in settings (for all who had the same problem). IF this does not work for you, contact your hosting company ;)

Thx for the feedback ;)