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hi i need a help from you, my web site is very slow ,could you check pls what is the problem ,


best regards ahmet


I see that all loaded right, like on others sites. Except the long load time.

I also see that even small images has long load time.

I think, that problem must be on hosting. Can you try to change it?

hi i changed my hosting one week ago.it doesnt change.So, ? th?nk , there is another problem w?th loding time. could you check it again pls ?

best regards


Note : My site’s loading time wasnt long, It was opening fastly 3 month ago. And I didnt change my applications. Its the same format .

Did you update some plugin or Wordpress during the last 3 month?

Could you please send PHP error log at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com ?

Is it possible to make the related posts look like the article boxes in the main blog page?


Try to change code in ..flyingnews/related-post.php on line 19 – 39 is this:
 <div class="related-box">
            <?php    if (has_post_thumbnail()) {

                                    <div class="tab-post-widget-img">
                                        <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php echo the_post_thumbnail(array(63, 63)); ?></a>
                                    <div class="tab-post-widget-content">
                                          <h4> <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php echo get_the_title(); ?></a></h4> <?php echo jwUtils::crop_length(get_the_excerpt(), 95); ?>  

                                <?php } else {
                                    <div class="tab-post-widget-content">
                                        <h4><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php echo $post->post_title; ?></a></h4>

                                <?php } ?>

                                <div class="clear" />
Please try repleace it by this:
            $content_type = '';
            if(get_post_format() != false){
                $content_type = get_post_format();
            }else if(get_post_type() != 'post'){
                $content_type = get_post_type();

            get_template_part('content', $content_type); 



I added another div around the code with id set to “elements_iso” for css category box color effect.

Hello, Ok great.

If you’ll have some more issues, please feel free to contact us.

This is one of very few themes no matter platform that in comparison to it’s competition actually does what it says it’s supposed to!

Even so I wonder if we can expect any updates in the upcoming future. Feels like WP is running away from me in the update department.

And to the xmas wish list – bbpress integration!


Thanks for your words :)

We plan release service update which will fix some bugs. But we not plan adding support for any bigger plugins, sorry.

Are there any issues with new WP8?


FlyingNews work correctly on WP8 (IE 10 mobile)


Thank you and confirmed, no problem with update to WP8 :-)

You’re welcome.

If you find some problem, please contact us.

Can a different slider like the Revolution Slider be used with this theme instead of the present slider on the home page.

when we should expect the next update and what bugs will fix?
Thank you,


We are so sorry but now we are finishing new template. So after releasing it, I finish new update for FN. Thanks for understanding.


My host is phasing out PHP version 5.2 and replacing it with PHP 5.4.

I did a test check using PHP 5.4 for my website http://thediningtable.sg. After changing the PHP version to 5.4 and my site shows a blank white screen and it’s a sign that something in my site is not compatible. I suspect it’s the theme. Is this theme compatible with PHP 5.4? Will there be an update?



FlyingNews is compatible with PHP 5.4. Please send some Error log at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com. Thanks.

Hello, My “Blog and Category” option for page format is stripping sidebars and background image. It only affects the individual page. When I use “Default” it displays correctly.

Do you have any suggestions on what I should look for to find the cause of this and resolve it?


I see (in HTML code) that your page is stopped printing before blog. Can you please send your Error log at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com. If you not see anything in log, please send WP and FTP login.

Where do I find the php error log you are requesting?


Probably on your FTP in folder called “log”.

If you not see it, please contact your hosting.

Question: Can I have the links work in the page view before they click on it to go to the actual post?

For instance, if you go to my Concerts page


the description under the image says “Click for tickets”, but the actual link doesn’t work until you go into the post and then click the hyperlink.

Any way around that?

Oh wait…but that makes the entire post show up? Not just the exerpt with the hyperlink?

I took it back out..they won’t want that. Any other solution?

You can try install this plugin:

And change in ..flyingnews/content.php line 71 to this:
<?php echo the_advanced_excerpt(array('allowed_tags'=>'a')); ?>

hi you created very awesome template but i don’t like the different height of posts

1-how can take all posts have the same height???

2-when i want don’t appear description under the title post in the home page i put the 0 number to (Number of Words Excerpt) field but it remain this sign [..] how i can remove it until only remain the post title without post description

3- when i put the widgets from side of the slide show every wide get appear under each other means don’t appeared in tab style


1 – you can do it by css. Please add to Theme Options -> Custom code -> Custom CSS this:
#elements_iso .element .box{height:300px;}
2 – Best way is delete it from code. Please open ..flyingnews/content.php and delete line 71:
<?php echo jwRender::get_the_excerpt(); ?>

3 – Tabs style has only one widgets – tab posts. Other widgets are showing by classical way.

Ajax loads take up cpu process bandwidth. What caching plugin will work well with flying news?



Some customers are using this cache plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/

Heelo, I’m starting the shop woocommerce on my site and when I’ve put the first product the social icons not displayed correctly, you can watch it here: http://blacknailsmagazine.com/tienda/ez-flow/lampara-de-led-jet-light-system-de-ez-flow/ Also I’d like to ask you if is there any possibility to add a baner or slides on the homepage and categories of the woocommerce and if not if you now any plugin for that. Many thanks.


Can you send new link? That product probably not exist. Thanks.

You can use our advertisement system (You can find it in Theme Options -> Advetisement). And if you want something more, we recommend this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/adrotate/ . Just that shortcode put into “Google Ads code” in Theme Options -> Advetisement.

A client of mine uses this theme and recently noticed that some text has the <s> tag applied inside the homepage slider.


Is there a theme fix that needs to be done? Theme version is 2.7.


That’s weird, first try to update to 2.81. If it will not work, please send WP login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, We’ll look on it.

Does it works with latest version of wordpress is it good to update ?


Yes, FlyingNews has no problem with WP3.8

Hi,, i found that review system is not working when entered by guest. i clicked on “Add review” which opens a box to fill name, email, rating and comment but after providing all these information , i got an error stating ” Error: Please fill in the required question. “

Can you please help me get this resolve.


That’s weird. Please send link. Thanks.


this is weird. Don’t you have install some plugin for woocommerce reviews?. Please try submit some review with TwentyFourteen theme.

Hi, Does this theme work with BuddyPress or any other similar social network Wordpress-based plugin?


FlyingNews template not support BuddyPress plugin by special integratin, but we tested it and we not seen any conflict. You’ll maybe add some css styles.

@Jawtemplates ,

I have sent you a mail via your profile page ..couple of days back … with issues , im yet to get a revert frm ur end …


We responded to every email, that we have recieved. If you not receive any e-mail from us (jaw(a)jawtempaltes.com), please resend it again. Many thanks.

I cannot find any examples of implementing your accordion shortcode…..where do you put the text, not the title?

Oh, maybe I figured it out…..call it “inactive” and then put my text before {/accordion_item]? But, once the accordion opens, it does not close again. Is that a bug?


Accordion shortcode looks like e.g.:
[accordion][accordion_item title="Cras"]Aliquam adipiscing interdum erat, sit amet dictum ipsum dapibus ut. [/accordion_item][accordion_item title="Donec volutpat"]In vestibulum, lectus at aliquet scelerisque, leo quam lobortis feli..[/accordion_item][accordion_item title="Phasellus "]Nulla augue lacus, iaculis elementum euismod sed, tincidunt non orci. [/accordion_item][/accordion]

If you open one item of accordion it will be closed only when you open another item.

Please see this: http://demo.jawtemplates.com/flyingnews/wp/?page_id=580

The woo commerce items that display on the website blog homepage do not rotate. It only shows the most recently added product every time someone visits the page. It needs to rotate. How can that happen?



We are so sorry, but this is not possible.