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An excellent job. Good luck with your sales ;)

Nice theme!GLWS :)

Good job! GLWS!

very nice work, awesome ! :)

Awesome work iKarina, good luck for sales!


first of all great work. It’s really nice I encounter a proble in IE 10. The animation ‘zoomy’ of the portfolio image has no duration. That means that when you hover with the mouse it goes straight from original image to rotated and zoomed image.

I’m searching for a solution but for the moment can’t find any. Do you have some clue?

Thx in advance Sylvain

Ok thanks for the fats answer. i have another problem. Can’t make the form working. I’ve change the mail adress in the html file but it doesn’t work. Is there anything more to modify?

It is just a HTML template, you will need to write your own PHP script to process the form.

Ok, thanks anyway, i’ll do it myself

Hi guys, loving the theme but need some assistance if you can spare it. I want to control the alignment of text and featured image on a project page. Currently the featured image is pressed against the text to the left and it puts the text in this uncomfortably tight column not conducive to easy reading. How can I 1). move the featured image somewhere else on the page (like far right or under the text) or 2). get rid of the feature image on the project page and then maybe just insert an image into the page (which I can already control the alignment of). In an ideal situation, the text should read across the page and not be crammed between the left border and the featured image. I figure there’s a simple way to handle this that I just can’t find.

Thanks for the help.

Have you purchased the template? Which version are you talking about, HTML or WP?

Yeah I’ve purchased it. I’m using the WP version.

Ok, make sure you’re logged in with the purchasing account and comment on the WP version, this is the HTML template comments.