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I love your theme but I’m having serious issues with the visibility of the theme in Safari, I thought I will be able to see it on every browser… What’s wrong? HELP please!!

Here is a screenshot:

Please use my support forum. Thanks.

Fixed. See here for details.

Basically just add to the assets/css/styles.css file:

    /* Safari header fix */
    @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {
        header.maxi { height:100%; } { height:575px; }

Also I’m having serious issues with the visibility of the theme in Safari. Please correct asap. Thanks

Fixed. See here for details.

Basically just add to the assets/css/styles.css file:

    /* Safari header fix */
    @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {
        header.maxi { height:100%; } { height:575px; }

Hello sushipasta,

I am interested in purchasing this theme but i have a few concerns that maybe you could clear up for me. I tried going threw your support page but I have not purchased the theme so I am unable to write my question there.

My concerns are related to the different ways the theme appears on different browsers. The theme looks different (as stated above) on safari them chrome and firefox. I looked at the theme on on iphones and androids and it looks different.

My question is, can this be fixed? I have not seen any updates on the theme. I am hesitant to buy because of these reasons. Plus the theme is not fully responsive on mobile devices

Addressing problems soon as possible.

Good, I’ll be waiting for the update. Thank you!

Just purchased this theme and I love it! 2 things… 1. I have yet to find an “Item Purchase Code”. I’ve looked on the Downloads Page to no avail. The only thing I see there is a Transaction #. 2. Because of #1, I am unable ask about the Portfolio Section. I’m at a loss as to how to set this section up. (Avid Joomla user/ 1st time WP user) I’ve got everything else set up and looking great, but this section is stumping me.

Purcahse code is now called the license certificate. It’s within that file.

Unless I’m missing something, I am unable to locate a license certificate. I only have 2 downloadable files, and both of which are templates that I’ve purchased. Under your template, it does say “Regular License” but that is just a standard link to here… So please direct me.

Just found it… thank you.

I just purchased this and am having an impossible time getting my item purchase code so I can’t access your support section.

I’ve tested this theme and it breaks if the browser window is too big. Like on a 27” iMac if you stretch it the entire site gets messed up. More importantly on safari which you stated it works with the header doesn’t show up. Goes right to the next section…


It’s within the License certificate file, from the TF download page.

Hi, I tried to use tweet widget in the second separator but it seem that it don’t work. Suggestions? What I must do to connect the widget with my twitter profile? thx in advance P.S. I am a neophyte… ;-)

Hi, excuse my frustration, but unfortunately “refer to documentation” and “Documentation: Well Documented” only helps if the documentation is actually accessible. No luck in trying to find a link to it or a doc in the download file.

Any help?


Extract the download .zip and it’s inside the directory labelled ‘documentation’.

Hi there, can you tell me where the list of icon short codes is? I’ve tried Google and the system files. A link would be really helpful :-) Thank you!

See inside the assets/fonts/ directory. I can help you directly from my support forum.

Hi, is there any way to reorder the pages? I swapped the navigation tabs at the top but it didn’t change the page order layout. (i.e. swapping the services and work pages).

Thank you!

Hi. All support is done via my support forum. I haven’t the time to check each themes comments for support queries. Thanks.

Where is your Support Forum? I had a question which wasn’t answered and now I can’t reach your support forum anymore.

How can I solve my problem now???

Thank you very much! I would like to delete the black fading frame in the header. Where can I do that?

Hi! What about my question?

Its the box-shadow css rules on the header item in css file.


FYI: your link for support is broken. Am tying to use the theme and would like to know how to: 1. Customize the menu. It seems that custom menus do not work and the edits are not allowed the stock menu that comes with the theme.

2. Setup the filters for the portfolio in the work section of the theme. The provided documentation is not clear on how to do this.


1) custom menu does work, you need to make sure that ‘nav’ is ticked as the menu location:

2) These are setup in Appearances > Theme Options > Work

1. So I can create new menu titles and see them on the webpage but they are dead links that don’t work. Checking/unchecking the Nav option made no difference. 2. When you enable filters in the work section how do you add pictures to each filter?


Hi, Im hoping you can help me.

For some reason when I post a project and I click on the thumbnail it opens the ‘lightbox’ with the close icon and the left and right arrow, but no content is shown.

It does this even with a fresh download of the theme without any editing, is there something I missed? I did tick the it as a project under category.


Can I get some support on this please?

Is this still being developed cared for? :) 26th of April last year is the latest update marked right there on the top right. Really liked the HTML version of the theme and would like to go Wordpress with it.. Just that there are some old complaints and no sign of updates in few months of time..

Hi, no updates planned for it as of yet.

Is there still support for this item?

Does this template responsive to mobile/ tablet devices?

does the template allow embeded video in the “work” menu?

Getting the Featured Images in the “Work” section to Link to external sites does not work as the Documentation suggests. In the functions.php file, I see at the bottom, an action to add a custom text field to the bottom of the posts. This is not occurring, thus no images are linking outbound. I have downloaded several custom field plugins but am unable to get the index.php (line 53) to get it’s link from the custom fields. What am I doing wrong?

Please answer the support requests for Folio HTML theme. I’ve been trying to contact you for months and no reply from you!

I was extremely happy when I first made this purchase but later figured it was just a waste of money. There’s no more update after the first few weeks of the release. It was a huge shame, if I could ask for money back, I’d do it by all means. Envato staff should not release products made by incompetent authors. I’m updating my buyer rating to 1 star (if possible 0 star but no option to do so). This theme is dead. Go next!

The preview page for this theme is a virus trap! Do not visit it! Probably an expired domain abandoned by the developer. I was going to let Envato know, but there is no way to contact them.

I wish you further promotion and a lot of sales! ;)