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Hi iKreativ,

Can you please tell me: what is the best solution to make the column for the text wider on the portfolio detail page? For example this page:

Second question: what is the best way to change the portfolio slug, e.g. to change it to services?


Open template_portfolio.php and change the one_third two_third both to one_half.

To change portfolio to services you’ll either need to modify the custom post type or use htaccess to rewrite it.

I see that you have a custom CSS function in the admin area which I have been using so far. I have read your backup notice. May I suggest that you save the custom CSS in the database so it does not get overwritten upon an update? That is the way most themes (that I have seen) do it. I prefer to work in such theme provided text areas above making a child theme whenever I am not touching the PHP.


Hi there

Great theme. I’m having some teething trouble with the responsive design however – when viewed below 767px (when the navigation becomes a dropdown for mobile/tablet devices) the ”#page” ID becomes 100% height – for whatever reason this results in the background of the page finishing way up before the end of the content of the page itself. A related issue I’m having is that if a page has lots of content, it just spills out of the page area and into the charcoal background?

The site we’re developing is at An example of this content over-spill is here:

obviously you can see that I’ve imported the page content from another install that had an accordian functionality (hence the rendered shortcode) so the content itself will be less on this page, but its a good example of the issue in hand.

To replicate the page container issue just open any actual page aside fromt he homepage and resize the browser, or visit the site on a mobile.

Can you give me an idea on a fix please?


Hey bud, sorry, been out of the office. It must be something in your code, I added a column page to the demo for you:

No probs… hmmm maybe something to do with image banner before the columns… either that or like you said something I’ve done with adding custom CSS (I’ve done a fair bit of tweaking for the page widths/responsiveness as the client has pretty specific requirements)

Thanks again

No worries. If you want buddy, email me wp-login to hello[AT]ikreativ[DOT]com and when I get 5 minutes tomorrow I can jump in and take a look if you’d like.

Hi. Probably a fairly stupid question, but … How do I update the theme? I get an error when I try do install the zipped (new updated) file.

Thats because it’s already installed, either deactivate, delete theme and reinstall, or if youve made lots of modifications to theme files just upload the new files via FTP.

The only file changed in this update is assets/css/responsive.css

Thx! So what I should do (if I didn’t know what the update was) is to deactivate the theme (delete it) and then install the updated theme? Or is there an other way to do this.

I haven’t modified anything in the theme.

If you havent made any modifications then that is the easiest way.

No worries.

it’s already set by default to 100%. I meant this width:

.post and you’ll also need to modify the sidebar width as well

1. Can i have infinite scroll down projects on home page? 2. can i change the hyperlink color from red to anything i like? 3. In contact can i embed google map? 4. can i change the background color?

ok thanks!!! and will it be shown as gallery?

No it will align with the featured image, much like an art directed post.

Hi again

I’ve spotted on my current development site the animations on the homepage images, the menu and on the elements on the blogs landing page are not working in Internet Explorer, but your demo site (in IE) they’re working fine – do you know why?

Also is there a way to utilise the cool animation on elements on the blog page across all other pages on the site (ie the entrance animations?)

Thanks again


Yeah, Windows should force auto updates.

Not a problem at all John, a theme is only as good as it’s support! ;)

I’ve had a play with some plugins – the only one that appears to do anything for ie8 and below is Modernizr – does actually make the site at least a little more usable for those stuck with IE8… far from perfect, but its something! Cheers

Cool. Enjoy buddy!

Sorry for the constant comments today – thought it was worth adding a new one for this as unrelated to previous issue – how did you get the filters on your homepage thumbnails to show spaces between words?

I’m using the portfolios just for the homepage tiles and then redirecting them to other pages on the site. I’ve actually hidden the filters from the menu (as not relevant), but I wanted to use the filter for mini descriptions/intros underneath the title that appears on hovering over a homepage image. It appears that this is using the filter slug rather than description, so its hyphenating. I’ve tried adding %20 between words but doesn’t seem to do it? Any ideas?

Thanks (again)

whoa ok… so I’ll have to add every word as a separate filter? Might not be as achievable as I’d hoped to use them… perhaps I can tweak the functions to pull the description rather than slug for filters… I’ll have another play!

Since I’m using them as redirects, I just swapped out <?php echo strtolower($tax); ?> for <?php the_excerpt(); ?> in the portfolio template and added the text I wanted to the portfolio item itself.

Cool. Yeah, they are just meant to filter items in a gallery, i.e: photography / design / etc…

Could you please tell me how to add a comment box on the single portfolio pages? Thanks!

Ohh, sorry, single-portfolio, thought you meant blog. Open single.php, find the comment code, copy/paste that into single-portfolio.php

Sorry to bother you so much, but I pasted:

<section id="commentbox">
        <?php comments_template(); ?>

Into single-portfolio.php and nothing happens…

Rename single-portfolio.php to something else, this way it will switch to using the same template as blog, let me know if comments work then.

Hey, Great Theme!

Could you tell me, please.. Is it possible to “filter” would be always visible? When i click for example “about” on Your demo it disappears. Can i change background color of “about page” etc? Can i use my own icons in menu?


Sure, just open header.php and remove the if/else statement checking for pages. If you need help with this after purchase let me know, I can do it for you.

Is there a way to call the built in contact form onto a normal page template (ie a shortcode)?

Only reason is I’d like to use a columned layout on the contact page, but the contact form itself sits after the bottom of the full page; I’d like to have it in the first two-thirds column and then have a sidebar in the final one-third column? I could always edit the contact page php itself, but thought I’d check first, as would prefer to only edit where really necessary.

No there’s no shortcode for the form, easiest way would be to mod the page template.

Ok so I managed to get the form displaying (and functioning) where I need it to just by copying the HTML code from the standard contact page template, and pasting it where I wanted on the page itself. This has made me realise however that there’s no “success” message when you submit a form, and it simply reloads the site homepage – is this how it was intended? It would be handy just to have a “your message has been received” or similar success message?

Modify inc/contact-form.php and add a javascript alert()

Hi again. Is there an easy way to remove the filter and all options from the dropdown nav that you get when on mobile browsers? I’ve styled the filter out of the main nav using CSS as its not relevant for the site I’m building, but I’ve got zero Javascript experience, so wondered if you knew the easiest way? Cheers again

No not on the animations used in the theme.

Cool, thanks again, that was bugging the heck out of me.

No worries.

Hey, I imported sample.xml. It works fine on google chrome, it doesnt on safari, any idea?

What doesn’t work exactly?

Works fine in Safari for me:

works fine now, heh, thanks ;))

No worries.

Great theme. Great support.

Hi. On the demo site, I see that there is a comments counter, but I don’t see a comments box! How does anyone add a comment to a portfolio item?

Regards. Michael.

Oops. That is a bug, it’s not meant to be in the portfolio item, only blog posts, good spot.

You can however easily add the comment box to portfolio items if needed.

Hi Nice theme! For Featured Images, I’d like to specify custom links for WordPress gallery images (using the plugin WP Gallery Custom Links). E.g. Click on a portfolio featured image to go to a YouTube video or FB page. But the custom links I set don’t seem to take effect. Please advise how I may get custom links to work with this theme.


I have never used this plugin so I dont know why it isnt working.

Hi, great theme!! I have a problem with the width of the left Menu. I need to enlarge this space because the items of the menu are too large and result not aligned. Thank you

If you want to adjust the width you’ll need to modify the relevant CSS file.

Hi, great theme!! I have a problem with the width of the left Menu. I need to enlarge this space because the items of the menu are too large and result not aligned. Thank you


In a Portfolio..

I notice that an image that is added within the post editor is automatically enlarged even if it has been included as Thumbnail, medium, full size etc.

How do I prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance

Open assets/css/scaffolding.css and at the very bottom of that file remove this section:

Hi could you help me in the creation of the sub-menu: now the sub menu voice puts on top the under menu voice as you can see here thanks a lot!

Possibly, if you are making modifications it’s kinda hard for me to diagnose your issues as it is no longer standard.

mmm…I have change only this value in primary and the other changement are to standard parameters ( color, dimension ). The fact it’s that I try to do a clear installation of this template in another project…and the sub-menu have the same issue. Could you show me a site when the sub-menu works? tnx

Make sure you have the latest version, your CSS is different.