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Great work! Good luck

nice Theme just bought and hope to put it to good use.

ok Since I have bought this I have tested it out and I get a page saying this Theme is not licensed and my ip has been flagged and an e-mail has been sent to Themeforest with my install location????

Please assist me on why I am getting this?

Never mind I found out what was going on someone gave me a link to your other website and I clicked it and it left to get food and when I come back it was showing, guess it was stuck in cache

Ah ok, glad you figured it out, thanks for the purchase :)

Hi great template am thinking of purchasing it. Just one question is it easy to customize it to have more links in the side header?

Thanks! Yes adding a new link in the side header just requires a new anchor link with href=”#section” to a div with id=”section” and the link will scroll the page there when clicked.

I’m also thinking of purchasing! This is a pretty awesome site!! How easy is it for a non techie add photos to the site? Is there a CMS?

Thanks for your consideration! It is just an html page so there is no CMS. The easiest thing to do would be to upload your own photos to your server and replace the sample image paths with your own image paths. The gallery images can be changed inside the HTML page and the header images are changed inside the CSS (and they should be cropped first)

Great template, great value and excellent support from Bobby.