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Hi there,

Maybe a “stupid” question but are these site templates which has to be converted to Wordpress to use it as a WP theme?!

Also, is it “widgetized” or can you make it widget ready?!

Can you add a video on the first/homepage with a get a quote box next to it?! Also do you have video tutorials?



It’s not been integrated into any CMS yet. If sales go well I’ll probably integrate into WP.

But you can integrate it into Wordpress CMS yourself?! How about widget?


Looks really cool, just a heads up I would have bought it as a WP Theme.

edit: Or drupal.

I actually already did, just forgot the edit the comment. (I did the integration myself but with mongoDB and Codeigniter.)

Demo Page ” Bandwidth Limit Exceeded “

please fix Demo page. :crying:

Hello Daniel,

I would like to add a logo between the title. I am using the fullscreen theme. I hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance.

So quick, so good!

Thank you for your quick support and for your great work. Excuse my ignorance : )

My best regards

Have made a pretty huge update.

  • Updated jQuery to 1.9.0.
  • Removed the scrollto, fixednav, latestTweets and infobox plugins, and re-wrote their functionality directly into settings.js. Shaved over 16kb of JS.
  • Wrapped an if length clause around each js plugin, meaning if you remove say the table from your HTML. The table filtering plugin will no longer be called.
  • Deleted several images and re-created them with CSS. One in particular being the Google Maps marker and it’s pulsing animation. I love it. :)
  • Shaved a further 200kb by compressing images with latest technology.

  • Overall these updates have fixed a lot of issues that have bugged me about this theme. Personally I prefer lightweight and portable code and that’s what this update has done.

    As always, please use my help forum for assistance: http://danielhellier.com/themes/help/.

    Thanks for your interest and hopefully purchasing this theme! :D

I’d love to use this theme if it were in WP. Just an FYI. I’ll keep checking back to see if you guys launch it with the CMS. Awesome looking theme!

It’s on my todo list.

I’ve put the theme into WordPress. You can see it here.

I’m working on the WordPress conversion of this theme. However, documentation for the webfont you are using is pretty obscure. Would you please mind adding a “font map” with the existing font/images and a short guide on how to add more without having to switch to another webfont? Thank you!

The fontello CSS structure is bloated. 80% of it is unneeded so I recoded it my way, to fit the theme. :)

Obviously :) bloat is bad, but keep in mind you’re selling your theme to other developers, so they can work fast and easily with it, therefore it’s good practice to keep it simple and ordered for them, not just for you ;)

Not sure what you’re getting at, the CSS is ordered and simple. All my themes are coded with the developer in mind.

Hi! I love the layout of this template. Very well done. I’d love to use it on my Joomla 3.0 site, but I have no idea how to integrate it. Is there any existing documentation on how to do that?

The Theme is currently not integrated into Joomla.

Oh! Bummer. Well, thank you for letting me know. If it did get integrated, it would be an absolute must-buy for me.

Even if you just did that Twitter display as a module, I’d love to buy it!

Your php preview version works in IE, but the html files in the download do not.

How can I fix this?

Have you edited anything since downloading?

The image above is the file exactly as downloaded.

Strange. The download runs fine in IE10 for me. Anyway, I’ve pushed an update that uses the same files from the preview.


after installation in wordpress i became the notice, that the stylesheet and template is missing. bevor i made over filezilla a coppy from the complete folder : themeforest-3685133-folio in the themefolder

how can i install the stylesheet and template correctly ?

Hi Sushipasta, i bought the template and its great!, nicely done! The only problem i got is that Navigation menu its not working when scrolling down, i checked the .js and its seem to have no problem but i cant make it work. Navigation bar is no moving position.

Please can you help me. !!!


I received this template from a client to install on his blog. I have to say it is a good template. Maybe the admin should be different (using pages and menu), but the coding is very neat and well documented inline!

Thank you

Great theme!

I just wanted to style a little bit Google Maps. Just to remove the POI. According to Google I just need to add the following code.

[ { "featureType": "poi", "stylers": [ { "visibility": "off" } ] } ]

But everytime I add those to the main JS file I just messed up everything.

Any idea how I can easily disable POI?

Any news on my last request?

Also, the website does not load properly on a Nexus 7. It reacts has the page been loaded by it takes ages to render and show the page.

Looks like your demo is down.

Hi, is there a way to create 2 separate portfolio pages?

What is the license for the men on the beam image? Can I as a buyer of the template use this image?