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I persoanlly feel the overall design is relatively ok – if not a little limited in scope, but the price is way too high compared to other themes here of a lesser value and higher design value.

Just my 2 cents…

Please sticker, try to compare how many section this theme includes and how they were designed. By the way, this price is a gift ,less than an hourly rate.


i like it nice and clean and not clutterd with sliders and gismos, its nice to see a clean fast loading layout, something thats hard to find these days ‘bookmarked for purchase very soon ’ great work

thank you ttheb64

I agree with sticker. The price is way to high for this template. But all in all design is okay. For better sales I would take a price like 14 bucks otherwise I dont believe anybody will buy it because for 5 bucks more you get very cool and innovative wordpress themes.



I’d be the first in line to say the prices here are INCREDIBLE for the quality of work provided. I’m simply making the point that other themes here (of eqaul quality and higher) are being sold for significantly less…

Its not a matter of ‘bang for your buck’ – its about relative costing to other products supplied.

Thank you for NO Slider—taking up 1/2 page

I think it looks awesome. I can’t believe people are complaining about the price. $22 vs. $14? The amount of time templates like this save web designers is absurd, and well worth the price. Nice work. Don’t listen to the cheapskates.

@ chauck1118

Bro the idea behind this site is that coder and designer sell their templates for lil money because they use the huge amount of sales and not a high price of their themes. Guys like Kriesi, Parker & Kent and some other earned this way over 200.000 $ in less than one year.

Like sticker point out in his post he just compare this theme and some other themes like for example parker & kents milky for i think 15 bucks. The milky theme got 3 color example, music and video integration, flash and JQuery Slider and lots of new and cool extras and costs just 15 bucks.

Nobody say anything against the design of juans theme :)

Good job man!

thank you netdome

Dear Folks!

I’ve contacted the Envato’s support to ask them about the price. Here is their answer:

...prices we recently raised on all site templates as a new policy marketplace. This was announced on the ThemeForest forums a while back. Thanks!


Thanks for posting Envato’s announcement.

Today alone, 9 new templates were released. All but one were €22. So it would appear other authors are still keeping their prices around the €14 – €17 region.

To reitterate a VERY important point to everyone here – The themes here on ThemeForest are incredible value for money – even at €22. I simply feel that if you price above most, addded features or site aspects would have to be included to justify the additional spend.

I do not wish to tarnish the obvious hard work you have put into this theme Juan. This debate would have probably surface somewhere, it just happened to be here.

I wish you the best of luck with it all the same…

the price is not €22 is $22.

(just in case dude!)


Best i’ve seen the last days, although i didn’t saw them all. kind of timeless design in my mind, thank you for this.

can you give us some infos about the .fla and the possibility to use own/more/bigger pictures. i don’t work with flash.

hi there!

It is a simple tween animation. no scretes, no tips. You can replace the image in the PSD file and replace them instead the dummy ones on the .fla


Its a good Theme, but what the hell is that? http://juantomasoli.com.ar/themeforest/folioHTML/presentation/images/box_162_header.jpg

Don’t you know the PNG Format???

Fantastic theme. Any chance it comes in WordPress?

thank you.

wp version. maybe in a near future.

Great work buddy! I like the simple Flash animation. It reminds me a bit of the cool animations seen in Flash projects over at Template Monster. I miss those animations (I think far too many people are using cub3r and Java slides lately, and it is causing a lack of variety), so to see the subtle touches you’ve included here is a breath of fresh air.

Keep up the great work!

thank you rl1207!

This is me having a brain fart… how do you get the twitter feed live?

here: http://twitter.com/badges

there you will find how to do that. You just need to include a div! thanks for purchase

Hey Juan

I had already purchased your HTML + CSS + FLASH + PSD Business template version,theme in the last month.

While awarding the ratings, errounsly i clicked on “One Star” but my intention was to give 5 star ratings to that templete….somehow i could not re-rate the theme.

The point here I am making is that, you are not responding to the comments made under that theme’s place.

Pl respond.

And also let me know how to correct the ratings, which you surely deserve.


no problem mystock

I’ve been working on few project at the same time and I haven’t had enough time to answer all the questions. On the other hand I usually respond all the PM I get.

Thank You

another brain fart…how do i feed the blog into the site to keep the look and feel of this site?

Hello? Please reply. I have send you a PM and through this.

I told you. You got the necesary files to keep working on the look and feel of the site. You just have to use the css decoration. that’s all.

If you don’t know about css or html you should find some professional help.

thank you

Hi where .fla file I want to change picture.

send me a PM at juantomasoli@gmail.com