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woah this is very nice!! what about a WP Version with an integrated Blog? this would be nice!!

good work!

The Wordpress version is currently in the works. Thanks for the feedback.

Quick update: we’re working on a WordPress version with an integrated blog and are planning on submitting it next week. It’ll have widget areas, editable content areas, and an easy-to-use theme admin panel. Be sure to come back and check it out!


Very cool template. Great work & good luck with sales!

nice. luck with sales I bookmarked this

Thanks – we hope it does well too :).

We also on the WP version. We have a little side project to do where we are to create a 1 page website for a ballerina. From what we can see, the gallery supports both images and videos – is this correct? Can the videos be self hosted or pulled from youtube or other sites?

Your grid shows 12 pictures – Is there a limit of the number of pictures and videos that one can put on the page? The captioning is very nice.

In the WP version, would the bottom area be a widgitized footer? We need the social icons which you have, but an email contact form rather then the contact info, and likely twitter and facebook widgets. If you do the bottom as a standard block of footer widgets, then we can slide in whatever plugins we need.

It will be nice to see a one page WP template as there are not many and for some that is all that is necessary. Need the blog as per the prior post request.

Any idea of timeframes on the WP version?


Hi Websys,

The current plan is to submit the WordPress version next week. It’ll have a widget area in the footer, editable content areas, and a nice theme admin panel to make customization as easy as possible. Also, the blog will definitely be present.

Regarding the gallery – it can be expanded beyond 12 items and has video support (both self-hosted and pulled from sites like Youtube and Vimeo). In the WordPress version, the gallery will be fully configurable from the admin panel.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to email us or post here in the comments.

Thanks for the response Honeythemes. We will keep checking back for updates and the WP release.

Really nice design, great job!

Thanks for the kind words – we’re working on some more packages (including a WordPress version of this template) so be sure to check back.

Brilliant and really fresh.

Good luck on sales.

Thanks Denoizzed!

Great theme! Going to wait for the wordpress version! Is it possible to use an custom logo instead of text?

Hi freshfolio,

First, thanks! We’re glad your like our theme.

Second – yes, you absolutely can drop in a custom logo. In the Wordpress version, the heading is going to be an editable content area, so you can put anything you want in it – custom logos, other images, videos, text, etc. The heading is also super easy to change in this HTML template (we’ve used 960GS for layout, so adding and adjusting placement is really simple).

Hopefully that answers your question. Feel free to post here or email us with other questions or comments.


Thank you for the kind words! We’re keeping at it so be sure to check out our future items.

Is it limited to 16 thumbnails for all works to display ?

Currently, the height of the gallery is fixed. Therefore, you can modify the number of elements in the gallery by changing the CSS height/width values of the gallery items. We’re planning on pushing out an update that makes the gallery height flexible.

Thanks for your interest, and let me know if you have any more questions or need help.

This is my first time buying any item ever on this whole marketplace and this theme/website made me add some cash.

I love the whole single page look and the way you did the layout and I wanted to buy it so you can profit for such wonderful work! :)


Thanks! We’re glad you like our theme so much.

Just bought this earlier today and I’m beginning to built my new portfolio site out of it.

Some quick instructions on how to actually build the gallery would be nice though? Unless there’s a readme that I’m missing.

I assume that I put the images in the ‘images’ folder and the jquery/colorbox thing builds it when I upload, or something along those lines?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. If you open ‘docs/index.html’ with a browser, you’ll be looking at the documentation. There’s a section in there about editing the gallery. If you have questions about anything not covered in the documentation, feel free to ask us.

Thanks for your purchase


Very nice theme. How many photos can be put on the page? Is it possible to have 16 on a page and a navigation arrow? Is it possible to have a navigation arrow when opening a photo so we can se the “next” photo (or “previous” photo) without closing the photo?

Thank you, Motti

Hi motti_b,

Currently, the gallery item dimensions can be varied, but the height of the gallery area is fixed. Currently, the photo overlay doesn’t support next and previous, but we’re planning on pushing out an update in the near future. Our upcoming Folio Pro WordPress version will have variable gallery height and next/preview lightbox support.



Got to admit great design. I was wondering if I could have more categories except All / Web Development / Image Design and is it possible not to start with All? And another thing, what happens if there are more than 16 items?

Thanks in advance, Regards

Hi dani_janev,

The categories are completely configurable, so you can have whatever categories you would like and display the links in whatever order you like. Currently, the height of the gallery background is static but, you can modify the css height/width of the gallery items in order to make them smaller so more items appear in the given space.


Just hoping to get an update on when you are releasing the WP version? Will you be able to replace the background with a different image in WP? Thank you!

Hi creativejordan,

The WP version will come out in the next couple of weeks. We’re delaying the release in order to ensure a high quality project. Hopefully, the delay doesn’t inconvenience anyone too badly.

The background will be determined by the skin that’s selected in the WP version.


Wordpress version out?????

Hi Suzanka,

Thanks for your interest. It’ll be out very soon.

JUst purchased this… nice work, also interested in the WP version

is there a target date for the wordpress version?

The WordPress version is in active development. It’s difficult to give an exact date, but we’re expecting to have it out soon.

great job! I was wondering if you can see more screenshots of the same works…

Thanks, for a more detailed look at the template, please look at the live template. http://themeforest.net/item/folio-pro-a-strking-single-page-portfolio/full_screen_preview/150193

Thanks for the reply; I’ve seen at the live template and I can see only an image for work. Is it possibile to have such a carousel in the lightbox in order to show different images? I hope I was clear… Thank you.