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Hi, I just installed Folioway v. 3 but I have some issues with all the prerequired stuff I have to install (and pay for Visual Composer). How can I manually install the Font Awesome code in the theme? I tried in the <head> section of the home page but nothing seems to work. Why is the .css section in “Editor” like it’s coded and impossible to customize? Thanks in advance.

Hi Ygddrasill,

You don’t have to pay for VC, we have paid that for you, it’s totally free to use VC in Folioway on one website, and a latest version will be included in Folioway updates by passing our compatibility testing.

The CSS file is compressed to boost site loading speed, you can use many online css tidy tool to get it formatted as before.

I’m sorry that I can only help you this far as your support license has expired, if you want to continue receive our support, you can reactivate your support license –

Looking forward to assist you and your business.

Best Regards, Edward

I just updated to the latest version of the theme and my site has gone to pieces. I’m assuming that installing the plugin Visual Composer might help to retrieve all of the lost content and layouts, however it’s an extra $34 to buy this. I notice in the comment above that this is supposed to be bundled in the download (it isn’t) or somehow free to theme users. Please can you let me know how to download and install this plugin without having to pay.

Site has been updated from v1 to v3… is this why it’s fallen to pieces?

Okay, so I figured out how to do that eventually (don’t follow the link on the dashboard to VC), unfortunately it hasn’t helped – I’ve lost over 30 portfolio posts completely (they haven’t carried over in the update and portfolio section is empty), the homepage has gone missing, all styling is lost…

I just needed a responsive version of the sites theme but it’s looking like this will require an almost complete rebuild and repopulation to achieve?

Hi PaulMulraney,

Folioway v3 is a completely new theme, it is incompatible with v1. VC is included, it will be installed automatically as you follow the installation guide of v3. You have no need to purchase it as we have paid the fee for you.

Folioway v1 is 5 years old. Folioway v2, as the successor, is compatible with v1, which is the right version you would install. Both v2 and v3 are included in the downloaded package, you can find v2 in the folder “Old Version” after extracting the package.

Your portfolio posts are not lost, you cannot see them though because v3 doesn’t recognize them. They will come back when you delete v3 and re-install v1.

Your support period is expired, but you can still see posts in our support forum. Here are two of which you might want to read:

Instruction upgrading from Folioway v1 to v2

- Folioway v2 is compatible with v1, but there are several changes you need to know.

Instruction upgrading from Folioway v2 to v3

- Folioway v3 is incompatible with v2, but there is a way to upgrade.

Best Regards,

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What do you mean? There isn’t any twitter problem.