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Folio Two Wordpress Edition

Folio Two Wordpress Edition

Folio Two Wordpress theme is an advanced portfolio focused to creative freelancers and agencies, a practical and usable wordpress theme designed with HTML5 + CSS3 and using jQuery to enhance an awesome user experience.

This template is a powerful tool based on RESPONSIVE DESIGN, adaptive to any kind of device. The screen size will not be a problem to show your favorite works.

Just select your best works and begins to show your talent!


  • Dribbble integration
  • Cool filtering method
  • Custom galleries for showing your works
  • Custom backgrounds for your galleries
  • Custom lightbox system based on PrettyPhoto
  • Google fonts. More than 75 fonts available.
  • Ajax template
  • HTML5 history API
  • Three different navigations. Left sided (fixed & sliding) and a top navigation, you can choose between them in a very easy way.
  • Two different galleries. The classic gallery based in Folio Two HTML5 and a new one. You can see the new one in the live preview
  • Hover info on thumbs
  • Single slide descriptions
  • Vimeo & Youtube video support
  • Video & Audio HTML5
  • Soundcloud support in galleries
  • Change the thumbs size directly from the option panel
  • You can adjust the transparency for the thumbs using a simple slider within the panel too
  • Adjust the sizes for your text, fonts, color. Combinations are unlimited.
  • Localization ready
  • Spanish translation included
  • qTranslate plugin fully supported
  • Protected projects with password
  • Semantic HTML5 structure & Degrades Gracefully
  • iOS/Mobile Ready
  • iOS gestures and keyboard support for galleries
  • A very easy to use control panel where you could change your logos, adjust positions, change fonts, colors and customize your portfolio in a very easy way.

  • 22 JUN – 2015: Version 1.72
    · Fixed security issues due to prettyPhoto

  • 16 JAN – 2014: Version 1.71
    · Fixed issue with projects/sections display with Firefox and Safari latest versions.

  • 19 NOV – 2013: Version 1.7
    · Fixed issue with twitter feed.
    · Improved some general behaviors. Now some server configurations won´t break the theme paths.
    · Checked compatibility and WP 3.7+ ready

  • 3 JUN – 2013: Version 1.6
    · Fixed issue with sprite option for navigation handlers in Gal-V1 (gallery with info viewed)
    · Checked compatibility and WP 3.6 ready

  • 15 FEB – 2013: Version 1.53
    · Fixed issue with menu collapse and mobile view displacement due to the last update. Now everything is working as it should.
  • 12 FEB – 2013: Version 1.52
    · Added subsections option (minor update)
  • 8 FEB – 2013: Version 1.51
    · Fixed insert images into pages issue.
    · Updated jQuery version to 1.9.1.
  • 28 JAN – 2013: Version 1.5 – view details
    · Added single slide descriptions
    · Added hover info on thumb/works hover
    · Improved Google Analytics AJAX segmentation
    · Fixed gallery issue with IE due to a error included with the last update v1.41 due to a debug instruction.
  • 14 DIC – 2012: Version 1.41
    · Fixed some issues with Wordpress 3.5. If you are updating Wordpress to 3.5 version, we recommend to update the theme too.
  • 20 OCT – 2012: Version 1.4
    · Improved navigation management with a cool widgetizable solution (read documentation before)
    · Improved social sharing for default advanced gallery
    · Improved qTranslate plugin support
    · Added toggle shortcode
    · Fixed contact form alignement for middle screen sizes
  • 10 SEP – 2012: Version 1.3
    · Added custom backgrounds for sections/default pages too
    · Script moved to the footer
    · Improved support for qTranslate plugin
    · Added option for disabling the menu compact mode/responsive menu
    · Password protected projects
    · HTML5 video and audio with jPlayer
    · New option to change directly the mobile logo from the option panel
    · Improved news section with titles and improved responsive images support
    · Fixed navigation button selection when they are clicked fast
    · Fixed favicon bug
    · Fixed translation form errors
  • 7 JUL – 2012: Version 1.2
    · Added custom social links within the main navigation
    · Added spanish translation
    · Added custom slug for projects
    · Added subfilters/categories
    · Added soundcloud support inside the galleries
    · Added new default navigation for mobile devices (top navigation)
    · Fixed bubble for Google Maps
    · Fixed custom links in navigation in new window
    · Fixed arrow disappear when top logo is removed
    · Fixed custom font in claim for default pages
    · Fixed hover issue after updating to 3.4
    · Improved custom preloader
  • 3 JUN – 2012: Version 1.11
    · Improved the use of videos from Youtube/Vimeo. Now you can modify the width as you need.
    · Added shortcodes to improve the content addition to default pages and fixed the ratio problem with responsive behaviors in these pages.
    · Added the option to change the background color for the main grid
    · Preloader simplified with the option to use an advanced one.
  • 28 MAY – 2012: Version 1.1
    · Fixed option issues. Now all the elements changed in the option panel are stored correctly
  • 27 MAY Folio Two is released

Folio Two is a VanKarWai´s original idea.
First in its kind and first using AJAX in Themeforest.

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