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Each blog post shows a couple of woo commerce products.

On my page about health it shows the latest woo commerce products added which are about business.


That needs to be corrected so that related products are shown on each blog post within each category.

Please advise


We are so sorry but this is not possible. It always get latest product.

If you want to add this functionality by yourself, please go to ..flyingnews/loop.php and on lines 33 – 47 you can find query for woocommerce products.

Hi, great job for this Theme, it is really good. Before I buy it, I just would like to know if you are planning to make support for Sticky Menu? I see it as only item that is really missing.


Thanks :)

That “Sticky Menu” is some plugin? Please describe it better. Many Thanks.

No, it’s not plugin. I would like to have menu always visible on top when I scroll down the page.


Oh sorry for misunderstanding.

So please add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this:
position: fixed;
top: 0;
left: 0;
z-index: 99999;
#header {
    top: 65px;

Great theme http://www.decorarok.com/ really like this.


Great pages :)

I see that some images are scratched. Please use “Simple image size” plugin to regenerate it.

http://themeforest.net/item/flyingnews-responsive-wordpress-magazine/4052664/faqs/14580 http://support.jawtemplates.com/support/simple_image_size.png

Hello there, I just ordered the theme and on the categories page, it’s printing some meta before the title (http://eriforum.com/category/eritrea) of each post in the category. Would you please look into it and advise how to fix this.

I am using PHP Version 5.3.24.


This is caused by html tags in title. Please send request at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com. We’ll send to you new files, that solve this problem.

Would you please send me the files. I sent the request but no response so far.


So sorry for that delay. We sent that files now.

Hello, thanks for you great work!

I’m adjusting the template, and I would like to increase the width of the main image in the home slider, since I want to make the div with the text semitransparent.

For example I want that the image with the runners in the slide cover the entire width of the box:


Thanks in advance


For change width of slider image please see this: http://support.jawtemplates.com/support/web/?type=code#width_of_slider

And then please add to Theme Options -> custom code -> Custom CSS this:
#slider_home .slider_area .slider_list li .image_holder{left:175px;}

Hi guys

I’ve tweaked my site a lot to improve loading time. Everything works great except that in most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) the homepage and archive masonry effect takes some time to organise but in IE10 it is instant.

I think I’ve possibly broken something with all the tweaks. Can you tell me which js files control this behaviour as I think it may be a minfy problem. However, any other suggestions you have would be appreciated.

The site is at http://bit.ly/tedMwG



I tryied it in IE11 (IE10 mod) on 2 computers (Win 7 and 8 ) and I see it correct (Isotope/mansory works correctly).

Try to set a fewer posts per page on main blog (Theme Options -> Blog -> number of posts)

Thank you, but I had a newer question:

I think it’s because PageSpeed is moving app.js and all.js to the footer. I need to add “pagespeed_no_defer=”” to the javascript so it looks like:

<script type=”javascript” pagespeed_no_defer=”” src=”/flyingnews/js/app.js”></script>

Have you got any ideas on how I can achieve this? I need to include that into the wp_enqueue function but don’t know how


Please try to ..flyingnews/functions.php add this:

function unclean_url( $good_protocol_url, $original_url, $_context){

      $url_parts = parse_url($good_protocol_url);
      return $url_parts['scheme'] . '://' . $url_parts['host'] . $url_parts['path'] . "' pagespeed_no_defer='' " ;


Here is some discussion: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/110929/adding-additional-attributes-in-script-tag-for-3rd-party-js

How can I change the font size of H2 and H3 headings?

Can I have a different font type for the navigation menu compared to H2/H3 headings?


You must add css styles to each H2 and H3.

For change font in menu please try add to theme options -> custom code -> custom CSS this:
.top-bar-jw ul > li a:not(.button){font-family:Arial;}

Hi Jawtemplates,

Nice theme that I was looking for.. ! please let me help to clarify below few points before purchase.

01. whether I can have three advertising widget areas among the posts. 02. whether I can have the blog without left or right side bars. like in this page http://themeforest.net/item/flyingnews-responsive-wordpress-magazine/full_screen_preview/4052664 03. Whether pagination is integrated in the blog instead infinity scroll Thanks


1 – Yes this is possible.

2 – Yes you can have fullwidth blog.

3 – You can set pagination for every blog individually. You can use these paginations:
  • Classic wordpress
  • Numbering
  • Infinite
  • Infinite with more
  • Ajax
  • or hidden (without pagination)
  • 4 – You must set it in Theme Options > Blog > number of word excerpts—you can set it to some big number.

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand that last question, please try clarify it. Thanks.


I just want to have share buttons in the blog pages itself instead in the single post page.

could you please explain me the difference between categories and portfolio categories. much appreciate if you could send me your email. thanks.


1 – Please go to ..flyingnews/loop-post.php , on line 185 – 237 is this code:
<?php if (jwOpt::get_option('post_share') == '1') { ?>
            <div class="share_post_arrow-up" />
            <div class="share_post" role="main">
<?php }

Please copy these lines into ..flyingnews/loop.php on line 120.

2 – classical categories are working only with classic posts. But Portfolio categories works only with portfolio post types. (More about post types: http://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Types ).

3 – our mail is jaw(a)jawtemplates.com

You can add search form in header? http://www.decorarok.com/sitemap/

Thank you very much.

You’re welcome. If you’ll have some more issues, please contact us.

Hi, for some reason my posts are missing on every second line on my home page. It can be seen here on this image and here’s a link to the site.



That’s weird, please describe more that problem (some images …). Thanks.

Hello dear jawtemplates sir, I have a question before I make the purchase. I very like much your theme design and concept. I want to use it for eCommerce only, can I make front page show WooCommerce Items instead of Posts/Articels? Thank you Regards


Yes this is possible. Just in Settings -> Reading -> set “Front page displays” to “A static page (select below)” and choose “Shop”

Hi, Lovely theme. Having a little trouble fixing up a few things.

1. When you click on a category the category page only displays the 1st post even though I set the master setting to 9 posts (infinite with more button)?

2. Menus. I can only get to the first level menus. ie. You hover over the primary menu, it pops open, you hover over an item in the pop up menu and it does not open the next level?

3. I want to assign my different sidebars to different parts of the site (by category or tag would be the easiest way). I found I can assign separate sidebars to pages, but can’t find a way to do it for posts/categories or tags?

4. The very bottom footer (light grey colour) is displaying links to every static page on my site! How do I control what is displayed in that section.

Thanks in advance for your help! Tom>>>>


1 – That’s weird. Please send WP login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, we’ll look on it.

2 – Thanks for your feedback. Please try reinstall FN and WP because no one customers had problem with this. Thanks.

3 – You can choose “Default page layout” (it is default choice) and sidebar will be get from settings in Theme Options -> Single post.

ok thanks. have emailed you.

re. 3. My point is that I don’t want to provide a default sidebar. I want to be able to choose which of my sidebars is best for each post/page to optimise sales without having to open and edit every single post on my site. In Paula theme I just assigned them to a tag or category. Now I can’t.

I appreciate themes are not always alike, but that functionality was very convenient and it is a shame it is not included in your new theme. Still, the new theme design is great and has other benefits, so I still like it better overall :-)


3. We are so sorry but Paula has Gantry framework (3rd party). FlyingNews is powered by our framework (branch framework of reverie). This is reason, why some functionality from Paula aren’t in FN.

Thanks for your feedback. maybe it’ll be contained in some of next updates.

Hi !

My twitter app doesn’t work (www.bomdiaportugal.fr). I already set all the things in Theme Options, but I couldn’t find “followers”.

Could you help ? Thanks


Please check your API settings. Don’t you have space before/after API key?


I just checked it. No space before or after. Kind of annoying :( This twitter problem and the Facebook fan bouton doesn’t work all the time (sometimes, it doesn’t show the number of fans…).



That’s weird, please send WP login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com. We’ll look on it. Thanks.

Hi there,

I understand that for the rating to be shown on the post preview, one has to hover on the post before it is shown, is there anyway to just make the rating visible throughout in the post preview?

Sorry, I got the answer… thanks!


Ok, great.

Hi There,

Is there anyway to make the sorting bar visible in the mobile ?


I might want to remove a few of the sorting and left a few. maybe 3 filter words?

By the way, the Search button in the mobile is cut off, is there any way to correct it?


Show only e.g. 3 sorting items especially on mobile devices is not possible.

To shift search box please add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this:

Can I have the sort bar on all categories/pages?


For categories:
You must turn on “Category bar ” http://demo.jawtemplates.com/flyingnews/wp/?attachment_id=1394

For pages:
If you have Post format as Blog, you must turn on “Breadcrumbs bar” http://demo.jawtemplates.com/flyingnews/wp/?attachment_id=1389

Hi there,

I think the rating and the comment count is not being updated into the post preview.

I did my rating and comment on my article, but it still shows 0 comment and 0 rating, please assist.


Hi there, thanks for the reply… but I see no “Rating Metabox” in the post editor? Please assist on how I can find it. Thank you

I already turned on the include user rating in the post, it still does not show. Can assist?


I’m so sorry for late response. After deeper research, I found (and fix) a bug in rating system.

Please send request at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, I’ll send new files to you.


Please help on below. 1) how active post title link colour and link hover colour in the blog posts in the archive. 2) how to turn off category name in the upper right hand corner in blog posts. Thanks.


1 ) yes in the blog post view (not in the single post page) Example http://demo.jawtemplates.com/flyingnews/wp/?page_id=323 ( here Title of the post – ” Should you buy winter tyres: CAR puts them on test ” ) kindly advise how to activate post title link and hover colours since my post background is white.

further I want to show these post previews with text formatting (ex. with paragraph breaks / sub headings ) since I want to publish full article without read more option.


For above 1) I just want to see the post title as shown as here http://demo.jawtemplates.com/flyingnews/wp/?page_id=35 ( with link and hover colour ) Thanks.


1 – please look on this image: http://support.jawtemplates.com/support/custom_category_color.png

For hover color please add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this:
.post .content-box a:hover {
    color: #000000;

In exceprt it’s not possible print html tags.

I need to increase a bit the size of the “Share!” box featured at the bottom of each post, next to the social buttons. Indeed, my translation of “Share!” is longer and exceeds the size of the background.

Can you point me in the right direction in order to get that?

Thanks in advance and congratulations for the beautiful theme.


Thanks for your words :)

Please add to Theme options -> Custom code -> Custom CSS this:

Another quick question. I have found some references about sticky posts, that could be shown in the slider, but so far I could not find the way to make a post a sticky one.

Thanks again.