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Can you please tell me which file I edit to increase the width of the navigation menu column?


Could you tell me which width to change? Or if I have to add width to a particular css style? Thanks in advance

You need to modify the css for nav#primary

Hi again I have tried for a while now adding/changing the width within nag#primary and even other divs/classes, but still can’t get the menu to widen. Could you tell me the exact file & css I have to put in/edit?

Hi there, I love the theme, but I have a few questions about the portfolio/grid feature.

1. Is there an easy way to set the clickable grid tiles to open their featured images in the light-box view instead of taking the user to a new page?

2. Is it possible to have more than one portfolio? I would like to have multiple pages/galleries featuring the grid layout, but have different images on each new page (this is in addition to using the filter).

3. Ultimately, I want to use the grid tile layout with all of its animations as a gallery for many images. Is there a way to upload images and set them as items in the grid without creating a “new project” for each one?

Sorry if any of these questions have obvious answers. I am very new at this.

Thanks for your time.

1) You’d need to modify the template to link to the larger item rather than the single page, then you’d need to add rel=”prettyPhoto” to the link.

2) Use the page template portolio from the attributes menu on the page you create.

3) Sorry, no.

Hi, or is it possible to use a more than one featured image in single-portfolio page,to look like a gallery ? Thanks!

Add whatever you like in the page content, it will display under the featured image.

thx :)

No problem.

Hi Is there a way of rearranging the order of the portfolio boxes? As shown on my homepage:

I realise that it displays in order of latest to previous portfolio items, but is there a way of choosing which boxes go where?


No, the only options are what come with Wordpress, i.e: asc, desc, title etc…

Hi iKreativ,

I am working on for a client.

I have some questions, comments and suggestions:
  • Q: in the LinkedIn icon available yet?
  • Q: how can I have the favicon be shown on all pages, instead of just the home page?
  • C: I noticed that the thumbnail of the featured image on the portfolio detail page is not resized, it is the full size image, which makes it load slower than needs be. Please correct that in the next release.

Plus I have a suggestion to the previous post from cherizza: you can modify the order of the items by changing the publication date.

Thanks & regards - Frank

1) Yes grab the latest version.

2) Favicon is not part of the theme, thats up to you how you want to display.

3) No its not resized because users should be able to display whatever size they want there, they don’t want the theme chopping their images. If you’re running slow try caching.

Ordering items by publish date is tedious.

Thanks for your fast reply.

1) OK thanks

2) OK, just weird that it is only displaying on the home, I will look into it

3) I do not agree, no other theme that I have worked with, will load a full size image, only to show it as a thumb. I think it will improve your theme if you do decide to look into it.

Trust me, enough users have asked numerous times that themes NOT mess with their images.

I used to resize them for loading times but as so many people asked for it NOT to do that I stopped.

The initial thumb is resized somewhat from a massive image and then in single view it is whatever size the user has input.

Hi again!

We’re just about to go live with the site using this awesome theme. However, I have one little thing bugging me. for some reason one of the pages isn’t displaying in the same way as the others.

For some reason has a different layout in terms of the background/width. I’m stumped as to whats caused it. The main difference is that this page has the videoWrapper div to make the video responsive, but this is an element within the page, so I’m not sure how this could be affecting it?

Thanks again for all the support

Hmm, weird, you could force it by adding width: 100%; to this section in application.css

Yeah, could do. not sure what impact that would have on how it reacts when responsive? I quite like the dark background as screensize is reduced. It’s just baffling me as to why its happening. I don’t like not being able to figure these things out – makes me feel like the machines are winning!

Haha yeah. It may well be an open tag or Wordpress wrapping stuff in p tags like it does all too often.

Adding width: 100% shouldn’t have any adverse affects as it is % based it will scale to suit.

Hi, thanx for the support for the menu issue. I have another question for the language selector. The widget not working but I need to put the selector’s WPML in the web site. Can you help me to do this? Where I can put this:

<?php do_action(‘icl_language_selector’); ?>


Thanx a lot…

work perfectly

No problem, enjoy!

Hi iKreativ,

I found that we can not translate the Portfolio items with WPML. I did a quick Google and found this page. Can you please indicate whether this will be fixed in the next version?

Thanks & regards - Frank

The only thing I can think of, is the true value on the init function.

Open functions/fn.posttypes.php and on line 26 change this:

add_action( 'init', 'refinery_post_types' );


add_action( 'init', 'refinery_post_types', true );

Thanks for looking into this. I did some digging and found that the addition to the init was not needed, I had to do something inside a Portfolio item, which is marking this type of content for translation… All looks OK now, sorry for bugging you :)

Ahh, just needed assigning. No worries!


I love the theme!

Question: I read above in your comments about how to make the Portfolio sections change width, i.e., one_third to one_half…

I can’t find those in the template-portfolio.php file… what am I missing?


If wont be in there. As you’re wanting to modify it you will either ned to add them or modify the current CSS for each portfolio item.

Got it! Thanks!

No worries!

Hi, sorry but I have another problem…I try to insert the pictures in the portfolio’s pages but I don’t see anything in the frontpage. It’s strange because if I see the code html seems all right. If I try to put the images into the pages it’s works, but I need to put them in the portfolio. Any idea?

Portfolio items are featured images assigned to the Portfolio post type. It is explained in the DOCS.

So i can’t put an Image into the text?

It is not meant to work like that. A portfolio ‘item’ is a project, a project contains a title, info and a featured image.

Nice theme, but I can see that several are asking you how to make the navigation bar wider. Your answers are similar to nothing. Why can’t you just show where to put the code? I know it is in the application and responsive.css…but where? The 5 star won’t show up unless this is solved:)

No worries, glad you got sorted :)

One thing (amongst a lot) I like about your theme is that’s blazing fast…good coding:)…and it’s one beautiful design. Perfect for my customer:)

Yep. Bloated themes run slooooow ;)

Hi, nice theme. Before I buy it, could you tell met if it is SEO ready? For instance, when I browse in the theme demo, I don’t see any reference changes in the URL (permalink). For instance the page ‘pricing’: the link only shows: and not …/pricing thanks in advance, Bert

Yes, if you close the demo bar at the top you will see the actual URLs

Hello, How to create grid on the homepage (with texts and effects) like your example? Thanking you for your help BR

Use the portfolio post type and template. Its explained in the Docs. If you import the sample.xml file it will set it up exactly as the demo.

ok thank you.

Hello, Is it possible to add text to photos of the homepage (except the title)? and how? Can I add a photo on the homepage with a link to an external site url (facebook or youtube for example)? Thank you for your information BR

You can add any of them but it would require some modification of the themes code which will require some PHP knowledge.

ok… Can you realize this kind changeset? and at what price?

I really dont have much time at the moment, maybe in the future.

Hi, Thinking about purchasing this theme but just wanted to know if it would be possible to add more fields (via custom fields or some other method) here:

On this page:

You just create your custom fields and then copy the code snippet to where you want it to display, in this case, you’d add the snippet to inc/postmeta.php

Perfect, thanks

No worries, if you get stuck, gimme a shout!

Is it possible to choose which images display on the home page?

The images are ordered by date, so just change the date order to show specific items.

Also, can the portfolio items be separated by category? For example, can I have a ‘books’ portfolio and a ‘photography’ portfolio?

Yes there is a filter system, in the left menu hover over filters and narrow by type.


I have figured out how to post images in the portfolio grid, but whenever I click on them it opens that project and stretches the image. I was wondering how to fix that.

Also, is there any way to add new social media icons or are there just the standard options that the theme comes with?

Thank you.

No, when you insert into a page it will allow you to select a size. This is a default Wordpress setting, you can read about it in the Wordpress Codex.

I’ve been previewing my site in Safari 6.0.5, and it’s the reason why my images are squished. Your theme doesn’t work in Safari. I opened it in Firefox and that works, but that isn’t ideal for a portfolio site theme. It may be something you’ll want to warn people of before they purchase this theme.

It works fine, make sure you are using the latest version, 6.0.5 is an older version.

Hi! I am interested in using this theme. I have a question a little

(1) It does not appear correctly on the iPhone. Can I fix it?

(2) Is it possible to use the WebFonts (not google fonts) ? Because I want to use Japanese.

Looks fine on my iPhone. You can add whatever fonts you like by modifying the template.

Thank you very much.


Do you recommend my portfolio images to be a certain size or resolution?


No you can use whatever you want, obviously bigger ones will look better when when zoomed.