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I just wanted to say, a hearty thank you to you for designing such a beautiful theme! This is the first theme that I have ever purchased and I must say that I was a little worried about how easy it would be to adapt. Well…. it was! If you are interested here is my design – http://www.ian-turner.co.uk/

Thanks so much. You’ve done a great job customizing the template. Your website is looking good!

Sorry but I have no experience with creating websites. How o I customize this theme?

Hello, I was able to edit the texts but I can’t seem to edit the gallery as no Images were displaying on the page. I have tried as much as I can to follow your instructions but nothing comes out. If its okay, could you dumb it down for me?

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

Hi denwy8,

I’m sorry to hear your having problems with the image loading. In order to help you, I need some way of seeing what you’re working on or more specific questions about the image loading.


Does anyone know where I can find instructions for this template? I don’t see it anywhere.

Thank you

Never mind, I found the instructions under ‘docs/index.html’ :)

I’m having issues getting the gallery to work in Chrome. Non of the elements in the “grid_20 gallery” div is displaying. Does anyone know why this might be the case. It’s only happening in Chrome.

Love the template by the way.


Hi jonsie,

If you are testing by directly opening the index.html file (instead of through a local web server) Chrome’s security policy prevents the ajax calls needed to import the images. If you load the template up to a server, it should work in Chrome if it works with all other browsers.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us via email through our profile.



Checking back on the progress of the WP version. We recall that when you introduced your html version, you were thinking a couple of weeks for the WP version. Gather from the comments that time frame has been revised.

Do you have an update?

Thanks Websys Team

Hi Websys,

Thanks for your continued interest. We’ve been moving forward with the WP version over the last few weeks but recently other projects have come up that have taken priority. Since it’s been put on the back burner, it’s hard to commit to a release date at this point.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Let us know if you have any other questions, feedback or comments.


Hey. Great theme. I am however having the same issue someone posted above.

I followed your instructions on editing the site and images. When I preview the site in IE, Chrome, or Firefox; NONE of the Images in the middle display. In dreamweaver preview, they show, but in browser preview they are gone.

all the text uploads fine along with other images on the page. its just the grid images that are not displaying.

Not sure how to discuss this w/o giving out my email to you or show your screenshots.

Please help.

thanks, J

Hi raijmanj,

If the xml in your images.xml file is malformed, the images won’t load. You can check the validity of the XML by trying to open images.xml itself with a browser. The browser will present you with error messages.

If you have further issues, feel free to contact us via our email through our ThemeForest profiile.


Hey Honeythemes,

I figured it out. The page needs a server to be able to view with the images. I tried previewing everyway possible, but as soon as i uploaded it to my host; everything worked.

thanks for the great theme. Any chance we will be able to have maybe 3 pages of image blocks in the future?



Hi There,

I have the same problem as the people above, and I also noticed your live view of this template also does this …

Was there a fix available?


Hi ryannestuart,

First, thanks for purchasing this template!

To troubleshoot your issue, we’ll need a little more information about the problem you’re experiencing. We haven’t been able to detect an issue in the site preview and it appears to be working in all listed supported browsers.

If you want, you can also email us and we’ll try to get your issue taken care of as soon as possible.


I have an image loading problem, i followed the instructions as shown in the index, and even after i uploaded the images.XML i cant see the images in the gallery, dont know if it could be a server problem or something i use fatcow.com

The site is liberman.kundago.com

Nevermind, it worked… thanks, great template

Hi bliberman,

We’re glad you got everything set up. Let us know if you have any other questions.



Any chance of getting a response to my e-mails?


Hey pedrodonkey,

I don’t think that we received your first email. I’ve responded to your query via email.

Thanks for your purchase, and let us know if you need any more help.

Thanks, Honey Themes

is there a way to use swf files for the portfolio instead of an image, or video?

You can embed a swf by defining an image_definition tag in the images.xml with a full_video_embed tag enclosed.

The important part is putting a full_video_embed tag and placing the url to your swf as that tag’s content. The full_video_embed tag embeds whatever url is specified into an iframe. Let me know if you need any more info.

<image_definition> <title>Poster - RefreshBot</title> <filename>refreshbot.jpg</filename> <type>JPG</type> <description>by atomicvibe (creattica.com)</description> <full_video_embed title="Building">http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/triggerpages_mmcom/flash.swf</full_video_embed> </image_definition>

Thanks, Honeythemes

thanks but that code doesnt work for me. any other ideas?

ok i see how it works, got it working thanks, but is there a way to use relative linking from a swf on my server if i put the swf say in the images folder instead of using the full url?

And last thing is the swf is not true size, it being resized to that 425×344. Shouldnt it be able to scale depending on the size of the swf just as the images do?

any ideas regarding the scaling for swf files?

but each swf is a different size. it wouldnt matter if i changed the width to 300 and height to 300. Each swf would then scale or shrink and not be the actual swf pixels. Maybe im just not understanding. Should i just make the popup really large? I would think the popup would just dynamically resize the 100% size of the swf as does the image popups.

any thoughts?

Hey aconsalvo,

Currently only explicit setting of the height and width is supported.

Thanks, Honeythemes

Can anyone help me figure out how to change the rollover effect/image on the portfolio?

I would rather have a more subtle rollover that appears on top of the image, rather than the bulky rollover now….

Also, I think its important to say that this theme pretty much rocks! I love the rollover, but the client not so much.

Thanks everyone!

Hi. Thanks for your purchase. The rollover effect in the gallery is defined with only CSS . The CSS rules in the portfolio.css that you want to look at are under the ‘Gallery’ comment:

ul.columns li:hover img ul.columns li .info ul.columns li:hover .info

Those three rules determine the rollover look/behavior. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks

Hey Honeytheme! Good job u did on this one. I wanna purchase it, but before I do, can you help me with something? I wanna be able to place a video on the top of the page right after the “Hi I’m Mary …” sentence but do not know how to do so. Can that be possible? and if yes (hopefully it is) Can you help me with it?

Thank you so much!


Thanks. The answer depends on what type of video you’re trying to embed. If you’re planning on embedding a youtube, vimeo, etc. video, then you would copy and paste their embed code into the template under the main welcome header.


OOOOOh that easily? :) GREAT it should be a youtube vedeo yes.. I thought that I would have to do more than that!! Once I do it Imma let you know for further help thank you so much!

Honeythemes, can you help me please? I’m having some problems obtaining the image gallery as I open the index file in dreamweaver to edit it! Is it normal? If no can you guide me through the process of uploading my own images as well? Thank you my email adress is legacyeve@gmail.com

Need help adding a background picture please. Can anyone help me doin that?

Where are you trying to put your background picture?