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Hi there. Just about to make my site live but had one last to-do. I want to add comments to my portfolio project pages and I saw a year ago you mentioned trying to change the name of single-portfolio to something else (another user had the same comment question). Is there any other way to get comments to work without doing that (as I’m not exactly sure how). I did try and add:

<section id="commentbox">
        <?php comments_template(); ?>

To single-portfolio.php just above the footer but that didn’t do anything. Thanks for your help, and I have to say now that I’ve nearly got everything I want on the site (and working) I truly love the theme. Thanks!


Keep that code in single-portfolio.php as that is correct.

Then open fn.posttypes.php and find the ‘supports’ line in the portfolio post type.

Change it from this: 'supports' => array( 'title', 'editor', 'thumbnail' ),
To this: 'supports' => array( 'comments', 'title', 'editor', 'thumbnail' ),
And then save.

Once you’ve done that you’ll need to manually go through each portfolio item, click the quick edit button and enable comments, see screenshot below.

The reason for this is because you have enabled comments after creating those, any new items you add will automatically have comments enabled.

That was easy! Thanks so much for your help.

You’re welcome.

Hopefully my last two questions: the tagline that I create in Customization, where does that display? I had hoped it displayed under the title, thus showing some text on my portfolio page. If that’s not the case, is there anyone to display text on that left margin under the site title?

And, since I am here, there’s no built in way to denote a project on my portfolio page being new, right? Just a shot in the dark. I can certainly add a visual ‘new’ tag to the Featured Image source image.

Thank you again for all your help!

It doesn’t by default, you can edit the template and use bloginfo description where you want it to show:

You’d need to modify the portfolio to add a “new” tag.

Hi, could you please help me with changing the width of the columns within the grid posts? I’ve read through the comments and done this: Open template_portfolio.php and change the one_third two_third both to one_half. But I still get a very narrow column of text.

I’d need a link to the site to see.

Hi, thanks so much for the quick response! My site is at but please pardon the work in progress.

You’ve done it right. If you want it even wider simply modify responsive.css and change the width of the .boxed classes, its currently set to 55% so the one_half is relative to that width.

Hello, On mobile there is no menu (left column with links). How to fix it?

Yes it sends to admin email. Check your server logs for any errors.

Disable any plugins too and check that there is no conflicts, I see you’re using a Captcha plugin…

And you have 2 contact forms in the same page…

Hello, How do i change the font style of the Pricing tables in the Pricing page?

Thank you.

The CSS is at the very bottom of application.css

Thanks mate!

No worries!

Hi there, I’ve somehow lost the icons I’ve set for my Menus. They are displaying as vertical rectangles. I’ve checked the Menus page to make sure the icon is still set and even though they are I’ve got these rectangles. Any idea how I can fix this? is the site to check out. Thank you in advance for your help.

As a quick fix while we’re waiting for the updates to go live, you can download this .ZIP file, extract the contents, and upload / overwrite the originals in the theme.

Thanks, that did it!

No worries!

I like the icon main page you have in demo but I can’t do it. Can you help me?

What do you mean?

We bought the tamplate because we like the main page, how can we reproduce it?

Import the sample.xml file included in your download. It is explained in the Documentation.

Sorry again, I need change the template header to show my logo as you can see at Can I do it?

header.php and then possibly assets/css/application.css for adding your own CSS.

LAst request :) May I have two different grid page using filter or someting else?

Not without a lot of modifications to the theme.

Hi there, hope you’ve been well since last time we spoke. Apologies for being such a reoccurring face on here. I’m trying to widen the main sidebar a little to provide more room for my logo. Is the ability to do this in one of the .css files? I appreciate your help. While I have you here, is there a way to modify the alignment of the logo? Might not be necessary if I can widen that sidebar. I greatly appreciate your help!

You can modify the width in responsive.css it is nav#primary

Again, to align the logo differently, simply tweak the CSS.

I’ve got problem with menu on Iphone (and android phone): it don’t appear How can I fix it? On ipad or computer work fine. Thank you

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I’ve got problem with menu on Iphone (and android phone): it don’t appear How can I fix it? On ipad or computer work fine. Thank you

I’m going to delete everywhere your useless theme Thank you

Like I said, the theme works perfectly for everyone else, including the demo.

We cannot be blamed for you not knowing how to do something.

Ok Let me know If I Install all over again in a new website, new webspace, why doesn’t work?

Hi there,

Nice theme, I’m just about finished implementing and found 2 issues – hope you can help me with. 1) Mobile display is not the same as on the preview (no hamburger menu and spacing on the right, 2) I’m using a PDF embedder on single post pages, if it opens a file in full screen – it floats over the menu on the right (looks like it’s no separate div, is this the case?)

Thanks for any help in advance. Peter.

Nothing received yet.

It’s actually .co – I made it .com – thought you mistyped :)

Still nothing….

Strange, I’ve sent a PM on themeforest here now.

Awesome thanks. I can see the hamburger now. Was it the adjustment in the header.php? Was it due to a local setting it wasn’t there in the first place? Thanks again.

No worries. I’m looking into the cause.