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It looks cool but all sorts of issues with the theme selection bar on iPhone that prevents you getting to the site in both safari and chrome (mobile). Good luck

Remove the theme bar by clicking the x icon, or visit the page without the theme bar frame.

great looking theme.

1-are the texture backgrounds included ?

2-is it possible to have a lightbox video on the initial first cover image of the homepage (by inserting the html of a lightbox plugin there) ?

3-on the screenshot there are other alternative styling demos, do you have links to it ? (‘bumblebee’ in yellow and others etc.)

1. The texture’s are included.

2. Yes. I assume the light-box plugin will cover that without problems.

3. These are just variations of the header. The header can be styled very easily with customised admin panel pages. Here is the non-wordpress version of this theme.

Thanks. :)

would that be possible to have a screenshot of the admin panel ?

Thank you so much for this lovely WordPress theme.

Some authors tend to provide so many features and cramped their themes with a bunch of backgrounds, scripts, sliders, textures, and so on. Some people may find it unnecessary. But this is just what I am looking for. It is clean, responsive, simple, and elegantly beautiful. Not to mention $35 is considerably cheap and really worth my money.

Good luck with sales. Btw, today I made history since this is my first purchase on ThemeForest. :chuckle:

Any interesting plans for the next release??

Any interesting plans for the next release??

None yet

Elegant work, Congrats :)

It looks really nice. I like the grungy feel of this theme. But wouldn’t it be possible to add a sidebar to the blogging part of this theme?

I’ll look into adding one in the next update.

Nice design, good luck!

Cheers. :)

Thanks ! Is it possible though to have screenshots of every section of the admin panel, not only the last one (header, navigation, separators, etc..) ?

Just want to make sure how can i use it before deciding purchasing it, it looks definitely great

Hi, I signed up just to buy this theme but I have a question. In the portfolio/work section I noticed that 90% of the items lead to external sites like dribble and forst. Is there an option to add local items for people who don’t use these services? The one or two local items I saw are just a popup with text. Can we use images/screenshots in the popup? Thanks

The external sites are optional, I thought it would be a useful feature to differentiate between the many other similar portfolio themes.

The popup uses the post content, so you can place any type of code within the popup… youtube video, images, syntax highlighter… any html. You don’t even need to know HTML, you can use the default wordpress visual editor instead. :)

Hello! I am interested in purchasing your theme and have a few questions. 1) Is there a limit to the number of separators? 2) the “Sentence” in the separator, is there a limit to number of characters? 3) Can that sentence in the separators section have basic formatting? (italics, alignment etc.) 4) the text animation on the top splash page, what does the interface look like for editing that? Thank you! Really nice work. Thanks!

Hi isb_ally,

The separators are actually sidebars, and currently there are 4 sidebars. You can easily add more by seeing the documented functions.php file, or by asking for help on my Support Forum.

The Separator widget accepts HTML, so you’re able to use em, strong, style and what not.

The text animation is simple, it’s basically write each word to a new line.

Thanks for your interest. Have a good day. :)


Is it possible to have the home slider to change images, not just text?

Thank you.

Nope. However it’s would be easy to do. If you ask on my Support Forum, I’ll whip something up for you.

Really choppy on Macbook Pro with Chrome.

1. Can you show a version with Parallax disabled?

2. Can you embed video in a section? (Youtube or Vimeo)?

3. Do you have an examples of pages with sidebar and shortcodes??

Love this! Is it possible to remove the animated text within the header image?

Runs smooth on my Macbook Pro with Chrome btw. :)

Thanks. Yes it’s possible, and it’s all in the documentation. :)

Aye, smooth on my macbook too.

Is it possible to: -have an image or texture instead of the google map -have additional pages Thx

Yes it’s possible, but you would have to make some slight changes to the code. There is a blog page for the blog.

and a last question , about the icons, are there more icons available on the theme or just the 5 icons models on the demo ? Thx

There are over 1000+ different icons you may use. This is all covered within the documentation.

Hey man, I love your theme! That’s why I bought it… I have one problem though. In the header Im seeing this: any help please? it’s driving me nuts… I don’t know what to do! :(

It looks like you’ve removed the social media widget from the header sidebar and set it to default, as those are the default widgets for any sidebar.

You can add the social media icons to the header by going into the widget admin page and dropped the ‘social media’ widget onto the header sidebar.

Thanks man! You were right! One more question, how do I delete the blog button from the navigation menu? Thanks in advance!

Go to Appearance > Menus and remove the blog node from the menu bar. The theme uses the default WP Menus for the navigation.

Thanks man, in the documentatino is everything, sorry for bother you. One more question though… I’m having this error on the twitter widget… All the links and mentions appear like a @jQuery1 take a look

any thoughts?

thanks in advance!

Thanks. It looks like a bug. I’ve roll out a fix.

Re-download the theme and replace the file assets/js/initialize.js with the new one.

Thanks for purchasing! :)

Btw. Please use my support forum for future help. Thanks.

I’m having serious issues with the visibility of the theme in Safari, I thought I will be able to see it on every browser… What’s wrong? HELP please!!

Please use my support forum. Thanks.

Fixed and pushing update to the theme now.

Really love the look and feel of this theme! On the blog I don’t see any use of featured images/videos, is this allowed within the theme?

They’re allowed. I’ve just not set up the example site that way.

It would be great to see it in action! If you prefer to not set it up publicly, please let me know if you can provide private guest login so that I can see a sample post using a featured image/video.