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Can I have more than one image for each item/work in my portfolio?

Yes, you can. You need to do some adjustments, but is very easy. Don´t worry: First, you need to edit custom.js/custom-low.js (this is a compressed file. The same that custom.j) in js folder. Just add some lines like these: (remember link in header with custom.js not with compressed custom-low.js. Or you can do the changes in compressed directly, as you want)

<!--You need to do some adjustments. First, you need to edit custom.js in js folder. Just add some lines like these: (remember link in header with custom.js not with compressed custom-low.js)-->

//Examples of how to assign the ColorBox event to elements
$(".video-gal").colorbox({iframe:true, innerWidth:"75%", innerHeight:"75%"});

<!--When you have this ok, for each campaign. Open the HTML file and add a rel attribute to each anchor for each item. This is:-->

  • <figure>Album name with SEO KEWORDS</figure>

    Work title

    A few descriptive words talking about the project. Details, tecnologies, software, deadlines, mentions, awards, client…click title or “plus” button for zoom in. ⋅SEP 2010⋅ ⋅illustration⋅ + //this div is new <figure></figure> <figure></figure> <figure></figure> <figure></figure>
  • <!-With this in your HTML go to the main CSS and add in portfolio section a simple class declaration:->


    With all this you will get your lightbox separated in capaigns for each item!

    What about pagination?

    Pagination was designed as an option for larger portfolios with this needs. It´s a static pagination, that is that you need to create new html files with your works. But with this scenario is not possible that filter system filters all the works in all the pages, only will be filtered all the works in the current page. For filtering all your works you need a database and would be imposible to have the filtering effect anyway. In this case the filtering wil be static, like in themeforest, for example. The grid is a 20 items based, but you can make it larger if you want adding new works and adjusting the size of the portfolio en the css, just a line of code:

    section#portfolio{position:relative;min-height:770px;padding:110px 0 0 110px;}

    If you need a larger portfolio just increase the min-height property to your needs. Just this! With the new update (v1.2) soon this static pagination will be replaced by a slide content system, making easy and attractive surfin across your works. It´s really cool, test it!!

    Can I show a particular category rather than all items appear initially? (FILTERING)

    Yes, you can. You just need to change in filterable.js in js folder the category you want to display with a line like this:

    $(’#list-works’).filterable(); $(’#list-works’).trigger(‘filter’, [ ’#your-category’ ]);