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Very attractive design and I like the modular design. Bookmarked.

Thank you, FBecht!

i just purchased this theme, then looked at the video tutorial explaining “what you get” when purchasing this program…

the video indicates that there are supposed to be 3 basic folders… what I got is about 250 random files – nothing is organized, and there isn’t even a “documentation” file in the download..

have I missed something? if not, then I have wasted $10, because as it is now, this file can only be modified by the author..

please help.


Hello, nheird!

Thanks for purchasing Focusella Landing page! May be some problems with your zip software? I have just downloaded and test the latest version from ThemeForest. All is ok: folders, files, documentation.

“ThemeForest recommeds WinAce. Trouble with ZIP files? If you are having trouble with ‘corrupt’ or ‘missing files’ in ZIP files, we suggest you try using WinAce to try and extract the files.”

unfortunately, my ZIP program works fine. the file downloaded just fine and I can extract the contents without difficulty. however, the file contents are not organized into 3 folders – as the video depicts. instead, all of the theme’s files appear in a list – not organized as the video shows. that is what I am struggling with.

this link will take you to a screen shot of my file contents – I just re-downloaded with the same result.


any other suggestions are appreciated.


Have you tried WinAce?

I have also Windows7, tried WinAce, WinRar and build-in windows zip software – each gives right result.

As I see on screen shot, there is the column “path” in your software and it seems has correct value.

How easily can the boxes be re-arranged? I’d prefer the product box to be on top of the text.

DomainLoco, hi! Of course you can use any layout. In the theme designer http://themeforest.net/item/focusella-premium-landing-page/full_screen_preview/479764 (left themes sticker) click “Generate your own”, in the Block #1 choose Content=Full block market, then choose in Block #3 Content=Text content. Press Apply then. See the result!

Download index.html file to unzipped theme directory and use! Please check demo video on http://www.screenr.com/hfhs

Thanks for this nice work!

I have an issue about Google web fonts, my website will be in Turkish Language but Some Turkish characters like “? ? ü Ü ? ? ? ?” doesnt appear In header texts. I checked the Ubuntu font family and i saw it is fine with Turkish chars . Please help to resolve this issue.


Hi, bammuf!

If you did not make any changes in the theme, sinse you’ve downloaded it – the situation is normal.

By default, the fonts in the headers (Ubuntu by defaults) are powered by Cufon (not Google Web Fonts). In preview we used limited set of chars for Ubuntu (only Latin caracters).

So you have 2 ways to get Turkish characters in Headers with Ubuntu Font:

1. Generate new JS font file for Cufon plugin including Turkish characters (see the Guide Customizing->Fonts)

2. Disable Cufon and apply Google Web fonts for Headers. To disable Cufon find command fonts_init(); on the first lines of the file js/custom.js and comment it, you have to do something like that:


After it, plug in necessary Google Web Font in header section of the HTML file and apply it to headers in the CSS file.

I love this design and am ready to purchase. Allow me a question please…

Can the button in the middle be changed to a clients logo???

Hello PhotoStud! Thank you very much for a positive feedback about our modern landing page!

Yes, this is possible. You’ll need to replace button image. Just save your client logo as button image. That’s it!

small suggestion for contact form: the form should not be validated if the user left predifined values for required fields.

Hi mopc76,

Tried emailing you at the gmail address in the documentation – may have been lost as spam.

Well, I came back for Focusella. Great Landing page.

I was wondering if the Online Designer is available to be installed locally? Some times if the power goes out, I use a laptop, but no internet access. Oh, the videos are a great help too!

Thanks again,


Hi, FBecht! May be your message lost in spam.. I’ll check.

Designer can’t be used locally… It uses php and mysql. Thank you for using our products.

Cannot recommend this template to anyone. I have purchased many, but this one breaks the principle of having design separated from the content.

Found out, that font had to be replaced, as it was not the UTF -8, but on the Cufon website it is not as hard. The supplied font Ubuntu, was nowhere in the package, so, I had to find it on Internet to make a new one with correct chars.

Upper right box does not have margins. My XHTML is perfect, but template is not finished for professional use.

I need the support, so that upper right box gets the margin for the text, just like all other boxes do. Why do I need to repair the CSS myself, I do not come here to buy a template, and to work for others.


1. Template provides a lot of combinations of background, box patterns, colors, shadows, etc. It can be some problems with handling it. Have you read the Guide? If this code difficult to you – use theme generator.

2. Font. Supplied font Ubuntu has only Latin characters and other typical symbols – most popular set. It does not contain all the chars because of the font js-file size. If you need it, it’s not difficult to compile it on Cufon website. The Guide, supplied with Landing page, describes how to do it.

3. As you can see on the preview page – every box has proper margins. If you have any problems – please, read the Guide or use theme generator.

Until you give us the link to your page, we will regard the situation as your mistake in code since our preview page works fine.

hello, can you give a code in order the button “previous” appears http://data1.floomby.com/files/share/10_6_2012/9sRmqxVCmE2ONFoet3LrQ.jpg


unfortunately, there is no predefined “previous” button. There are many changes needed to do it.

Dear mopc76, many compliments for your great work. It’s extremely smart, beautiful and easy to customize. GREAT landing page and GREAT documentation. One of the best documentations ever seen. By resuming: 5 STARS for the best landing page ever seen.

Bruno Italy

Hi, Bruno! Thank you very much for your kind words! We are really appreciate! Your positive replies give us strength to do more Great works for the Great people! :)


I have this landing page, and I love it as it is very easy to use and update myself. I have no previous coding ability, and yet I can do whatever I want with my page… except for one thing…

I am trying to make an rrs feed for my site, so that when I change the product in my top box my subscribers would be notified. I tried using some free rrs generators, but they don’t seem to work with this page. Is there a way I can do this? Any advice you have would be much appreciated.


this landing page is a static HTML page, it’s not powered by any server script language, for example PHP , so, there is no possibility to make an automatic RSS feed.

That’s what I thought. I will just have to figure out something else… but I love my page, and as my first time working with a website myself, I have to thank you for making it so easy to use and understand. I made myself a lot of templates with different colors and styles, and each time I have a new product I can use a background that highlights it perfectly. It’s really made us stand out! Thank you for making it.

Thank you!

HELP! I cannot get this landing page to install. I have tried everything short of standing on my head and singing the national anthem. Just get the message “Template is missing”. I’m obviously doing something very basic wrong, but do not know what. Really getting frustrated. Even if soemone can aim me in the right direction for instructional docs I would appreciate it :(


how are you trying to install the page? It’s not some kind of installable package, it’s an HTML landing page which should be modified in the text/html editor and uploaded to the web-server via FTP.

This is an excellent landing page and has been very easy to modify. Would be great if you could make it responsive.


thank you, but unfortunately we don’t have plans to make it responsive.

Hey, I love your template. I find it unique and nicely designed.

I am having an issue with the form. In form.php I used the gdocs version, but when I test-use it, it spins forever. Nothing is being sent.

How can I make this to work?

I bought this quite a while ago. Back then, it was either not made obvious enough that it is not responsive or it was not stated at all. I finally found out only in your comments, that you don’t plan to update it. That’s why I gave only one star. I still think it’s a pretty idea, but not at all contemporary. Templates have to be responsive nowadays. If I make a ‘coming-soon’-landing page with that and my future customers realize I can’t even setup a responsive landing page, they will not come back. – So what service is that then? I think it’s up to you to make a decision here, but taking off this template from your store would be just fair – or you clearly and obviously state that it is not and never will be responsive.


it’s stated as clear as it possible. There is a description form, which suggest Envato, and you can see it at the right side, when you view the item: http://grab.by/BoW6 . Please, take a look at “Layout” attribute, the value is “Fixed”. There are possible values for authors: “Fixed”, “Liquid”, “Responsive”, “N/A”. It’s stated as “Fixed”, which means that it’s not responsive. I’m not sure that your inattention is my fault.

mopc76, I do not wish to argue with you any longer. Just accept that you could not satisfy a customer. That happens in life. You received your money. I said how I felt about what was offered. Maybe you are more lucky the next time.