Discussion on Folio Two - Portfolio for Creative Professionals

Discussion on Folio Two - Portfolio for Creative Professionals

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is there a way to get a Wordpress version of this site?


I’m sorry to say that Folio Two WordPress Edition is no longer available.

Maybe you would like to check some of our other themes which are doing a good job for many projects and you maybe could find some interesting for your next coming one.

In any case, we really appreciate your interest in Folio Two!

Many thanks – Van


Due to my break for vacation, all the queries during 06/25/15 & 07/13/12 will be answered ASAP after this date. Thank you very much for your patience and have a nice holidays : )

Hey, the live preview url is wrong :)

very nice, like! good luck with sale.;

Hey the twitter feed doesn’t seem to load, just stuck on…”loading tweets…”

Hello, I’m getting problems to load the works in IE 11 (I’m using 01-gal-v1)... they don’t load at all, could you please help me with this? I will appreciate your help a lot!!!



please, open a private support ticket and provide us with an admin user and password to your installation. We will take a look closer to this issue.


Hello, I have the version “Advanced – Custom Galleries” and when i go to a project and trying to press the “X” button to close it then i see a flash light on the screen! Do you know how i can fix it? I use chrome browser.

I just submit the ticket. I am waiting for your answer.

Hi Nick,

try with this:

#work-gal {
-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;
-webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d;

Let me know it if worked correctly :)

It works! Thank you very much!

I’m still having serious problems getting this to load project images in chrome, and safari. It will not automatically load images when you click on a thumbnail. It just goes to the project screen, but without the image. If you highlight the URL in the navigation bar of Chrome or Safari and hit enter the image loads properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve spent a lot of time on this and I have no Idea what’s causing it. It’s happening when I just load the blank template into a folder to test it too.

sorry, URL is www.patgamble.net

Hi Pattyg3,

seems that with the last versions of FF and Safari changed the way these browsers interpret some functions, specially the one that “load” the contents when AJAX calls end.

In this sense, you can fix this this in a very easy way just modifying the following functions you will find in custom.js file (inside js folder). This is around the line 290:

function fadeSection(){ 
    setTimeout("$('.item-wrapper').animate({opacity: 1},750)", 1000);
    setTimeout("$('#divThumbs').animate({opacity: 1},750)", 1000); 


This is what you find now. You must to replace this code with this other one:

function fadeSection(){ 
    setTimeout(function() {
            opacity: 1
    }, 750);

    setTimeout(function() {
            opacity: 1
    }, 750);


This will fix the problem. Try with it and let me know about it, ok?


thanks, that worked great.

Very stupid question. I have version 1.32 that I bought a few months ago. How do I get the update to the newest version?

Hi phattyg,

which version di you purchase? I mean, the plain HTML or the Wordpress version?

In any case, just open your “Dowloads” section within your Themeforest profile and download again the theme (for free). In this way you will get the last available version.

Hope it will help! :)

Hi, I purchased the plain HTML version, but it doesn’t show up in my list of things I can download again.

version 1.32 has the following problems for me:

It doesn’t load images in the slideshow correctly in google chrome (You have to reload the page to get them to show up.)

and it doesn’t work correctly on iPhone.

I think I read in the forums that you had fixed these problems in an update.

1.32 and last version have not problems with the slideshow and they are working correctly.

Updating the template is so easy as open “Downloads” section from your Themeforest dashboard. If you can´t find it there, make sure this is the account you used to purchase the item. In my case you appear as a non verified user, when you are a verified one the “Purchased” badge appears near from your nickname.


Hi Van, really nice theme, easy to modify… But I have a problem i can’t solve : - i’m using the lightbox-mode and i can’t find in the “prettyphoto.css” how to remove the “white transparent effect on pictures” - I would also can write the name of my project in the yellow bar under the picture (permanent) and not in the center of the picture… Could u help me please ? Thanks, Paul

Thanks Van Perhaps if u could use a different color for the twiteer and the facebook links, i’m not sure to use them… Thanks again (i send you a ticket)

I have to work on our website this weekend but if i can’t finish, can i pay u for doing it ? (but i also think it will be ok)...

Hi Paul,

I´m sorry, but I can´t find your ticket. Could you give me the #ID number in order to check it?

To be sure, here you can open one. I recommend you opening a private one to share private data.


Hi Van,

Your documentation is a little confusing with respect to choosing a theme, and then only using that theme in production going forwards.

All browsers revert back to their their original theme. I think I followed your documentation by copying my preferred theme.css and color.css to the default folder, but no luck, either cache overrides or that process does not work. And I cannot find anything that describes how to remove the Themes button from the bottom right

Could you please provide more specific detail in your documentation concerning the Choosing of a theme and the setting it in place for the rest of time.

Kindest Regards. Jamie

Hi Jamie,

to be honest, I don´t really understand well the issue with this problem you have found customizing the template. In order to help closer we need to check your legal purchase first, so please, use the account with you used to purchase the item or write me using the contact form in my profile with the verified account you used for getting a Folio Two regular license in your case.

I hope we will help to understand better this issue playing with these elements.

Best, Van.

Sorry Wrong product, I must have been checking out your other offerings :) Posting new comment now…

Hi Van,

I’m using the 04-gal-v1-top-nav gallery on my website and for my surprise when I mix videos & fotos on the same page, it won’t display the contents of the page when viewing on an IPad.


If you try to open the above page on iPad, it will not display it’s content.

Any thoughts?



Hi Junior,

I have tested this URL in an iPad and iPod touch and it is displaying correctly the mixed slides. Two pictures and a single video.

Anyway, if you have some troubles with this issue, do not hesitate to open a support ticket and we will try to help closer.

Best, Van.

Remember: We check it regularly during business hours (9:00h-18:00h UTC+1). We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours. While be sure your query was not asked before in any thread and remember you to take a look to the FAQs.

Hello, i do not succeed on installing my themes developper and WP says:”il manque la Feuille de Style”.

Is some-one can tell me wha appened

I download all folder “v1.3.2” unzipped. on my WP.

Hi coraliejean,

this item is not a Wordpress theme. Notice that it is included within the “Templates” section and its price does not correspond to any Wordpress item.

This is the reason because you can´t install it as a WP theme.

In the other hand, the item that you have purchased is a complete HTML5 template without any CMS option include it but with all the UX features like the WP version (not all the options are included).

Hope it will help.

Best, Van.

Sorry it’s my fist steps….... Does that mean i can’t use it with a wordpress site?

Don´t worry, I understand! Just let me know if I can help in any way.

This item only can be used as HTML template, it is not possible to use it as a Wordress theme. This is the Wordpress version for Folio Two if you could be interested on it.

Best, Van.

How can I had a link in the Copyright section ?

I mean, in which file is situated the copyright so I can directly add some HTML in the file.


I just update wordpress and FOLIO TWO IS not working anymore


Hi Stefan,

please, open a support ticket and we will back to you ASAP. Just take into account that you should provide more info about this issue updating your site in order we can help in this sense.


It is nice and clean template. I don’t know a lot about web design but I worked my way through it. It organized and many features and sections have explanations on it.

However, my portfolio is image heavy and when I click on a project it often crashes. If there were some sort of a progress bar or loading feature before project details page(i.e. Work SEO Name 01) I think it would solve the problem. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Uuhmm, I´m not pretty sure about this, please, open a support ticket and provide us the link to your site and more info about it. This will help better to understand this and provide closer support.


There is a bug : In the fullscreen preview, the right button (this one ”>”) is not working when we put the mouse on it.

uhhm… I´m not sure about you mean, the navigation is working correctly and as expected. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile with your registered user from where you purchased the template and I will take a look to this issue in order to try to help with it.

Best, Van.

Hi there,

Great theme!

Before I make a purchase… is it possible to land on a static page as a home rather than thumbnails of the portfolio? I assume yes but just wanted to make sure.



I´m sorry to say that this feature is not available with Folio Two.

Anyway, thank you very much about your interest in Folio Two! (notice this is the HTML5 version, not the Wordpress Edition)

Regards, Van

Ah okay. Is the feature available on the WordPress version then? Better yet, could I have multiple images on rotation as a home page, in wordpress version?

Thank you so much.


I’m thinking about purchasing your theme, but first, I want to know if it would be possible to change the display size of the thumbnails ?

I find them too small (300×200 displayed as 278×185). Can I easily resize them, for example, in the same sizes you used for your Wordpress version ?

Thanks :-)

Hi TheAlpham,

You can adjust the thumbs size modifying a couple of CSS lines.

In case of using the WP version, you have some simple sliders within the option panel to change the size as you could need. Also you can adjust almost any part of the theme with the option panel. It is an advanced version compared with the HTML5 templete (this item).

Hope it will help and anyway thank you very much aout your interest with Folio Two! :)

Hi VanKarWai,

I’ve purchased your theme few months ago because i was interesting with your portfolio section. I’ve bought your site just for the portfolio and i’ve integrated it in a parallax one page site. Everything is ok, however i’ve a got problem : when i choose a filter section like for example design or identity the screen scrolls to top, so i’ve got to click on my menu to return on my portfolio section to see the filter. How could i do to stay on the portfolio section without scrolling to top. I hope you understand me…and hope you can help me. Thank you for your answer! Best regards!


please, open a support ticket and provide the URL to your site in order we can understand better this integration. I´m not sure about it and for sure we can help to modify these behaviors.



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