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hi thanks for support

plz update font problem in next update. so in future no problem arises bcoz of font bcoz you theme look depends on the font.

if font is not good . ultimately your theme doesn’t look good.

in the next update i hope a good feature:

that is related post with images beside post in form of widget and below posts.

so we can have more page views and more useful to us which is integrated in theme not a plugin out side


1 – This is problem of this font and Google Fonts, not FlyingNews.

2 – We recieved request on this feature only from you. So we not plan make this widget.


Is there a way to add content above the slider and tab posts? Like a slideshow shortcode from another plugin.



Please go to …wp-content/themes/flyingnews/header.php insert add above line 209 your shortcode. Result it will be looks like e.g.
208    <?php if (is_home() || is_front_page() || jwOpt::get_option('blog_featured_allsite','0') == '1') { ?>                           
209    do_shortcode('[gallery]');
210    <div id="featured-right" />

Please visit: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/do_shortcode

Hi, I have just bought your theme and I am currently working on the settings for my website.

I’ve noticed that diferent items in the demo page menu have different colors when you pass the cursor (contact=green, blogs=purple, news=red, etc) I can’t figure out how I am supposed to set this. Are they category pages and they grab the color set for that category?

My other question refers to the image that appears when I open the news and the blog menus. How do I set this feature. It is not in the demo content I uploaded.

Thanks! Great theme, by the way.


1 – For change color of category, please go to Posts -> Categories -> Go to any category and here you can see color settings.

For change page(blog) please go to Pages and choose page what you want. Now please scroll down at General Settings and now you can see the color settings.

If you want set the main color please go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Styling Options -> Template Styling Settings.

For more information to metaboxes, please click on ? icon.

2 – Look at this picture: http://support.jawtemplates.com/support/how_to_set_menu_post.png


I bought the theme today. Is it necessary to do all the updates one by one?

Thank you very much for your help. I have another question. Oswald as Font – How to use Latin Extended version?


We have it describe in FAQ:

Please use this:

Thank you :)

Hi. I love this theme.

I need some advice for theme, because its have some problems.

How to make theme full screen/doesn’t have space in right and left side? because in my blackberry theme looks very small and centered its have large empty side in left and right.



Please add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this:
@media screen and (max-width: 767px) and (min-width: 480px) {
    #template-box {width: 480px;}
    .featured-area {width: 444px;}
    .row {width: 444px !important;}
    #content {width:462px !important;}
    #content .post-box {width:444px;}
    #content.archive .post-box {width:462px;}
    #content.archive {width:462px !important;}
    .eight .portfolio {width: 462px !important;}
    #content #infinite_load {width: 444px;}
    .portfolio_categories {width: 444px;}
    #content.twelve .one_col,
    #content.eight .one_col {width:213px !important;margin-right:18px;}
    #content.twelve .two_col {width:213px !important;}
    .jw-rating-row-overall-content {top: -26px;} 
    #slider_home {display:none;}
    .one_half, .one_third, .two_third, .three_fourth, .one_fourth, .one_fifth, .two_fifth, .three_fifth, .four_fifth, .one_sixth, .five_sixth {width:100%!important;}
    .twelve .footer-content {width: 444px;}
    #footer-content-info .row {width: 444px;}
    #footer-content-info .four, #footer-content-info .row .four.columns {width: 444px !important;}
    .widget {width: 444px;}
    #searchform .four {right: 14px !important;}
    .breadcrumbs .blog-items-search {margin-right: -1px;}
    #nav-single .nav-next a:after {right: 11px;top: 3px}
    #nav-single .nav-previous a:after {top: 3px}
    .jaw-rating-row-desc {width: 324px;}

    .infinite_load_arrow {margin-left: 214px;}
    #content.eight .infinite_load_arrow {margin-left: 214px;}
    .blog-items-search {width: 180px;}
    .blog-items-search #searchform #s {width: 175px}
    .jw-rating-top .jaw-rating-row-desc {width: 222px;}

After careful deliberation and review of other magazine themes, I have eventually bought FlyingNews. However I do have a request for assistance.

The footer widgets or the footer menu do not appear on the homepage. How do I enable these?


It’s simple … fill widgets in WP adminstration.

If you will have still problem please send link.

Its not working on the homepage but working on the inner sections. My website is www.stayingurgaon.com

Please send WP-login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com. We will look on it

I would also like to know .. How do I display my drop down menu in two columns as in the demo site and configure menu colour specific to a main categories, like in Contact us.


1 – Look at this picture: http://support.jawtemplates.com/support/how_to_set_menu_post.png

2 – For change color of category, please go to Posts -> Categories -> Go to any category and here you can see color settings.

1 – I will work on this and let you know the results. 2 – Not working for the menu bar but works for the tab. Kindly assist here.

2 – if you are in any category, the menu bar has still main color. Only the menu item has color of the category. Like here: http://demo.jawtemplates.com/flyingnews/wp/?cat=9

Demo version of the single pages, such as the “Featured” Uninstall component, how can I add a search bar with navigation? Thank you..


You have turned on “Featured area on all site” switcher.

Please go to Theme Options -> Blog -> and turn off “Featured area on all site”

Thank you :)

Hello, I’m having some issues with the rich snippets

Rating could not be normalized. Please provide best and worst. Page contains property “breadcrumb” which is not part of the schema. Page contains property “title” which is not part of the schema. Incomplete microdata with schema.org.

Any Idea?


Breadcrumbs microdata is not showing. It looks that in update is an mistake. We apologize for that.

But in rating system microdata we could not see problem.E.g. http://goo.gl/EOLZg


Could you please tell me how to display the category name in the posts? They’re not showing up on my homepage: http://www.tovanychelle.com/


Please go to Theme Options -> Blog -> Meta Data and turn on Meta Category switch.

1. Kindly advise how do I remove this text “Here you can put your latest post or another content of your choice”. 2. Shortcodes for footer text don’t work. 3. Tabs are not working on the homepage. 4. Slider is not working on the homepage.


Tabs shortcode is not working in the footer widget. :(

Thanks for feedback, We will look on it.

Its a lovely theme, but i cant find how to do this as you got it on the demo installation:


And couldnt find anything on documentation….

Thank you for your support!

Is there a way to create a portfolio page setting so it is four or five columns across , rather than three?


Sorry, but portfolio can has only three columns.

Anyone know how to rotate banner ads in the header 468×60 by the logo?



Sorry but we don’t understand to you. Please send a picture.


Is there a way to set the Popular widget to show most popular posts of last 7 days or last month etc?



Sorry, but this is not possible.

I’m trying to sort posts by date, have chosen both asc, and desc and it doesn’t change the order?

What am I missing? I need the Concerts to be in order http://dev.kraze1013.com/category/concerts/

I could sort by ID but I don’t want them each listed in the Menu and that is the only way I see I have an ID open?


You couldn’t ordering category page.

You will must make a blog (with concerts category), and there is possible make order by date.

ok, got it. However, I am clicking Slider off under the category and the blog settings, and the slider still appears? http://dev.kraze1013.com/blog/

ah! Forget it, got it. I need to change it on the individual page, not in the Theme Options. Sorry.

I have activated Woocommerce but I get string(4) ”====” just before the Read More link?


Thanks for feedback. We sent to you mail with fixed file.

When i look at my site on my phone…the responsive version, it doesn’t show the front slider or sidebars (one of which enables my viewers to listen to the radio)

How can I fix that?


Please send WP-login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com. We will look on it.

Any luck with this? I really need to get this launched :(

Hi, We sent email back to you.

What post formats are supported? (image, audio, video, gallery, standard) ..... (Youtube, Vimeo, SoundClound, etc)?


Flying news has theese post formats: