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I have updated the theme and now my portfolios do not link, it has an error saying ‘error loading work’ www.773c.co.uk

Hi 773c,

please, open a support ticket and provide there an admin user and password to your site. We will review this issue in order to understand better this.


Does it work on Wordpress 4.5?

Hello seekman,

Folio Two is working normally with Wordpress 4.5.2.

Thanks for your interest in our project! : )

Hi! I’ve purchased the item a while ago and I’m pretty happy. The only issue I can’t solve is adding a video after uploading it to the media gallery in a custom size. If I specify certain size it doesn’t appear at all, if I don’t it’s too small (480×270). I would like it to be 1290px. Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible at all? I followed your video on youtube and tried almost everything. Thanks a lot. Patryk

Hey Patrick!

please, open a private support ticket and provide there an admin user and password to your site in order that I can check the way that you are setting the sizes and I´ll let you know better.

Cheers! : )

Hi Van! Thanksthe quick reply, unfortunately I can’t submit a ticket as my support expired. I haven’t submit any problems during this period so perhaps you’ll be kind enough to help regardless. If that’s the case can you give me your email so I can send you the details?

Thanks a lot, Patryk

Sure thing, Patryk. I´m sorry, I didn´t realize about the support badge. Just write me using the contact form in my profile and I´ll back to you as soon as possible : )

Hi. I got this long time ago but chose to use another theme that time. Now I want to use it. I have a problem when pressing info about a project. Both text and the gallery comes up. How do I publish so the gallery dont come with on the info part`?

Hello nansen,

as we remark in the documentation, when you upload your content you must not click on ‘Insert into post’ button, simply close the media window by clicking the top/right cross icon and you are done. Once you have upload your contents they are already in the slider, you don´t need to click the button.

I hope it will be clear, otherwise, let me know and I´ll try to help different. And thanks for giving a try finally to Folio Two! : )

Pre Sale question; Is there an infinite scroll or pagination? Is it possible to use a youtube video as a portfolio item? Can you show me an example?

Hey handy44!

the theme does not provide infinite scroll for paginating your grid items. Folio Two loads every item in the fly in order to create the grid layout.

In case that you want to see a project with videos from Vimeo & Youtube working, you can check this out.

In any case, thanks for your interest in our theme! : )

Hi – I clicked to automatically install the 4.6.1 version of wordpress but the update must have failed because when i try to reach the login page i am redirected to this page:

http://www.rickybowry.com/index/wp-admin/upgrade.php?_wp_http_referer=%2Findex%2Fwp-admin%2F http://www.rickybowry.com site is still working ok though.

I have also tried manually replacing the wordpress files (except the wp-config.php file and the /wp-content/ directory) via FTP. I have also tried manually installing Wordpress 4.5.2 as i see from the forum this is compatible.

Any suggestions?


Hey Ricky!

I´m sorry to hear that you have issues with your site. In this case, this could happen because many reasons, it is very weird to find this and normally are caused by server issues, file permissions, auto updates via hosting ‘one click’ features… many could be the reasons behind and I can recommend you to check this out or maybe here. Also, you can contact to your hosting company, they could help as well.

I hope that this will help you out! : )

Hi, after a bit of digging online i’ve resolved the issue. Thanks for swift response.

Hi, I sent a message regarding getting the demo XML file for this theme. Thank you.

Hey! I answered your mail! :)

Hi, is this compatible with the latest version of Wordpress?

Hey there Sherissar,

Folio Two has been tested over WP v4.7.4 and no issues have been detected. No other users have reported any issue neither. So yes, Folio Two is compatible with latest version of WordPress.


How do I add follow social media? I tried to add the code from Facebook on widget but it makes filter and section on slide bar disappear.

I want to preview the button or link on slide bar. Could you please advise me?, thank you in advance.

Hey there Thanchanokjiw!

First of all, thank you very much for using Folio Two in your project, I hope that you´ll enjoy building your site with the theme!

You can add your own social media in the side bar just by using the widget as you point here, just have into account that if you are not saving your menu items via Appearance > Menus, the items within will disappear. Simply double check that you have your menu correctly assigned.

In case that you could have any problem with this after checking these details, do not hesitate to open a support ticket and provide admin access to your site, I´ll check this out closer in order to see where the misconfiguration is and help you to fix it.

I hope it will be useful for you!

Best, Van

Hello! Well done with your theme! I’ve just purchased it, and I am working on.

I’have chosen a stable left menu bar, with no handle arrow, but in mobile versions it show me a moving menu top bar with the default yellow circle arrow. In Computer versions it is ok, but in mobile and pad not responding the changes. can you help me?

Hey there!

I’m glad hearing that you find Folio Two useful! : )

As you can see in the online demo, this is how the theme works. We developed the theme to work in this way in order to get the most of different devices width. If you play with this functionality you’ll see how useful is, when you open the menu, the handler changes to an scroll to top action, this area allows you to interact with the menu and different areas in your site in a very simple but useful way. This is how this concept works and changing this would need custom work.

I hope it will help you out!

Best – Van

Hello VanKarWai,

is the theme compatible with the new Wordpress Version 5.0?


Hey there!

Folio Two is WordPress 5.0 Ready, you should not have any problem when doing a fresh installation or updating from an older version. In any case, as we always recommend, you should make a complete backup for you to make sure that everything is properly saved and you could restore your site in case of something could break. In this update process is very important that you properly update all your site plugins.

The best when updating to a major WordPress release as this one, is updating your site in an staging site and once you check that all your plugins and site are properly running, then bring the staging setup to production, this is the safest way. In any case, as said, Folio Two is WordPress 5.0 Ready.

I hope this will be useful, many thanks for your interest!

Best – Van