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Hi there, I just gave your theme a top rating, nice job.

Quick question: We are getting ready to launch our website and would like to remove the “All Services” category from the portfolio page:

Instead, we would like just the primary four service categories to the right to show (Commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural). Simply commenting out the first category does not work, as it then still loads all services by default on page load, instead of just commercial services like we would like.

Any thoughts?

hello guys, thank u for the rating, it is very appreciated… i saw your site and it loads only 4 categories did you worked out that thing?... if not, u need to add the class active to the first category or second or which ever u want, so in this way it will load only the active category, p.s Commercial… if u have any other question i am here :D

Hi, thanks for your html Template How can i use Right to Left ? i see inside setting.css file rtl class but i can’t use it! please help me…

hi..thanks for the kind words.. u can do it in html.css… so in every caption u want to have it in right u have this code:
class="tp-caption tp-layer-selectable  tp-resizeme" id="slide-3-layer-1" data-x="" data-y="177" 
change the data-x=”” to data-x=”right” and u will have the caption in right side… cheers :D

thanks for your answer , but i want to have RTL html Template

oh u want all the page to be form right to left, i am sorry i thought u meant only for slider… it’s not really possible to do that, i mean it is possible, but it requires too much work… u can try it your own, give to every section an inline style in html, with this line of code: style=”text-align: right;”

Hello I can use dreamweaver for this template?

hi..i am so sorry but it doesn’t work well on DW, it is in the description of the item. U can use Sublime Text or any other code editor… cheers

I would like to make the logo bigger. That I have to do?

hi, find the div where logo is contained and see the logo has the width and height there like this:
<img style="max-width:149px;max-height:41px;" src="upload/logo%402.png" alt="Focuson" />
change the width to your needs…

Hi, I’m using dreamweaver on your template, it is very slow and forever loading on every function I touch on, any solution on this?

hi..the item doesnt work well on DW, we mentioned it on File Description… u can use Sublime text or contact me at a.bublaku@gmail.com

Hi, I’m using dreamweaver on your template, it is very slow and forever loading on every function I touch on, any solution on this?

hi..the item doesnt work well on DW, we mentioned it on File Description… u can use Sublime text or contact me at a.bublaku@gmail.com

nice templete

thank you very much :D


Can I change color theme easy? Please help me :) Thankyou

hi, yes u can, if u use sublime text you need to copy the color code and press ctrl+shift+f paste code to “find” and then copy the color u want and paste to “replace” and click replace, then go to file Save ALl and u will have the new color…

Hi max, can you please help me change the color of the theme using DW, by the way, im not having trouble using DW, maybe is my computer?

hey BCD, can u select all the color code and then replace it?, i dont really know how to use the DW, but i can help u with this, i can do it for you if u want, just send me the theme, and the color code u want to be changed…

Hi max thank you for the reply and for the wonderfull work! I could not find that green color code, but the one that i need to be is this one: #1972b9 The theme is focus.

i sent u an email my friend :D

Hi max, thank you.

you r welcome my friend :D

Hi, i’d like to customise the popup message, but i don’t fine where ? I find the nz-popup class but the changes have no effects.

hi, in the same line where u see this:

Hola no he podido instalar el tema. Que debo hacer?


Instalando el tema…

No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. El tema no tiene la hoja de estilos style.css.

Fallo en la instalación del tema.


Podrias sacar una version que se pueda indexar en wordpress? cuanto vale?

sí, hay disponible la versión de WordPress de centrarse en, aquí tienes: https://themeforest.net/item/focuson-business-wordpress-theme/15611214?s_rank=1

hello i change the email into contact.php and i tired to send email via contact-form page but nothing sent. also the validation it’s work just for the email !!! advise please

hi, what is the error u have, can i see your page?

there’s no error. it’s gave me that message sent, but actually nothing sent http://www.bluecloud.jo/trio/contact.html

hi, did u check the spam area..as it is saying that the email has been sent..it could be your hosting site too

Hi, I accidentally bought this item in HTML form and I use Wordpress. Please help.

Hi Please contact me. I accidentally purchased this item and need it in Wordpress instead.

Hi, I am trying to make the team members element carousel but can’t seem to make that happen. Even after downloading demo content and copy the exact code it is only showing 4 members (the number of columns specified) there is no arrow button to carousel… how can I fix this?

hi, did u bought the WP theme or HTML Template on Elements? i dont see the purchase badge

yes, I bought the Focuson theme – regular license through Envato


i see that u bought the Wp version of Focuson, u need to ask this question in the WP version of Focuson, because i am not the Dev of WP version..cheers


How can I get the sidebar on the right side of this theme to the left

hi, put the aside on top of the section with class “main-content left”, then remove the class loop from the main container the div that has the “ID Loop”, then go to style.css line 10789 u will see this line:
.main-content.right {padding-right: 30px;}
change it to this:
.main-content.right {padding-left: 100px;}

and u r good to go kardesim :)

The demo is not opening, can you check this?

thank you for noticing it..we fixed it now..thanks a lot :D

Hi, i will purchase this theme: Fosuon, but this theme is compatible with WordPress 5,1 and PHP 7,2?

Thank you!

hi, this is HTML Template not WP theme..thanx

Hello, we just launched this site but we’re having difficulties getting the links under the menus in the headers to direct to the correct pages. Any suggestions to correct this would be really helpful!

hi,did u buy this on thf or elements.