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Hello. Just purchased this GREAT theme. We’re at a loss on creating our own “revolution Slider”. Is it possible to get the samples that is currently on the preview, particulary the “revslider full width”?

Thanks much.

Sorry, I’ve checked that before. That’s not how my downloads section look like… It only has 2 links: Regular License which take you here: http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular and the help with Wordpress install. Should I ask envato for the license or are you able to give me one? Thank YOU!

The REv slider dummy worked liked a charm!! Thanks again for the help.


I can’t give you your purchase licence. If you’re not able to access your purchase code, you should contact envato support : http://support.envato.com/

I hope it will help

Hello, I have a pre sale question. Is it possible to have a different background image on each page. So I mean the main background? Not a background in one of the content boxes.

Thanks for your time.


You can set a different body background and header background on each page.


They way videos are posted is causing the video to show up TWICE. You have to add a URL into the post in order for the video to appear, but when you do that and save, the video appears in two places (featured area, and wherever you posted the URL inside the post). If you delete the URL inside the post, then the featured video goes away too. Please fix this so that the video only posts in one place, perhaps by using a custom field instead of having to post the URL inside the blog/video/album entry.

Also, there’s no way to edit the colors for hover & links (except through custom CSS). All other colors seem to be editable through the customizations area. Am I just missing where to go to edit these?

Does it happens on all videos? is your theme version up to date?

It may be a bug: try to delete this post and re-create it


Yes, it happens on all video posts where the theme recognizes the video source as YouTube. It’s not happening for the Vimeo video. I checked and the theme is up to date. I deleted one of the posts and re-added it, and it’s still happening. I’m using the YouTube URL in the following format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[ID-number]. Is there a different preferred YouTube URL format (e.g. the shortlink, or embed URL)?

EDIT: in trying a different YouTube “share” shortlink, that seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks.


I will check this as soon as possible. Could please submit a ticket to the helpdesk and add a private comment with your login infos? http://help.wpwolf.com/submit/

Talk to you soon

Hello, great theme! Thinking about purchasing it, and read all the comments, documentation and seen the video’s. Still some questions: 1. Would it be difficult for me to show some other information in the Tourdates? The website will be for an artist playing different music with different ensembles on various dates. I am familiar with css and child themes. 2. Can I use google fonts, soundcloud etc. the usual way? 3. How can I make sure the background-image looks good on small devices? The image in the demo seems to be different on other devices than on my desktop? Does that mean I can choose different images for mobile devices/iPad? 4. The loading time of the demo, and the websites on the Themeforest info page are quite large. I am afraid our website will be slow. Will that improve by using a caching plugin? Thanks for your time!


1.You can add the artist name in the tour dates list. This field is already available. Otherwise, you will need to customize the tour dates plugins

2.Yes, the theme includes a google font manager. You can post, soundcloud player, videos etc.. as usual by pasting the URL.

3. There is options to make the background responsive 4. You can use a cache plugin such as W3 total cache to improve performances. The fact that the demo is displayed in an iframe and that I added a skin switcher increase the loading time in the demo.



Is there a short code that allows showing individual tour pages, instead of just a list of the tour dates?

I’m wanting to show two tour single pages on one page.



Unfortunately, it is not an option built into the plugin

You can only display the tour dates list and choose to link the shows to their single page


Hello. new question: last photos and last videos only shows 2 videos/photo sets on the homepage where there should be 3. Any ideas why? Thank you much…


Be sure to set a featured image for each video and gallery. If you’re using a cache plugin, be sure to empty your page caches.

i hope it will help

emptying the cache helped! Thanks much!

Hi, how can i change the colors in the top and bottom bars? My main nenu is set to white but when you scroll up and It´s fixed to the top, it´s be changed to black… can i fixed it? THX


Unfortunately, I can’t help you on this one. Support covers getting setup, trouble using any features, and bug fixes.

However, you can contact my partner who’s specialized in Wordpress theme customization.

To request a quote, simply fill out this form http://help.wpwolf.com/customization/

I hope it will help

PS: this can also help if you need small customization http://wpwlf.co/QVFMvJ

This is a tight, robust, full function theme. Just one small presale question: does your documentation come with optimum sizing requirements for logo, background(s) picture and other picture section?

Thanks-looking forward to adapt this music theme to a create studio implementation.


There is no specific requirement for the logo size. Any size will do. You can also choose to align it to the left/right or center.

All other images are cropped and/or resized automatically to suit to the design


Hi Me Again, Ok I noticed that since version 0.7 if i open a Gallery Foto the x and arrows for closing and mooving on to next and previouse Foto do not appear on the bottom bar. Hovering over the position they should be in tells me they are there but the icons dont show.

Seccond thing i notice is that if I set a category for a post and i am on one of the pages set to that category, the arrows leading to next and previouse post take me trough all available posts i have created regardless of the category. Is there a way to keep that from happening and make the next and previouse posts stay within the same category ?

For example if I am on Bandmembers post introducing the Bandmember, it would make sense that if someone uses the arrows to scroll trough all Bandmembers he does not suddenly end up on a News Post. Further more on mobile devices there is only an arrow to tak you back and not one to take you forward when viewing a post.

3rd thing i would like to know. Is there a way to have the video Page show the names of the videos posted without hovering over them ? Similar to the Gallery Page. In my case turning the hover over effect around on video pages would solve my problem. Is there a way to do that ? Cuz having a lot of videos would mean one hase to hover over every single video to see its title.

one more thing it would be cool to also have the optionin, in addition to the Header logo, to show the LOGO inside the Main Menue Bar Left Right or center. And also to choose if two use header logo, menue logo or both. Just another suggestion…:-)

You have done an exellent job with this theme and I must say so far there is nothing better i have seen/or found on Themeforest.

THX and have a great week Etuonu

Yes I did use the CHild theme provided in the theme pack and the code above is included but the icons still wont show. I even deleted the CHild Theme and uploaded the one from the theme pack to make sure but no change Icons are still missing.

One question in what folder of the theme should the icons be located in. I find them in the swipebox and fancy box folder but not in the css folder of the theme and when examining the theme with google developer tools i see following msg “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) ” and the folder it is showing me wich i asume is the folder it is looking for the Icons in is www…./wp-content/themes/flycase/css/img/....

I tried puting the icons in that folder but they still wont show

my site is www.sternpunktsternmusic.com mabe that will help u narrow down the problem


The images used for the swipebox and fancybox are in the images/swipebox and images/fancybox folders..

Be sure that you have these folder in your theme.

Also, if you use a cache plugin, try to flush your cache..

There no issues with the lightbox controls, there is 2 possibilities - The images haven’t been uploaded correctly: a bug happened when installing the theme - You have a plugin that causes this issue

I hope it will help


I like your theme and would like to buy it. But the preview can’t be open in China. If I purchase it, will it be able to open in China?

Thanks, Daniel


I couln’t tell you why the preview can’t be viewed in china… But it is not related to the theme… If you already have a working website with wordpress, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work

I hope it will help


Is there a way to get the video controls to show up on the revolution slider when the video layer settings in the slider are set to cover/full screen mode? When not using the full screen mode the controls show up, but not when it’s selected for cover/full screen mode on the slider. The Hide controls setting in the video layer is not check either. I’m using the HTML 5 video layer. I hope there is a way to get the controls to show up when using the cover/full mode, would you know how?



There is no settings in the theme to hide controls. I just tried, and it works for me.. You should contact the author of the plugin


Tnx, but there is a setting for the slides to turn on/off the control bar on the videos, but I have it enabled. I can’t make the full screen videos show the control bar at all though, it only works using the fixed mode video layer types. I have emailed the author of the plug-in since I’m sure it’s a bug. I’m not sure why it works for you. I have tried everything possible to make the control bar show up on slides that have a full screen HTML5 type video layer attached and there is no control bar =) I have tried this with 10 different videos =) and it’s missing. Hopefully, the author of the plug-in will respond to the problem. Thanks.

Hi! I am trying to install and its failing. I got this message-

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please advise. Thanks.

hi there is a option to hide title in a pages ? thanks..

i have find thanks ! i have another question if is possible, can i see open post in loop page ?


You can choose to cut your post or not with a “read more” button by using the “more” tag in your post editor

Check the doc for more details


Hi, I noticed using the Wolf Player widget the Rewind,Play,Forward buttons are way too big. The forward bottom sticks out the right side of the box. Is there a fix for this.


I’m not using the “boxed” mode, but rather the “transparency” mode. It must do the same in both =)

btw, I’m trying to use the DMSGuestbook plugin that I use on most of my other themes and it works fine with other themes. For some reason on your theme the plugin puts the guestbook in the body plus puts another copy in footer, so I have 2 form entries on a page. The plugin inserts the form automatically, so I don’t have control over where it puts it. Why do you think its doing this only your theme? http://lindseyshortguitar.com/guestbook/

Thanks so much for you help.

Just fyi, I emailed the author of the guestbook regarding the problem I mentioned above and here was his response below. He’s saying it’s the theme causing the issue and not the plugin. Is this true, and is there a way to resolve it?

“It seems your theme breaks the content and that is the reason why DMSGuestbook is showing twice. I suggest to switch to another theme or ask the creator of the theme for a bugfix.

Greetings, Dani “


Just replied on the forum http://help.wpwolf.com/ticket/449/


Just purchased this. You’ve done a great job. I waited until I had enough questions so as not to waste time by doing one at a time. You’re help is greatly appreciate. Sorry if some of them may be obvious or dumb. Thank you

1.) On Home Page- how do you get rid of that top “Go to Admin” thing? 2.)How do you get the footer ( I cannot get it transparent) a.) transparent? b.) to stay at end of page? 3.) How do you get rid of the Music Network section or make it transparent? 4.) How do you/can you change the Post and Page title font type and color? 5.) Can you get rid of all the post stuff like post date, permalink, catagory? 6.) Background Pictures do “stretch” what is optimum size? How do you prevent them from stretching? 7.) How do you get the “Stay Up to date Mail Chimp” working.

Thank you


I will reply to your ticket on the forum ASAP


Hi, do you have any documentation on how to add self hosted videos to your video section that can be added to a video category. I can’t figure out how this works and I can’t find any documentation on it. All my videos are mp4 and located on my server. I hope this theme will allow me to add and play them.

Thank you.

I actually figured it out. You just have to place the URL in the post like your document says, but you need a featured image before it will show the video using the shortcode. The post won’t automatically generate a featured image for MP4 files like it does for embedded video types I guess. Anyway, the featured image is what I was missing for the self hosted videos =)

Hi, I recently switched to the child theme and I have not edited anything. My links/menu items on the “top bar” have disappeared and will no longer show. I tried deleting them and recreating them and still the same. I tried to attach a page and a link to the top menu and neither will work. Please help! Site: empireprm.com



If you switched to the child theme, you must re-set your menu. I mean assign each menu to its location in the menu panel. There is no reason why the menu shouldn’t work with a child theme..

In looking at your source code, it seems that your top menu is empty. Pls double check your menu configuratino in the menu admin panel

I hope it will help

Thanks, that worked! I had to reassign the menus under Appearance>Menu>Menu Settings

I’m glad to hear your figured it out!

Thx for the feedback

How would I go about changing the background color of the menu selector? And is there a way to eliminate the top bar and put the social icons on the menu menu right justified. I noticed one of your show cased themes is doing this http://stephanielynn.com/ and it looks very clean. Is this easy to do?


You can change the menu color on hover by changing the accent color in the cutsomizer (appearance -> customize)

To hide the top bar, just check the “Hide Top Bar” option in the customizer. (“main style” tab)

If you want customizations that are not available in the theme options, you can contact my partner to get a quote. http://help.wpwolf.com/customization/

I hope it will help

Thank you.

Hello, I’ve sent you an e-mail regarding your theme, a few days ago, but you haven’t answered yet :(

Thanks for your solution. I posted another question on the same ticket, pls take a look at it

Thanks for your fast and neat answer on your support forum. Is it possible to select specific category for wolf_last_videos?


[wolf_videos count=”6” category=”my-category”]

How can I place a donation button/box on my home page’s Top Header? And finally, is it too late to convert to a child-theme? will I lose anything if I do?


You can use the child theme template provided in the theme package. You won’t loose any content, no worries.

No sure, but I think you can create a donation button with Woocommerce.

Otherwise, simply create a donation link with paypal and create a button using the button shortcode.

I hope it will help