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Hey Love your Theme! super quick question. Where the phone number is I want to have it linked Email us! however this won’t work. Can you please advice?



All you need to do is entering your link to option box “Folioway > General Settings > Phone Number”

Hey addway, are we good to update WP to 4.0?

Yes, the demo is running WP 4.0 now

Great, looking good over here too. Thanks!

Hi, would it please be possible to take off (or hide) the titles form a website page? how would you do it? Would it also be possible to remove just a few (not all) of them?? Thank you a lot

Sorry for the delay, the question was asked and answered here

New member here. Have followed the video tutorial about loading the client logo: creating a new link, then creating a new ‘category’ called ‘clients’, pasting the image url in the ‘advanced panel’, but it’s on this specific point I come unstuck. I don’t appear to have an ‘Advanced panel’ in the Links page to paste the image URL on my Folioway Theme.

Also, having created my new category (clients), it shows as such when viewing ‘links categories’ and you can also see it within the name/description/slug/count section too. That’s fine. However, if I go to General Settings > Home and scroll down to Clients, and click on the drop-down box to the right of this, nothing is showing. I was expecting to see the words ‘clients’ appearing as it’s a new category.

Your question has been answered here


First off, love how simple this theme is. I would like to buy it, but I have one question pre-buy. The titles seem to be a bit fuzzy, not sharp. Is that a font issue? or something else? Is this issue fixable? Thanks!


Yes the font is a little fuzzy, the font name is Aller, you can check it here –

If you don’t like the font, you can change it by uploading another font inside of the admin panel.

Hi I like the theme was just curious are you still active with updating it seems it wasn’t updated in a while.

Folioway is very stable at this time so there is no need to update it frequently, but if anything wrong, I will fix it quickly, as always.

Hi, just want to know if the this theme have a page builder?

Thank you!


Hi There,

The footer on my site has started to float to the middle of certain pages. You can see it floating on or see it in the correct position on

Any idea what might have caused this?

Thanks in advance,


It’s not the footer floating but something wrong in your post content, check if there are unclosed tags or any other HTML issue, or rollback to previous working revisions.

Hi there, Can multiply portfolios be used? at the basic theme setup i can multiply the same portfolio with the same content. Thank you

Absolutely, you can create multiple portfolio pages with different content.

Hallo, do I need to buy this plugin “Ultimate Post Thumbnails WordPress Plugin ” specifically for Pop-Up-Images?

No, it’s built-in feature of Folioway

How can I turn it (on)? When I click the image, the image open a window and not Pop-Up.

You can control it from the post editing page, the options to control links of the image, the title and the plus icon


Please could we embed HTML5 or swf file to the location as this screenshot?

I’d like to use this theme for 360×180 panorama as this site

Thank you.

Absolutely, you can embed anything there, image, video, html page, swf, or even AJAX content

Hi. I’m a wordpress newb and know nothing about coding.

01. How can I remove the little black box in the top of the header (for search or phone number) but retain the narrow black line? 02. And how do I remove the scissor in the lower line?

Thx in advance !

In WordPress Admin, navigate to Folioway > Settings > Customize, then Custom CSS, enter:

#phone, #footer .icon {display:none;}

Hi! Great theme. I have two questions: 1) I’m using it in spanish and the cufon doesn’t allow Ñ characters. How can I change that? 2) When I click on an image to zoom it (at home and in Portfolio), instead of displaying the layer, the image opens as a JPG file. How can I fix that?

Hi! Thanks! The first question was resolved with your answer.

However, about the second, I can not make it work. I go to the portfolio item editing page and I tried this configuration: Same Window – Lightbox – Same Window. But when tapping the zoom icon in Homepage I get the image only in the same window:

Helpp :)

Please have a check if there is a file “jquery.PrettyPhoto.js” in the folder of ../folioway/js/, if no, you can find it in the theme package and upload it, or if yes, it means there is something wrong with the file permission, you need to set it readable in a window server, or 755 in a linux server

Great, that worked. Thanks

Hello, can we update to wordpress 4.5? Thanks. c

Absolutely, the demo site has been updated without any issue found

Hi guys! I have a problem with the theme. I needed to add a reCaptcha plugin but it wouldn’t work in my contact form. Now that I have deleted it, the contact form doesn’t work at all :S

1) Could you help me reactivate the contact form? 2) Do you know where or how should I add the ReCaptcha in the contact form?

Thank you in advance for the help!

Gonzalo Web:

Suggestion to use a contact form plugin that supports reCaptcha natively like Contact Form 7, the latest version of which introduces the best reCaptcha solution so far by Google

Hello. How am I able to alphabetically sort (automatically) the portfolio categories? Currently I have to delete and create portfolio categories in order to sort them. Please see my website for further info (under Places) –

Please send me a link to that page and your site credential via my profile page, I’d like to have a look at the issue later.

Hello, I’ve sent you a PM. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks.

I see you are using portfolio categories instead of the overall portfolio page, as every portfolio category has their own settings, you will find the order options on the category editing page.

As an example, I have changed the filter order to order by “slug” for the “places” category in your site, please have a check.

And sorry for the late response, I didn’t hear from you for a while, thought you had figured it out and totally forgot it.

Hello, I purchased Folioway theme on 2011, and I’m happy whit it, but now it seems it doesn’t works properly. Since then, it has been a lot of upgrades from WP (and I guess the theme, too) The main problem is with thumbnails and the portfolio navigation (it doesn’t work). Could you please tell me if I have to upgrade the theme to resolve it, and how I could do that ? You could see the problems here >

Thank you very much

Yes, please upgrade the theme, old versions are not tested with latest WordPress.

Hello. When we open an image in the lightbox and share it on facebook, the corresponding Open Graph protocol image should be updated in order for facebook show the same image in the post as the one in the lightbox.

Hope you implement this feature.

Greetings Carlos

I will look into adding this feature. If it can be added easily it will probably be available in the next update, not shortly as I’m about to release a new portfolio theme.


A_K Purchased

Hi, I’ve had no issues with this theme for years but recently a bunch of images just stopped appearing and look broken…

Any idea why this would happen? Thanks!

Hi A_K, thanks for support my work years ago, but your support period has ended, you will have to purchase a support package from the theme homepage to re-enable it. Meanwhile, it’s free to search/read our support forum or comments here, you can always check these places to see if anything helps.

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