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You have received my link?

you have received my email? From acidflame@hotmail.it?


Unfortunately no. When do you sent it? We had in thursday some problem with our email server. Please send it again.

We are very sorry for your inconvenience.


Sorry We received it. I overlook it in another folder.

There is an unfortunate problem of incompatibility between the theme and plugin FlyingNews Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post)

Error message:

Fatal error: Can not redeclare class OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1 in wp-content/themes/flyingnews/framework/widgets/OAuth/OAuth.php on line 120

Can you fix this error in a future update?

Thank you!


I sent to you new file, please try it. Thank you.

Thank you for this new file, but it is not more efficient than the previous … Same error message on the home page


That’s really weird. Please send FTP login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, we’ll look on it.

Please can you tell me latest stable version of Wordpress that I should use for installation.


You can use the latest version of WordPress – 3.9.1

This is my new site bigbrocasino.com.I installed a flying news magazine and activated demo version.But no image is showing in my demo version for any post.Can you please check what is the issue.


We unfortunately cannot re-sale images which you can see on our demo site. So you have there only demo image.

Greetings. There’s a tiny bug in the slider related to multilingual sites.

The bug is that when one chooses to display posts from a certain category in the slider the slider disregards the current user’s language and displays only posts written in english.

The site’s default language – as defined in WPML settings – does not impact this at all. Not that it would solve our problem but just so you know.

I briefly browsed the code. As far as I can tell the problem is in class_slider.php on line line 212 – or to be more precise: the $slider_cat -variable does not seem to take the user’s language into account.

Of course the problem happens way earlier during the execution when the aforementioned variable is set up.

Here’s some more (hopefully helpful) info about the behaviour of the admin-side:

When editing the slider options I choose “Latest posts” as the source. And a single category in the “Include Category”. The “Include Category”-field seems to be sensitive to the admin-language I choose: I see the category only when I choose the admin-language I used when I input the category: choose english as admin language, enter xyz into “Include Category”, switch to finnish, the “Include Category” is empty. Switch back to english and the xyz is there. If I enter abc when using finnish then I see abc only when I choose finnish. Otherwise the field is empty.

It seems that the “Include Category”-setting is not WPMLized?

We can’t quite get around this issue because we want to use the slider to show the posts written in the language the end-user has selected from the language switcher. Using english posts doesn’t cut it because the posts must contain text as well.

Could you please fix this? Or if you have a nice hack you can whip up that doesn’t make the site unstable we can make do with that.



Thank you for your feedback. Please be patient, we are looking for solution for that.

hi, i wanted to know if the excerpt word count can be reduced.


it can be reduced by using a filter. You can see it on the wordpress codex.

function custom_excerpt_length( $length ) { return 20; } add_filter( ‘excerpt_length’, ‘custom_excerpt_length’, 999 );

or somethinng like this <?php $reduced_excerpt = substr(the_excerpt(),0,X); ?>


I see that with the new version I can now use the masonry filters for post categories. thank you for adding that!

my only trouble is, I have tons of categories on my blog, so I don’t want the filter bar to show all of them.

is it possible to only display categories in the filter bar if the current page has posts in those categories?

ie. only show the child categories of a parent’s template page



We are sorry but this is not possible. Maybe in some future update. Many thanks for your feedback.


I have reduced padding using custom CSS per your help. Now, the text over effect in main menu changed and on over .. text goes down with relatevely large percent. Is there any other custom css to define direction and percentage how text behave when text over in main menu?


For change position of text after hover, please add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this:
.top-bar-jw ul > li:hover a, .top-bar-jw ul > li.active a {
    padding-top: 0px !important;


You’re welcome!

If you have some more issues please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.


I bought this theme when it was first released – I dont seem to have a license certificate.

The problem I am having is with uploading images – to posts or even the logo. I have contacted my hosting support and they say there are no problems their end. Also, I have other sites on their hosting with no issues.

Please advise.


Please send WP login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com. We’ll look on it. Thanks.

Email sent.

Thank you.

Hi, once the category colour scheme has been selected, the whole grid appears in that colour including the category name. Is it possible to have custom white colour for the whole grid but have a different colour for the category name. For example the grid colour the grid colour appears as white and the category label appears as blue.

The area highlighted in the image is where i want a different colour. http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/sincerelypicard/media/Capture_zpsd8fec85b.jpg.html


This is possible only by custom CSS code.

Please add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this:
#elements_iso .category-MY-CATEGORY-SLUG .categories{background-color:#2D5C88;}
and change “MY-CATEGORY-SLUG”

I don’t get what you mean by and change“MY-CATEGORY-SLUG”. Please illustrate


if you go for instance to the categories (in wordpress administration) you will see some slug names there. That is the “MY-CATEGORY-SLUG”. Or you can use firebug and check what is the category slug name.

If your problem persist please send a request at jaw[at]jawtemplates.com and we will look on it.

Thank you.

Hello can we have links inside excerpts on homepage? We have tried this but it did not work: ================ You can try install this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-excerpt/ And change in ..flyingnews/content.php line 71 to this: <?php echo the_advanced_excerpt(array(‘allowed_tags’=>’a’)); ?> ================

Any other solution?

solved … line inside content.php should be: <?php echo the_advanced_excerpt(); ?>

Ok, great.

If you have some more issues, please feel free to contact us.

hey, i am using wp 3.9.1 and now i can’t see the shortcodes in my visual editor. i saw a comment from 3 month ago u said u will fix that ASAP. when will it be ready? it’s really important and kinda not fair. you say your them supports 3.9. when it’s not…


Please just update FlyingNews into latest version (2.92)

i don’t see the option in the menu. just download it again? will it ruin my css changes?


Please try update by this way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-a8Q1o7lZI

If you added some css into Theme Options, so it’ll persist. If you changed something directly in files, so it’ll be probably rewrite.

Hi, is it possible to have 4 columns on main page? And 3 columns with for article + sidebar?


We are sorry, but this is unfortunately not possible.

Is it possible to mark post in slides with tag? For instance on Boulevard theme (that I use on my other website) I just add “featured” tag and that post gets to slider. Slides opetion is too much manual work, there is no point on having last post in slider since it’s on top anyway


thank you for your feedback. If you have some more issues please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

OK, but will it take 6 more days for you to reply? :(


we are so sorry for your inconvenience but we were busy.

How would I add a transparent table to a page I want to build in wordpress in Flying news it wont add a transparent background.


Please send link, we’ll send to you custom CSS code. Thank you.

Hi there! At first sorry for my bad english. Short code – Features – tabs, accordion, toggle is not working. In popup window view only slider shortcode http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/11/7505011F.jpg

in Footer Text – http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/29/7505029n.jpg

My next question is how do I remove this border http://i.imgur.com/rz1ANEy.jpg



1 – there are bad descriptions. Slides means items in Accordion, toggle, etc… Just try add it and you’ll see.

2 – Please send request at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, we’ll send to you new file.

3 – Please send link, we’ll send to you custom CSS code.

Hi, i sent a mail 5 days ago, no answer?


So sorry for this late response. I sent the file to you. Please try it.

I have another problem on http://banjalucanke.com/ widget overlaps with my first menu item, click on Banja Luka and you will see problem. How to solve that?

Second problem is that theme does not streach featured image in post, you can see it on this link http://banjalucanke.com/2014/08/05/ponuda-slaba-robe-na-zalihama-sve-manje/ how to solve that?

Wow! That was fast and superb :) May I suggest that you add both on next update?


You’re welcome.

Yes it’ll be in next update. Many thanks for your feedback.


you’re welcome. It depends on users demand.

If you have some more issues please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Banner – Skyscrapper Right – it’s not working ! Please help


Please send WP login at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, we’ll look on it.

Very bad support!! answering very slow!! i have an important issue bug with the intro slider and no body helps i added all details including log in details to my admin please answer!!!!!!!


We are so sorry about your inconvenience.

Where did you asking about your issue. forum / themeforest / e-mail? I cannot see it.

sorry – posted this comment in the wrong place {


Ok, please send it at jaw(a)jawtemplates. We’ll look on your issue. Thank you.

Hi, i updated my theme to ver 2.9.2,

1.Youtube social widget is not properly aligned. http://s13.postimg.org/ehsurv7av/image.jpg

2. Dots aren’t missing in the ul list but the font size is larger than normal, so i still need to use ul class=”list” manually everytime, can you give custom code so I will not manually type it.



1 – Please try add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this:
position: relative;
.social a{
top: 0;
position: absolute;
padding-left: 3px;

yes, perfect! thank you very much! more power!

You’re welcome. If you have some more issues please feel free to contact us. Thank you.