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I love this theme but I found one major bug that made me not buy and it’s the fact that the background header image isn’t responsive and since the background isn’t it looks like this http://pbrd.co/18ef04p on every page on the iPad….If that ever gets fixed I’ll buy it that very moment….


Thanks for letting me know! I will fix this ASAP


When you click the customize on the WP Admin under Apperance and set the preset skins—the button takes you out of the customizer and does nothing.



I just submitted a first update with a few minor fixes and I’m working on improving the preset system. But you should be redirected to the customizer though..

This issue is maybe due to a 3rd party plugin. You can try to disable all plugins that are not part of the theme to see if it comes from there

Anyway, improving the preset buttons system is currently in the pipeline


Please help!

Hi Brutaldesign,

also it would be great if you could set the menu in the customization settings to be always centered, so it can be nicely alligned on top or below the logo.

thank you

A little CSS snippet won’t be enough here. Please give me time, I will add this option to the theme in the next update


Thank you so much for working on the centered menu. I am just experiencing that it is always a little to the left and if you resize the window of safari or chrome a little it jumps to the middle. One more thing i am seeing is that the bottom menu and the music network section is not centered and stops on the right hand side. I will attach the picture here you can have a look it is highlighted red and everything below it is not centered either. Thank you so so much you are the best!



Thx for the feedback

I’m not sure why it’s not centered on page load..

Download and replace the jquery.functions.js file in your theme “js” folder


Please let me know if it fixes it

In the theme custom options, be sure that the “Responsive” box is checked


Another “amazing” theme from Brutal :-) 2 quick questions…..

1. is there anyway i can change the name of the category “band” which is created in releases/options, to “band-catalog”?

2. What is the menu css class to get the house-icon for the home page?

Thanks! I’m glad you like this new theme!

1. To do that, you will need to edit the plugin file (plugins/wolf-discography/wolf-discography.php) The taxonomy is set at row 150. The slug is at row 178. You will need to re-save your permalink structure afterwards.

2. here you go http://d.pr/i/J42e

I hope it will help

Hi, Im thinking of purchasing your theme. Does your Audioplayer also support Playing tracks from a soundcloud link ? or does it only play selfhosted tracks ?


The audio player support self hosted songs and any URL as well. The URL must be the direct link to the mp3 file.. But i’m not sure if soundcloud provide direct links to mp3s.. Maybe I’m wrong

I hope it will help

Hi THX for your quick reply. I have one more question is it possible to add Lyrics to each song in an album and have them show up in the textfield underneath if the song is playing, or simply open up in a pop up window ?


Unfortunately, it is not an option built into the player plugin


What is the ideal background image size for full background? cheers

1960 X 1280 or 1280 X 960 is fine ;)

It’s beautiful, but unfortunately well out of my price range for now.

Best of luck and I hope to try it out some day soon.

One question, is there an option for a liking plugin using Facebook API’s other than the existing Facebook commenting and liking plugins available on WordPress?


The theme includes only “share” links in post single pages that can be disabled. You will need an external plugin to add more social “share” features


Thank you for the reply :) that’s good enough at least!


Nice theme.

One question: How can I use the seperator to split pages with a visible line like in your demo?

Hi, thanks for nice template. I have a questions. 1. I need change language version for all website, how can I do this? 2. It is possible to change logo position to center-center? Actually is at top-L/C/R 3. Where can I change redirect link for ‘read more posts’? 4. Is it possible to made a page with only archive tour-dates without upcoming gigs? Cheers, Bogus


The date bug has been fixed in the dicography and tour dates plugins last version.

You can update your plugin in your wordpress update panel (dashboard -> update)

If you want to customize the single show page, you will have to edit the single-show.php file.

To change the show list titles

.wolf-tour-dates h2{
  /* your CSS rules */

Finally, to translate the plugin, you need to name your file wolf-pl_PL

I hope it will help

OK, thanks for the help. Still there is a problem with background to blog/news page. Even though I set my own background for the page still displays the image set in the Body (from Personalisation settings) and not working custom CSS. Please check this on my site http://tesnaproject.com/news/ . After last update in discography-grid I have small image (for me is too small, the previous setting was better). Similarly, in Last Photos widget, now thumbnails is too bigger – previous setting 9×9 was better. Thanks, Bogus


The discography grid bug and the last photos thumbs has been fixed ;) Be sure to update the theme and all plugins.

I will check the blog background issue and add this to my to-do list


Hello! How do I remove the big flycase logo ? Thanks

Hi, you can upload your logo in the customizer (appearence -> customizer) I hope it will help

Hi Brutaldesign,

one little quick thing. I am experiencing problems with the sticky menu. It is only coming up while customizing the site but when i surf the website normally i never get this one to work. Did you make any changes in the update or did i just do something weird? Please just check if it works fine for you.



I’m currently working on an update, I just checked and there is nothing wrong with the sticky menu. I didn’t change anything regarding this


Hi, When I want to place a custom Login Logo it appears streached on the wp login page and is all messed up regardless of Original logo size. Only If i use a square Logo the logo is kept in proportion but then it is too small What am i missing here ? Plus since last wp update theme does not rezize correctly on mobile devices.


I forgot to add this info in the option label: your login logo must be the same size as the WP logo 274px X 63px

I hope it will help

Hi, Sorry to say but no. I used exat margins you mentioned above. And logo is still messed up…

best regards etuonu

You’re right the dimensions have changed in WP 3.8. You login logo should be 80px X 80px

If you want to customize this size, you will have to add the following function in a child theme and adjust the inline CSS included in the function

if ( ! function_exists( 'wolf_custom_login_logo' ) ) :
 * Custom Login Logo Option
function wolf_custom_login_logo() { 

    $login_logo = wolf_get_theme_option( 'login_logo' );

    if ( $login_logo ) 
        echo '<style  type="text/css"> h1 a { background-image:url(' . $login_logo .' )  !important; } </style>';
add_action( 'login_head',  'wolf_custom_login_logo' );

Hi Brutal, I think i’ve found a tiny bug….

When setting to discography grid template, the ‘release title link’ which sits underneath the release pictures, doesnt link to the release, and says: discography-grid/Permalink%20to%20Dolor%20magna%20nec (leads to 404 page)

It also does this in your demo of the discog grid, http://demo.wpwolf.com/flycase/discography-grid/


The discography grid template is specific to the theme. If you are using it, there is no need to set your discography page in the plugin option. Otherwise the default template will be used.

I just checked the update to be sure about the title link bug, and it is fixed. If you use a cache plugin, be sure to purge your cache.

You will find instructions about the google font manager in the doc. You will find tons of google font here http://www.google.com/fonts

I hope it will help

Sorry, the option to set your discography page in the plugin shouldn’t be displayed if templates are already included in the theme..

Will fix this ASAP

I just submitted an update. It should be all good now.

Let me know if you still have issue to set up your google fonts. Maybe a short tutorial about it could be welcome


Hi First thing off I have not congratulated you on your awesome theme. I love it and must say it’s the best I have tried and seen so far for Bands. My question today is…. When i set the menu breakpoint for mobile devices, no matter how high or low i set it there is no change on my mobile devices. Only the Google Chrome/IE browser on my desktop PC seam to react to those changes. I know you added The Option Disable on mobile devices but that is not really an option as menu is not responsive (which would not make sense as it would be too small to read any way) and half of my menu is not visible if this option is turned on. I am looking to have the Menu show normal on I-pad or Android Tablets and Desktop Browsers, and fall to the Mobile Menu on Phones. So anything less than a 6 or 7 inch display (which is my personal limit for a Mobile Phone HTC one max) should show Mobile Menu. Plus it would be cool if Menu on Phones Could be sticky too or fixed on top left Corner so one does not have to constantly go looking for the menu on screen. Also cool if the Menu Tab for Mobile Devices could be a little Bigger then it is at the moment. Hope what i wrote makes sense to you.


First thanks a lot for your support it is much appreciated.

Just updated the theme about the mobile menu. I removed the mobile detection, so the menu breakpoint will applies to all devices.

You make me realize that this option doesn’t make sense if the mobile detection overwrite it.



I’m looking for the “newsletter” tab you’ve showed in the live preview. would be great if you can help to solve this problem.


thx in advance,



You will find the instruction in the doc. Documentation folder -> Snippets.html

I hope it will help

Great! Thanks. I will check it out.

Hello…Hello!!!! Great theme, brosef. I was wondering….and this may be a dumb question….. (clears throat) Is the jet-pack plugin neccessary? .....dont judge me. Im a noob.

also, WP supercache?


haha! no problem I won’t judge you man, no worries! I’m glad you like the theme!

No, the jetpack plugin is not required


also, WP Super Cache? tried to delete this…sorry

Wp super Cache is not required. The theme can work perfectly without any plugin installed ;)

You can install only the plugins you need


Hi me again, At the moment i am Havin an issue with centering the Menu Bar. Eaventhough I have chosen the option Center Menu it only centers it on Post Pages not on normal Pages. Am I missing something or is it a bug ? Best regards Etuonu

Hi I have another question concerning the Wolf Tourdates plugin Past Shows. I have seen the code you provided further up wich hides the Upcoming shows but that code also prevents the Upcoming shows from appearing in the Sidebar for that page it is used on. What I am trying to say is I have a Tourpage that links to a second tourpage that only shows the Past Shows. On this Past shows page I would like to show the Next Gig using the Tourdates Widget. But if I Use the CSS code you Provided it also Prevents the widget from showing the upcoming shows. Is there any way to work around the issue ? Best regards and happy Hollidays Etuonu


An update is on the way with a fix. All will works fine now.

About the CSS trick, you can target the main container like this. It will hide the upcoming shows in the main content area

.entry-content .wolf-upcoming-shows{

I hope it will help

THX worked perfectly. Just had to leave the top part of the original code so the title of upcoming shows would not show…:-) Happy Hollidays and once again great Theme.

Hi BrutalDesign,

Great theme!

One question for now: under the Discography section when I choose “Type: Digital Download” as an option and then save draft and preview, on the previewed page, I see “Format: digital”...

Is there some way to change the value that appears in this section to “Digital Download” or “Digital”?


Yuri A. Jones | Allegro Worldwide


I will check this as soon as possible. I am off for a few days, for Christmas holidays.

Pls give me time. Cheers!

Just pushed an update with the date issue fixed in the release taxonomy templates. The discography plugin needs to be updated as well.


Thanks. I posted another issue in your support forum.