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hi … i need some help 1. can i add a home icon on menu? 2. can i remove the white line after last menu item 3. can i remove social share?

Thank you


1 – Yes you can put to menu name some html code with your icon.

2 – Please add to Theme Options -> Custom code -. Custom CSS this:
.top-bar-jw ul > li:last-child {
    border: medium none;

3 – you can turn off in Theme Options -> Single post -> Share post bar (http://demo.jawtemplates.com/flyingnews/wp/?attachment_id=1294 )


How do I control the font, font size and colour of the product short description. I tried using styling options but it does not seem to take effect. Also, if I use the shortcodes like code, pre etc. it does take effect in the product short description area under the featured image of the product.


Text color you can edit in Category metabox -> custom menu text color (http://demo.jawtemplates.com/flyingnews/wp/?attachment_id=1394 )

Font size you’ll must change in custom css. Please go to Theme Options -> Custom code -> Custom CSS and add this:
.content-box p{
font-size: 15px;

Hi, When I’m trying link specific post from my site to facebook, I see picture from main page. not from post. Or I see incorrect picture. Why ???

My site http://blogerzyzeswiata.pl my facebook fanpage: http://facebook.pl/blogerzyzeswiata


Facebook debugger says, that you have declared og: meta tags twice. Don’t you use some plugin for that?



First of all I want to thank you for this great theme. It was perfect for our online magazine. So far I could set and customize everything needed and I could do that without much trouble.

There is one thing I cannot really make it work perfectly. We use facebook comments. And the facebook comment iframe sometimes doesn’t appear. And in some cases it doesn’t appear and disasemmbles the share bar somehow. This happens when not logged in in FB and it happens in FF 25.0.1 and IE 10.0.11 the same way: http://mind1.ma/screenshot-firefox-25.0.1.png

Maybe this is something you met already?

And another thing I observed on the mac of one editor on safari: in the admin, in case of some shortcode dialog boxes (like goggle map) the buttons in the bottom of the box disappear and ther is a displaced div. This is not a big issue because the editor just moved to FF, I just told you as a bug report.

We see that FB comments write:
Invalid App ID: 1376*************

Please check your settings on Facebook developer web.

It’s weird, because it worked with that id. And I could log in to the comments moderation area too. It is true that now I have another app ID. Is it possible for FB to change the app ID from one day to another?? I am pretty sure that I set that correctly in the first place…

At this moment it seems to work correctly… Thanks for checking it out :)

Yes, that’s weird.

Ok, you’re welcome. If you’ll have some more issues, please contact us.

Hello, great job! How I can put the “mega-menu” on the main menu as the demo?


Ok, great. If you’ll have som emore issues, please feel free to contact us.

Hello, How I can put the “mega-menu” on the main menu as the demo?


I see that you resolved this issue.

If you’ll have som emore issues, please feel free to contact us.

Hello, my homepage is loading incorrectly. It it only loading 2 columns in the grid on the homepage, and the 3rd column is completely empty. How would I have it fill at columns?


Actually I noticed it wants me to use the 3rd column on the homepage as a sidebar. I would like the entire page to be fullscreen, how do I remove the sidebar so the posts span 3 columns like the demo?


Please go to Theme options -> Blog -> and set Blog layout to fullwidth.


I want to remove breadcrumbs completely from single posts.I want it only in homepage. Where should I remove it?


You can turn off it in Theme Options -> Single Post -> Navigation bar.

How do I change the color of the post on my blog page like whats in the demo?


Please take a look on this: http://support.jawtemplates.com/support/web/?type=could_help#change_templates_color – section How to change color of category.

JetPack from Wordpress has a tabbed widget that I want to use and have added it to the homepage but it shows little arrows as if there is random bullet styles applied by flyingnews.

Can you update the theme to change this?




Please add to Theme Options -> custom code -> Custom CSS this:
.widget.pptwj ul li a:after {
    border: medium none;

Do we have any option to replace the homepage slider with something else. Possibly a different slider or a widget?


Yes, but you must change the code.

If you want to use e.g. revolution slider, please go to ../flyingnews/header.php and on line 214 is this:
$jwSlider = new jwSlider();
so replace it by this code:
echo do_shortcode('[rev_slider ... ]');

I currently have an issue with the mobile menu, the menu options wont load in mobile browsers or in regular browsers (i.e. chrome/internet explorer). Apparently the Wordpress Access Control plugin seems to be affecting the menu, what work around can you suggest to fix this issue?


It looks that the Access Controll plugin breaks levels in our menu. We are so sorry but cannot guarantee compatibility with all plugins.

I would like to have the featured area on all site activated. Is it possible to restrict the post from a set category from appearing in a different category via the featured area. For example the posts from category A are appearing in cat B via the featured area and vice versa.


Is possible to have Featured area on all site. Theme options -> Blog -> Featured area on all site. But content of that area must be still the same along the all site.

I know its possible to have the featured area on all site. My question is whether it’s possible to restrict the content of the featured area to each category.


Sorry but no, this is not possible.


Why is the header logo wrapped in H1 tags?


in H1 should be most important thing on page. So we think, that most important is logo.

H1 is traditionally very important for SEO. Please see:

http://accessibility.psu.edu/headingshtml http://www.pearanalytics.com/blog/2010/how-to-write-a-header-tag-h1-for-seo/

I’ve worked in SEO for over 10 years and believe making this change in the theme can help improve SEO results for customers.

In the mean time, please advise how I can cleanly edit the theme to remove H1 from the logo.



you can delete it in ..flyingnews/header.php on line 135 and 139
                                <a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>" title="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>">
                                    <img class="template-logo" src="<?php echo $template_logo; ?>" />

Hello I sent a message to you from your profile. Are your answers?


We are sorry, but we cannot offer support on weekends. We try answer it as soon as possible.

I sent the message again, but still did not get the answer Please reply to my message please


That’s weird but I not see any mail from you in inbox of jaw@jawtemplates.com . Please try send it at jawtemplates.com@gmail.com, or describe your problem here in comments.

Is it possible to add an ajax product category filter at the top of the woocommerce shop?


I tried this plugin but it doesn’t seem to work with flying news theme. It only shows 2 products on the shop page, and then 1 product per page via ‘older posts’ links.



  • The woo commerce items that display on the website blog homepage do not rotate. It only shows the most recently added product every time someone visits the page. It needs to rotate.
  • And product items should only display in relevant categories, which could be done by tags.

Please advise.


We cannot guarantee compatibility with all plugins.

Please send link and WP login of your sites, where you testing this plugin at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, we’ll try to look on it.


Even after turning off navigation bar in theme options for single posts, the breadcrumbs are coming


That’s weird, please send WP login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, we’ll look on it.


I does not work “Include Category” section of “Blog” in “Theme options”. I select the categories you want it to display, but does not work me. :S

How I can fix this? Thanks


That’s weird. Please send WP login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, we’ll try to look on it.


is there a possibility to make Flyingnews compatible with both Buddypress and WPmultisite for next updates?

Thank you, Cheers!


We are so sorry but this is not in a plan.

is there a way to view the site logo in mobile only? i have added my logo to the menu bar and do not want it to dispalay outside of the mobile view.


Try to use Media Queries.

Your css code must looks like:

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) {

Please look on this: http://css-tricks.com/css-media-queries/