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“Use image in post as featured” What is it? Does not seem to change after use.

Understand, but I tried this feature seems to fail, you can check

You must have that image before


I understand, thank you!

Hello, portfolio how to limit the number of articles per page? I need to post 500 pictures to the Portfolio. Can be set to “infinite” Pagination Style?


Portfolio can not have any pagination.

Oh, my God, it’s too disappointing, I need to have a category to show a lot of picture material, but do not need to like articles classified as complex. Give me suggestions?


Thanks for feedback, this will be in next update.

Hello, I need the portfolio homepage latest article (image) displayed on the front. I set up a portfolio simple code sorting by date, orderby = “date” However if you have a portfolio page, this page and sorting capabilities. Only click on a portfolio classification will be sorted in accordance with the set.


Can you send at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com your licence certificate? Thanks.

can i get his template in html or is their any other template

please provide


Sorry, this theme unfortunately has not HTML version.

Hello, I would like to know thumbnails of this article is how to set into a slide to display it? http://demo.jawtemplates.com/flyingnews/wp/?cat=9 “Pellentesque molestie, felis quis blandit rutrum.”


Can you send at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com your licence certificate? Thanks.

hi, I propose that the portfolio can not flip the problem, I now feel no need, because the page template (blog or category) fully meet demand, but there is no Sort. This is just my personal recommendations.


Can you send at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com your licence certificate? Thanks.

Thank you! But now i have another issue. Where can i modify the accordion settings, i wish i could predefined some settings.


we are sorry, but aren´t sure that we understand your question. Could you clarify it, please?

Hello JT! on which side I can deselect or make changes to this (Sort I Date I Name I Rating I Populer)



We can hide only all together in Theme Options -> Blog -> Sort Options.

If you want turn off only some, you must do that in code. Go to …wp-content/themes/flyingnews/framework/lib/class_render.php line 432 – 441. Here you can delete some items, or rename it.


__("My Date", "jawtemplates")
The text which is showing is “My Date”.

Or you can make translation by .po/.mo files, that is descripe in FAQ.

Thanks for your replay I just want to sort the displayed category How Can make thanks


This feature it will be in next update.

Hi i have a problem with post in homepage with infinite scroll you can see that duplicate post in scroll. Is possible to fix this problem??? thanks


In Theme Options -> Blog.

And in Settings -> reading -> Front page displays as Your latest posts

im sorry but is possible that i dont have this option in the theme option???..i dont find this :O


Blog option you must have in Theme Options,

But Front page displays setting is in wordpress settings.


Hi, I have a few questions. The posts I publish on my template are for events in the future. Is there a way to add the date information to each post, so I can then sort the posts chronologically on the front page?

2) Do you know of any calendar plugins in which the user could visualize all the posts, according to the set date, and which permits filtering by categories?

Our priority is to have these two functions without breaking up the general template aesthetics.

Thanks a lot


1 – set date of post is classical wordpress functionality. To sort posts by the date, please go to Theme Options -> Blog -> Post Order by.

2 – We slightly support All-in-One Event Calendar, but I don’t know if it can visualize all the posts.

If you find any plugin, please give a feedback, thanks :)

Hi, Is there a way to disable hover effect on mobile devices? I found it hard to click into posts on touch screen devices. Thanks!!


Yes, Please add this:
@media handheld, only screen and (max-width: 959px) {
.element .caption_fadeeffect{display:block;}
To Theme Otions -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS

So this disable hover effect on devices with resolution less than 959px on width -> Tablets and Mobiles

Just an important thing to improve (if you can) I ve built my website using categorie in menu.

But now i can’t add different sidebar because to do that i need to create a page. So could you in the catagorie option put wich sidebar we want to use ?

It will be very helpful for the futur version Thank you

Hi, thanks for feedback.

We received request on this feature only from you. We maybe will look on it and add it in next update, but without promise. Sorry.

Hello i need to place a background image, but in the theme is not fixed:

This is the image: http://altapeli.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/back-altapeli-v2-limpio2.jpg

Really? I already do that, but the image is scaled

I need to keep the exact proportions


It is little bit complicated.

It would be great, if you send FTP login to us (at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com). We will do it for you.

Awesome Template. I just have three small little issues where I need some help:

This is my site: http://tuneit.at/

First I changed the hight of the main menue to 40 px but the white lines are not going to the bottom. I couldn’t fix this in the css. Which value do I have to change?

Second I want to make the space between the header logo and the menue smaller. Couldn’t find where to change this.

Third topic: When I click to Tags right next to the slider the widget shows the first tags which I used. I want to see the most used tags there. Is it possible to change this?



Thanks a lot.

1 – please add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS
.top-bar-jw ul > li a:not(.button){height:auto;}

Or find it in …flyingnews/css/template.css and change it there.

2 – please add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS

Or find it in …flyingnews/css/template.css and change it there.

3 – This is great idea, we look on it in next update. If you want the updated file immediately, please send request at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com

Please don’t forget attach your themeforest nick.

hello I really love your template but before buying it – it seems to have a problem when you open a post – the related post look ‘messy’ at the title level… is it mean to be to look like this?

and second thing – Im really not good with coding but i would like to make much thiner the menu and titles? :)

Thanks :)


thanks for your interest. Could you clarify what you have found to be messy, and explain it a bit, please? You can also send an explicatory screenshot (at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, if you prefer e-mail).

You can choose the fonts of your choice for your titles and paragraph/menu items. However, if you need to resize some parts of the theme, you may have to carry out it via css styles. We can send you necessary code modifications or instructions if you need it.

I really like the looks of this theme, but i have one question: the thumbnails in my media library are all 300×275 in size; I’d prefer to keep them in their square format rather than the longer rectangles you have in single posts. Is there a way to adjust the post so that they will display at the top of the post (as featured image) but then have text word-wrap to the side and below?


thanks, we are pleased that you like the theme.

Yes, you can use the image size and proportions of your choice for the single post. So, if you prefer an image in a square format at the top of your post and want to have text word wrap to the side and below, you have to insert the image into a content of the post and set a left alignment for it. However, if we suppose that you also want the image to be shown in the post preview, you also need to set the “Featured Image”, and disable using of the Featured Image in post (otherwise, it would be shown twice in your single post).

So, open your post, choose the image you need, set its alignment (left) and simply put it into the content of your post.

In the next steps choose and set the Featured Image (in the bottom right corner) and choose OFF option in the “Use Featured Image or Gallery or Video in post” dropdown list. Update, please.

Does anyone know how to install the demo content?


go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Demo. Read carefully a warning notice and follow the instructions in the attached help/documentation, please.

Might i just start by saying, awesome website thank you. My quick question is this… when viewed from google chrome i’m finding that the bottom half of all my title text on the website, is cut off. eg the top menu text and the title of articles, only shows the top half of each text line… any ideas what this might be? thanks for your help in advance. pete


It seems that you have installed Oswald font on your computer.

should i uninstall this font? will my visitors have this problem too?

Yes please uninstall this font.

Yes if your visitors having Windows 7, 8 and having installed Oswald font.

Absolutely great theme, well done. I have several minor issues with version 2.51 and wonder if you can help me.

1) The Retina logo feature is not working for me. I switch it on and upload the 522×122 logo and it remains that size. I have to use the 261×61 logo instead. I have also tested with the logo from the demo and the same problem occurs

2) I want ‘0’ excerpt in the blog post list and ‘50’ excerpt in the featured slider. However, when I set excerpt to ‘0’ in Blog settings, the Featured Slider also shows 0 excerpt

3) I want my logo to overhang the Nav menu. So in the Custom Code I have added the following CSS
.top-bar { margin-top: -50px; }
.reverie-header { position:relative; z-index: 10;} 
which works, but the problem is the the page menu list items shift to the right and this creates a problem.

4) I want to make the thumbs for the Tab Posts – J&W Widget bigger. Around 146×100px. What is the best way for me to do this and then make sure that the article titles wrap and fit neatly?

5) As above, I want to make the Related Posts thumbs use the same thumbs as the newly sized Tab Posts – J&W Widget 146×100

6) I want to use a plain background, but when I choose the X background option I get a background with X tiled all over it. I have had to upload a white 5×5 pixel png as the background to get a clean background. Is there a way to fix this?

The site is on a web server without DNS resolution (I am using hosts files to point to it) so it’s not possible to send you a URL, sorry.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Please send the ad code at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, we will look on it.

Thanks for all your help. Just sent you an email about the retina logo.

Also please ignore my recent message about the pretty photo alignment – the problem was my end (themeforest should provide a way for us to add to or remove our own comments :-)


We respond to you by mail.