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One last thing: is there a relative easy way to change to sys of the discografy? I mean just in the grid mode. when you click it its fine the way it is.

Greetz, joris

so the syze of the album covers..


Unfortunately, I can’t help you on this one. Support covers getting setup, trouble using any features, and bug fixes.

If you want customizations that are not available in the theme options, feel free contact my partner to get a quote. http://help.wpwolf.com/customization/


oke, i wonderd if it might be the way wordpress shows thumbs but i guess is doesnt work like this with the discografy…

Sorry, but i have a problem with the dropdown menu. Some names dont show completely. How can i solve this?

Hope to hear from you! with regards, joris


I will check this as soon as possible. If an update is needed, it will be available next week


cool. Cause it limits the lenght i can use for a menu item in dropdown alot right now.

Hi I work with an indie record label and am going to redesign their website. I am having trouble deciding between Live and Flycase. What are the differences and which do you think would work better for a label?

another thing you could look into is that if i use the recent releases widget it shows always 3 releases. Even if i choos 1 it shows 3. Any idea about this?

i just want to show the last release:)


You got two widget for the discography, the discography widgets, and the “Last release” widget.

To show only the last release, choose the second one.

Hope it will help




how can i solve it ?


You need to translate the plugin language file http://help.wpwolf.com/2013/11/translate-your-wordpress-theme/

I hope it will help

Im already do that but that part doesn ´t change, i want to edit manually … but i dont find the file

No upcoming shows scheduled.


Are you sure that your plugin is up-to-date?

Otherwise, you will find these strings in the wp-content/plugins/wolf-tour-dates/wolf-tour-dates.php file

I hope it will help

Is there an easy way to add a newsletter field at the very top bar? So users could easily enter their email and click “subscribe” on the very top bar? Or would this be something I would have to customize on my own. (Not an issue, just wondering if this comes with the theme or not.) Thanks!


Unfortunately, it is not an option built into the theme

If you want, you can contact my partner who’s specialized in Wordpress theme customization.


I hope it will help Cheers

PS: this can also help if you need small customization http://wpwlf.co/QVFMvJ

HI! this is really frustrating.. im trying to create an album and i dont know what plugin did you guys use to look like exactly the same what the flycase demo looks like photos->albums . and i need help to find out what plugin you use for the videos. please help!! :crying:

hi! thanks for that info. i did what you told me.. it creates thumbnail, correct. but once i click the video thumbnail, it goes to other page and ONLY links shows up.. not the video. =( am i missing something?

oh! i figured it out! i used this link (share link) http://youtu.be/L8n_7LJhcAI and it works!! thank you so much!!!

Hi there,

Is it possible to add something to this short code to make the posts show in chronological order instead of most recent first?

[wolf_last_posts category="news" count="3"]

Thank you!


This shortcode shows only the last posts. You can only filter the last posts by category and tag


HI! please help. i want the Menu on Phones fixed on TOP LEFT Corner so one does not have to constantly go looking for the menu on screen. what i need to do? please help! thank you so much! : )


Unfortunately, I can’t help you on this one.

If you want customizations that are not available in the theme options, feel free contact my partner to get a quote. http://help.wpwolf.com/customization/ this can also help if you need small customization http://wpwlf.co/QVFMvJ


Hey, did you look into my dropdown menu problem? Still a problem for me.

With regards,



It is fixed in the last update



On the Discography page of the Flycase demo, the three Releases listed on that page show only the Title, Release Date, etc. That page does not show the complete text for the Release. Each listing has a “View Details” button, and clicking that button takes you to the single-page listing for that Release where all the text and buying links are shown.

When I create my Releases, the Discography page lists 8 releases per page, but there are no “View Details” buttons; all the text for each release is shown on the page. Clicking the title or cover photo of a Release takes you to the single-page listing for that Release, but except for the buying links, it’s all the same information that was on the main Discography page.

Perhaps I’ve missed it, but I can’t find documentation on how to get the main Discography page to show only “View Details” buttons rather than the full text of each Release entry.

Thanks for any help you can give.


You have to use the more tag to split your post http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/

I hope it will help

Thanks! You can see I’m a WordPress newbie. Can I get the Discography page to show a different number of releases than 8?


The number of release per page is defined by the number of posts per page in the wordpress settings -> reading.

I will add an option in the next update to be able to set a different number of release per page for the discography.


Hello, plugins Wolf Sidebar, Wolf Message Bar, Wolf jPlayer and others do not appear on the menu. Which is the problem? Thank you

PS: my dashboard is in Italian


Once the plugins are installed, be sure to activate them. I hope it will help

They are all activated

Bonjour, 1- Quand j’utilise le Shortcode du Wolf jPlayer, j’ai des carrés blancs avant et après. Je suis bien en mode Paragraphe pourtant… Voici le lien de la page concernée http://www.soondbox.com/livre-audio-2 2- Comment changer le permalien de cette même page, je voudrais enlever le 2 et ne garder que www.soondbox.com/livre-audio mais l’option “Modifier”le permalien ne fonctionne pas, pourtant j’ai jeté l’ancienne page qui s’appelait livre-audio. Merci d’avance.

Sinon, je peux vous envoyer une copie d’écran…

Je ne vois pas les carrés blancs sur la page.. Vous avez résolu le problème?

Sinon, lorsque vous supprimé une page dans Wordpress, elle est conservée ds la corbeille.. Au cas ou vous voudriez la restaurer. Donc si vous cree un page du meme nom, elle aura le suffix “-2” dans le slug (URL). Pour résoudre le problème; il faut vider la crobeille de wordpress (trash en anglais mais ça doit être “corbeille” en français) https://www.dropbox.com/s/u8rmed2bwoncg2m/trash.png

Bonjour, oui problème des carrés blancs résolu : j’avais mis le shortcode du jPlayer dans la page, j’ai résolu le pb en insérant un widget au lieu du shortcode. Merci pour votre aide.

any news about the background image resize on ipad? Thanks


It should have been fixed..

Be sure that your background image is not too big eg 1280×960

Hello. Love the theme. Will post a link when design is complete.

These may be Rookie Wordpress questions, but I need help! I have watched the video several times already.

1. How do I add content to the “Top Area”, right now I have no content, so when trying to adjust the “Top Area” in the Customize section, nothing changes.

2. I love the way your demo site is setup with the first section showing a Music Player and a Video side by side, and then the Tweet centered and large. How do I accomplish this? I pretty much want it exactly as you have it there, and then have the Homepage “News” content populate further down the page.

3. Generally I am lost on making Galleries work with the Revolution Slider. Is there an in depth Video I can watch somewhere that will explain it? I am toying with the standard Galleries and letting the theme “do what id does to galleries”, but not having much success.

Thanks in advance, very well made Theme.


Figured out #1, semi figured out #2. How do I limit the height of the Wolf Player so that it perfectly lines up with the Youtube?

Also, I am trying to figure out how to hide the Top Area and Bottom Area on a specific page, so that the Home page has the bulk of the content and the other pages are more directed to their purpose.

In other words, I saw an above post where you pasted in some CSS code to hide the Header. Can you tell me what CSS code to paste to hide the Top Area and Bottom Area (I understand these will be separate items). Also, where exactly do I paste this CSS code?


You can choose to display a scrollbar in the player when there is more thatn 5 songs in the plugin options. I will add an option to be able to choose the number of song to display before adding the scrollbar as soon as possible.

To hide the top and bottom area on a specific page, you can use the CSS box below your text editor, at the bottom of the page

#top-area, #bottom-area{


Quick Question…

Not sure what I am doing wrong but I am having a hard time displaying the albums. I’ve entered the correct shortcode but it keeps saying no albums have been added.. I have 2 albums added to the releases section but cannot seem to get them to show up in the albums code.

Please help Thanks


Be sure to set a featured image for each gallery


Hi Constantin, About share icons. Can we make them appear on home page and on the rest of pages, not only on posts? In Flycase options panel, share section, both Index Page & Single Page are marked. At least on Index Page will be very useful to have share icons… Thank you!


You can add teh share links function in your page.php file after the_content()

<?php wolf_share_links( true ); ?>

I hope it will help

It works great, thank you!

HELP?! Releases are not showing up on the page. I have created 2 albums (releases) and they show up on the discography grid but not on the discography page (displays release date, etc) and when I try to view the release from the admin page I get a 404 error that says the page doesn’t exist or has moved.

Please help… Thanks


For some reason I can not get the posts in my blog to display summaries. Instead they display full posts even though I have the summary box checked in the Reading section of Settings in my Dashboard. How did you guys do it on the demo? I would really like it to look similar. Thanks!



You can split your post with the more tage http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/

This is also covered in the doc

Hope it will help

Thank you sooooooo much! Awesome!



You’re welcome ;)

Hi, What has changed/ what is new in the Wolf Albums and Wolf Videos sektion ? best regards wtuonu


The template system have been changed to improve cross-theme compatibility.

Be sure to update the theme as well!