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Excellent Work ! Good luck with sales !


It looks amazing!

I like this one! Good luck with the sales!

Thanks duotive, appreciate your comments!

Beautiful minimal theme, this should do well :-)

Love it man, welcome to ThemeForest :)

Thanks, glad to be here

I’ll go ahead and call it…. 1,000+ sales very soon. Excellent minimal theme!

Thanks for you comment, that means a lot encourage to me

Hi there,

Great theme. Nice and clean. Any chance you could make the latest work under slider latest blogs instead? Perhaps option with theme?

Cheers, Patrick

This feature is not far, I’m already decided to add it in the next version.

Hiya me again,

Any chance we could see some screens on the admin side – how much is editable etc?


Already have some in screenshots, let men know if you want to see all

Awesome stuff!, great and unique visual communication. Good luck! :)

Thanks, I appreciate that.

really fresh work.

this will definately a burner…

lots of sales bro ;)

perhaps you should improve the patterns with some dark versions as well ?

I like dark too, I’ll see if i can add it in next version, alll depends on if I have enough time to do it

does the theme fully support child themes? is it possible to show the featured image of the latest few blog entries in the slider – what does the admin looks like

Child themes supported.

Blog entries are totally supported in slider, and much more, as I indicated in the feature list, any type posts, which means even custom post type you created by some third-party plugin.

You can see some admin preview in screenshots

Will you supply the demo content with the download bud?

Hiya ok will do thanks mate, Ideally what would be nice is an .xml file with the exact same dummy content you are showing on here, from experience I find that people are better are deconstructing content than starting from a blank canvass.

A few more screens of the admin would be brilliant please :-)


LOL , clicked ‘report’ for a reply by accident, sorry about that.

Check back the theme features page, you will find a really long admin screeshot below features section

He he never mind bud, ok did you reply to my post re xml content, sorry cant remember

Hey there, I’m wondering if i should buy this for a client, I have some questions:

1- is it possible to change “Latest Works” (on homepage) easily? 2- can you show some admin side screenshots?


Ups, I didn’t explained well… my bad. What I was trying to ask is if it’s possible and easy to change where it says “Latest Works” for example “Latest Photos”

There isn’t an option for this now, but it’s just a line change to me, you can drop me a line once you purchased my theme, i willl send the updated line or file to you

By the way, the latest works only display the posts under ‘portfolio’, so if you are building a photography website, just goes your photos under ‘portfolio’, no need to change anything.

I love this theme !!!

WOW ! This place is turning me into a Wordpress junkie.

Fantastic design and implementation! Good luck with sales…

Just an fyi for anyone who has Skype installed as a plugin within their browser the space for the phone number at top of page is too small for the “Skyped” phone number and it then extends beyond the space you have created.

Just letting you know.

Would there be a way to turn that space into a search bar fairly easily and skip the phone number?

thank you and kind regards

Enlarge the phone area will break the header balance, search bar is good, I’ll add this feature in next version

Great design, I’d just love some more feature on the contact page (google maps, etc…) Cheers!

Google maps is just a piece of embedded code, nothing need to do at theme side. But nice suggestion, I’m going to add one to the demo

Id it possible to get printed documentation or at least video with sound? The tutorials are silent.

Printed docs would enable me to jump directly to what I need to know.


I did try to record sound, but due to i working on my notebook, the fan’s noise is sooo big that i have to close audio record.

Anyway, no video tutorials longer than 5 minutes, or you can anytime drop me a line for what you want to know in plain text

great theme – bought it yesterday….


just dropped you a line via contact formular

Don’t suppose you could pop a mini contact form in the footer on the right hand column could you please mate so I can see what it looks like?

This is so awesome, there is something that keep s me looking at this theme again and again and again

See contact form widget demo here