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Really loving this theme.

However I installed the simple share buttons plugin and it seems there is quite a lot of space between the header and the actual buttons. I think this is down to the theme rather than the plugin as i”ve tried many others to get some social share buttons in this position.

You can see an example here – http://www.hazemagazine.co.uk/alex-jones-almost-makes-piers-morgan-look-reasonable-on-cnn-video

Anything I can do (custom CSS) etc to reduce this white space between title and sharing buttons??




Add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this:

#ssba, #ssba a{margin-top: -32px;}

Hello, is there a way to make the post sorting bar more similar to the top bar that has the categories? Thanks

Great! But can I change it modifying some .php ?

Please send request at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, We will send back to you new files.

Please don’t forget attach your themeforest nickname.

Thank You!!

Hi, is there a way to make the template cover the whole screen area, getting rid of the white spaces on the side?


we are sorry, the theme has been designed with the layout which you can see on our demo site. You can´t set the content area to fill the whole screen (for viewing, you only can set another zoom level in your browser).

Two Questions:

1. You have the ability to add additional sidebars. The sidebar widget appears at the top on the left of the slider. If you add an additional side bar does it appear under the ones already installed and stretch out the area? Is there a way to add on that actually on the side of the main part of the theme?

2. Is there a simple way to update the footer area other then the code? It has a twitter feed, a portion of the about page and a “Partners” area (which I don’t need.) Where can you update this, I can’t seem to find anything relating to the footer in the theme options.

Thanks Umar H. Soaries www.overexposedinc.com


1. we are sorry, but aren´t sure that we understand your question correctly. However, you can simply add the widgets to your sidebars while its height depends on these widgets content. To learn how to set up sidebars please visit our video tutorial:


2. You can update the footers (1, 2, 3) content in Appearance -> Widgets -> Footer 1, Footer 2 or Footer 3 (choose the one you want to change) and simply delete its content, if you need to have it empty.

One other thing. Is there a way to make menu descriptions show? I put in descriptions and they are not showing.

Thanks Umar H. Soaries www.overexposedinc.com


You must add some sub-menu item.

Hello, If you turn on “Use Pretty Photo for Gallery” function in the “single post” Gallery thumbnail click within the article will show “The image can not be loaded.make sure the path is On correct and image exist.”


Please read FAQ:

Problem cause that link target is set to Attachment Page. But here is bug of 3.5.1 Wordpres (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/link-to-media-file-selected-but-linkfile-missing-from-shortcode) You must add to gallery shortcode this:

HI, I want to change a query e.g. for rating of sorting bar. Where I can found the code of this query?


we are sorry, but aren´t sure that we understand your question correctly, could you clarify it, please? Thanks.

Hi. it’s great theme. Thanks.

But, i want add social buttom in single post. How I make it?

Please send FTP login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com. We look on it.

Don’t forget attach your themefores nickname.

ok. i send you in the monday. Question about prettyphoto. I’m turm prettyphoto in admin, but this use for only gallery, i want use this plugin for single picture. Can do it?


This is possible only by some plugin. E.g.: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/add-rel-lightbox/

Hi there, loving this theme!

Can you tell me how to move the navigation (main menu) down a bit & make the bar thinner?

Thank you! http://dev.kraze1013.com/


For thinner bar prease add this code in Theme Options->Custom Code->Custom CSS
.top-bar-jw{height: 45px;}
.top-bar-jw ul > li a:not(.button){height: 45px; line-height: 30px;}
And for move main menu down add this code in Theme Options->Custom Code->Custom CSS
.top-bar{margin-top: -64px;}
Just like you already have.

Thank you, appreciate the help :)

Heloo, i ant to purchuse this there, just i have one qyesion, it can be used as online shop? like i upload a product and someone can buy and pay with paypal? And when they pay they can download the product directly from the site?


Yes this is possible.

This theme is supporting eShop plugin named WooCommerce, for setting it please visit: http://wcdocs.woothemes.com/

ok, i see, if i will buy the theme, can you offer me a little suport for that plughin?:) i am a beginner and it seems a bit dificult.


don´t hesitate to contact us if some problems occur, we will try to help you. For setting the plugin and more informations please visit http://wcdocs.woothemes.com/

Hi there

I left a note 2 days ago about some help I need to complete my site. Just a reminder in case you missed it – it’s on the previous page :-)


We responded to you. Sorry that it taken a long time.

Hello, I’d like the “Flying News – Buy Responsive WordPress Magazine” however I would like to do it in full view, is the `So as not Boxview version?.

This is a great theme! I have to say, for me at least, it’s been one of the easiest to set up too. 2 questions though:

I’d like to create a different post template that will include a disclaimer at the bottom. I know how to create templates, but how can I have some standard text appear right below the ratings box/above the tags at the bottom of posts with this new template?

I want to make the main menu bar shorter by giving it a lower height value. I found how to do this, but the drop down menus were off. Where in the code do I need to go to re-position where the drop downs appear?



thanks, we are very pleased that you like the theme and found its setting such easy for you.

First, we would like to ask you to send us your URL in order to be able to better understand the main menu bar issue you are talking about. You can email us at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com.

If we understand your question, you would like to modify the post template to be able to easily create a new posts with a prefilled texts or another elements (something like footer or header). Is that right? If so, clarify it (e.g. using some explanatory screenshot), please. We can send you some modified files or instructions.

Thank you. I just sent you an email. I’m looking forward to your response. Again, great theme! I’ve gotten more compliments than ever!


We respond to you by mail.

Hi, I love the theme and find it easy to work with. But I’m having a problem with the links. When I create a post, the links show up as blue and you can tell they are obviously a link. However, when I publish it shows up as normal text. They do work, but my readers have no way to know that they are a link. Please help. Thanks


please, navigate to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Styling Options and change the “Template Link Color” (and “Template Link Hover Color”, if you need to change it too) values to those you prefer. By default, there has been set a black color for links.

ok, got it, thanks.


I just updated to the latest version and am having some problems. 1.) The slider isn’t working. It is not animating, just sitting there on the first slide. 2.) The responsive post isn’t working either, the default six posts are there but when I scroll down nothing happens. 3.) I am having the same problem with the links color, I changed the colors but that isn’t taking effect.


Thats weird, please send link.

hi there! i would like to shoe allways the last post on menu cathegory (like in your livepage demo cathegory news) but instead of putting the id of the post i would like to get allways the last post added of the cathegory automaticly. is it possible? regards


We see menu owerlay: http://support.jawtemplates.com/support/igepa_menu.png

Yes in pagination is bug, it will be repair in next update. Please be patient. Or you may for now make homepage as main blog not page blog. (Setting is in Theme Options -> blog)

ok i will wait the next release :) 2: for the overlay is workig because i’ve set the color as in the proposed palette but when i custom the color goes away :( thanks


2) Thanks for feedback, this issue is will be also in next update.

Hello. I have tried to find how to change the date format with no success.

I want to change it from April 15, 2013 to 15 April, 2013

This is mainly because the date is not orthographically correct when translated to Greek in the current format.

The site I am working on is http://iPen.gr

So far I only managed to find how to change the date format on the tabed widget (Recent Posts, comments etc). And even there the comments have their own date format.

I have set my date format at the default Wordpress setting and I ‘ve been digging your code to find where to make the appropriate changes with limited success so far.

Your help will be really appreciated!


To change dateformat in post box and in post, please change the option in Theme Options -> Blog -> Post Date Format

I found it after a couple of hours but I couldn’t edit my post. Thank you for your time. It is an awesome template btw

For edit dateformat in post, please use the same box -> Theme Options -> Blog -> Post Date Format

I’ve twisted my logo and want it large, however now it has pushed it way to far down the page.

Is there some code i can add to fix this: http://dev.kraze1013.com/

or does it simply need to be not as wide?

Thank you.

I want the logo higher up on the page…so it is more beside the top ad.

Try add this code to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS
.reverie-header, .reverie-header img{margin-top:-115px;}

YES! Perfect, thank you :D

Great theme. Loved it!

I am unable to find the demo XML. Do you have one?


for installing demo content go to Theme Options -> Demo -> and click on the screenshot of our demo pages.

If you really want demo XML file, so it is here: ...wp-content/themes/flyingnews/demo/demo1.xml

Is it possible to use a custom background image instead of plane white?


Yes you may upload custom backgroud image or choose pattern.

See: http://demo.jawtemplates.com/flyingnews/wp/?attachment_id=1297