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Hey – First of all – Kick ass theme!

Would it be possible to create an import/api for Google Calendar to populate tour dates?


Thx! glad you like it

Unfortunately, it is not an option built into the theme.

If you want customizations that are not available in the theme options, feel free contact my partner. http://help.wpwolf.com/customization/


Hi Revslider has updated to version 4.2 wich brings a major improovement on loading speed. ( so they say at least) how do i get the update for revslider or must i wait until u update flycase. Best regards Etuonu

The update is available ;)

Hi great work on this theme! Can you add a hook into the tour dates plugin to change the titles “Upcoming Shows”, “Past Shows”, and the message that displays when there are no upcoming shows?

Unless there is another way to modify these items, I’d rather not touch the plugin code. Thanks!


At the moment you can only change these manually or by using the language file

But it is a good suggestion. Wolf Tour Dates is a pretty new plugin, so more features and options will probably be added later


Ok thanks for your prompt response!

When I tried to upload this theme on Wordpress and its fail saying “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

is it compatible with the new woocommerce?

Yes, it is!

Hello, please can you tell me what program you used to make the flycase logo?


I used photoshop. The font can be purchased here http://www.tylerfinck.com/work/elm/



First of all thanks for your great theme!

I have a problem with the share function (especially on the home page). As your theme only supports the share buttons on posts, I installed 3rd party plugin ‘Share Buttons by AddToAny’.

Using the Open Graph Object Debugger I found this error: Object at URL ‘http://www.murkyred.com/oceans5/wordpress/' of type ‘article’ is invalid because it specifies multiple ‘og:url’ values: http://www.murkyred.com/oceans5/wordpress/, http://www.murkyred.com/oceans5/wordpress/.

It looks like some other component of your WordPress installation is outputting Open Graph protocol values before the Facebook plugin or even the wp_head action used by many plugins to add markup within a theme’s <head>. Music Pro and the BrutalDesign framework are most likely the cause due to the proximity of the first set of Open Graph protocol definitions to its generator outputs.

Could you help me with this? One of the members of the band insists to have share function on the home page. The posts don’t seem to have a problem.

Thank you!

Yes, I found it after I posted this comment. I also had to remove the site title and tag line in the customizer, as All in one SEO also contains this info. The multiple og:url values are gone now.

Thank you for your quick reply! :-)

Thx for the feedback :)

My pleasure. I thought it could be useful :-)

Hi there,

I used the following code to remove the post metadata but now the blog posts still display aligned to the left with an empty gap on the right. How can I fix it so that the post is in the middle when the metadata is removed?



Can you post a ticket on the forum and provide your website’s URL? http://help.wpwolf.com/


Thanks for your response. I’ve submitted a ticket here: http://help.wpwolf.com/ticket/756/


J’ai un soucis avec les colonnes, elle ne sont pas centrées ou plutôt, elles semblent ne pas prendre en ocmpte la même largeur que les autres éléments insérés ans la même page…

Y a t-il un truc que j’aurais zappé?

Merci d’avance


Il faut preciser la premiere et la derniere colonne en cochant les cases correspondantes. Aussi, pour une rangée de 3 column il faut utiliser la class col_4 (one third)


En esperant que ça aide!

Hi, many thanks for the wonderful theme. But if I want to activate the Revolution Slider Plugin, everything falls apart. What could be wrong?


There is no known issue about this. This bug probably comes from a 3rd party plugin. Try to deactivate all your other plugins and activate them one by one to find out which one is causing this.

Anayway, I will test this on my installation and provide a fix if needed, but it doesn’t seem to be related to the theme


Hi, thanks for the help. The problem is solved. It was on the hosting. The memory limit was too low …

Thx for the feedback! It could be usefull if someone else encounter the same issue


PRE SALE: I really like this theme. 1. Can the discography grid have 6 on a roll instead of 3? 2. How many discography can a page take? 3. I have over 1000 mp3 files will this theme be able to handle it?


1. This would require a small customization, You can contact my partner who’s specialized in Wordpress theme customization. http://help.wpwolf.com/customization/

this can also help http://wpwlf.co/QVFMvJ

2. The number of release per page use the same setting as the posts per page ( Wordpress admin -> reading settings )

3. You can upload as many files as your server can take.. But it is not recommenced to paste to much song in one playilst. You can create an unlimited number of playlist, though

I hope it will help

Hey, love your theme. Can soundcloud be used with this theme? Does the music player use soundcloud urls?

Hope to hear from you.


Yes, you can display soundcloud songs and playlists

For the music player, it needs mp3 URL links. As far as I know, soundcloud doesn’t provide direct link to mp3 files (not sure)

Anyway, any mp3 URL can be used in the player e.g http://domain.com/files/my-song.mp3


Since las update of Jplayer player no longer shows up on page. Dissapeared from page after update. Cache is cleared no settings in player or on page have changed on my side. Best regards Etuonu

Correction! Player appears if i use the Short code Directly but when trying to use the Widget no player appears

Thx for the precisions. Just updated the plugin with a fix

Hi again!

question about the tour dates… when I go into the dashboard and create a new tour date, it only posts the date and the name of the location… it does not link to the actual show page, which is created when I put in all the information and publish a new tour date. The show page has all the information, including the featured image. But this page is not accessible by clicking on any tab or link on my website. How can this page be displayed or at least linked from the tour date under the tour dates tab?

I hope this makes a little sense… lol.



I fixed the black empty space. But the mobile site cuts off a huge portion of the header picture. Is there a setting that will fix that?


One last question… I tried loading a gallery of pictures into a new gallery post, and it does not show up on the web page. How can I fix this?


Be sure to set a featured image for each gallery. You can choose to make the background responsive in the customizer options

I hope it will help

What do i need to add to the Wolf video code to make it display more then one video? I also dont see any documentation provided for any of these ‘Wolf plugins’ after my purchase i am disappointed with lack of proper documentation related to what this specific theme has to offer. Every one of these Wolf plugins creates artifacts and white blocks around my page. The wolf player does not allow a pop out and gives me a 404 error. The slider provided does not appear on my page and does not seem to have any interface to add images to it.


The shortcode to display videos, albums and tour dates are provided in the wp admin itself eg: videos -> shortcodes.

Be sure that you have generated a thumbnail for each of your videos

If you see white stripe around your shortcode, you probably have formatted the shortcode incorrectly http://help.wpwolf.com/faq/when-i-paste-a-shortcode-it-is-displayed-with-a-white-backgroundwhite-stripes-and-it-looks-broken-what-can-i-do/

In addition to the doc and video tutorials, you will find a lot of infos on the support forum http://help.wpwolf.com

If you need more help please post a ticket with your website URL on the forum


How does the theme render in IE11? Is it compatible?


Yes! It is compatible with IE9+


i added this

@font-face {font-family: ‘PiSLIETZLindham’;src: url(‘webfonts/2A42FE_0_0.eot’);src: url(‘webfonts/2A42FE_0_0.eot?#iefix’) format(‘embedded-opentype’),url(‘webfonts/2A42FE_0_0.woff’) format(‘woff’),url(‘webfonts/2A42FE_0_0.ttf’) format(‘truetype’);}

to the CSS in the theme options,

How do i get it to work on the H1, H2, H3, H4 and H5?

the files are already oploaded to this folder on the server btw


You already have posted a ticket on the forum if I remember correctly. We will reply as soon as possible



i bought this theme and realy like it but:

is it possible with some snippet css code to hide the header on some pages? let me know please,, with regards, joris


You will find a custom CSS box below each page editor. You can add this in your chosen page


I hope it will help

Hey, nother question:

Is there a way to hide to titles on the pages?

With regards, joris


To hide the title on every pages, you can add this CSS rule in your theme options CSS box

#intro h1{

I hope it willl help

thank you, works fine.

Hi, its me again. Website is almost ready but is it possible to change UPCOMING SHOWS into UPCOMING CONCERTS? I know, its not that big of a differents but i am building this site for a jazz drummer and we normaly would say concerts;)

Great theme by brutal design! Hope to see some more music themes in the future by you.

with regards, joris


It is not possible at the moment. The only solution is to change the string in the plugin file wolf-tour-dates/includes/functions at row 81

I’m working on a solution to allow to overwrite this string in a theme


oke, thankz man, will try this..