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I tried to find how to make the social buttons and I saw that I need to use [social_links] but in what way? if I want only as a link to Facebook page, do I pass a parameter for Facebook? and how do I pass the link


The shortcode [social_links] will show your social links that saved in Users -> Your profile, you can choose what to display and configure the link.

it works great, thanks

Dear people,

Thank you very much for a wonderfull template! I have however a problem with setting up my portfolio page.

On my home page ( it show my ‘latest works’, in which i can click to enlarge the picture and on the title to go to the content of the project.

However on my page ‘portfolio’ ( it shows all my portfolio images, but I can only click them to enlarge. It seems not possible to enter the content of the item here.

I hope very much you can help me, thank you!

There is a black square (post without a featured image set) on your portfolio page which blocks the animation and function, complete your post so that the page function works.

That’s it. Thank you very much!

Hi! i would like to send you an email with some questions and screenshots. Is it possible? Thanks.

Sure, please use the contact form on my profile page.

Hi, i´m trying to order my post from my home page by some criterion, for example: by name of post and not by post date. How can i do that? I had tried putting all my post by the same category and then in such category changing the attribute “Post order by” ==> Title, but nothing happened!


Sorry, but i have one more question about “The latest works” row and the SQL query string. Now i want to, i think modifying the SQL query, show only the post from a specified category. Thats because im a looking for a more web design than a blog one. I had tried filtering by category ID but i don´t know how to refer to a category_portfolio ID….

I mean?


The feature is already available in the admin panel Folioway -> General Settings -> Home, if you couldn’t find the options, make sure you are running the latest version of Folioway

You’re right. Thanks again!!

hi addway ,after many hours of browsing i finally found your theme that it’s perfect for my portfolio wordpress page,but before i buy it , could i expect in neear feauture on an update that will include responsive features ? at least on the portfolio page. Thank you

It has been planned for a long time, and finally scheduled earlier in March and now April, the theme i’m working on is very close to release, and the right next work is to make Folioway responsive.

that’s perfect then :) i will buy it ,thanks

hi addway , i finally buy it and use it :) this is very nice ,love it .

I have a question from you .On any portfolio thumbnail on the home page or the portfolio page i got those black frames on mouse over and the zoom button in center ,right? so can you please help me with two things here : first can i drop down transparency for that black frame. second – can i remove the zoom icon and link from it ? i mean the whole picture to be a link to that portfolio post ?

i can hardly wait for responsive features update Thank you !!

I’m glad to hear you like my work! About your questions, you can use custom CSS to make these changes, for example

.portfolio-entry .entry-title, .portfolio-entry .more-link {opacity:0.5} .portfolio-entry .extra {display:none}

The CSS code above will do the changes that you need, then you simply enter the CSS code to the “Custom CSS” option box in Folioway -> General Settings -> Custom, save and done.

Thank you i did it I was wandering ,is there a way to allow comments on portfolio page ,or /and on the portfolio (project) post ?

Hi Any plans on making the theme fully responsive??? Cheers

Yes, the work starts from 18th and supposed to be finished before 30th

fantastic…thanks for a great theme…and great support….

Great, I have bought the theme long ago, but was expecting for the responsive version to start working on it. So, thanks for doing so!

You are welcome!:)

I’ve been trying to add ads to my site through Google Adsense, but it just doesn’t show, whether I use the straight code or a plugin. Could it be something to do with your theme?

I’m not familiar with Google Adsense, but if ads URLs are correct, they should be displayed. Have a check if the width and height of these ads are set.


I am having a problem with my password protected pages, and after reading up , saw mention that older themes may not handle the change from wp-pass to wp-login.

My password protected pages go to a 404 page. I hope you can assist

Just re-verified this function on demo site and it works without any issue, have you tried:

- clear browser cookies

- deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

Hi , have you think to make a similar theme for e-comerce ? Opencart like … ? :) i think you made a hit with it ,there is no theme like or similar to this on opencart ;)

I’m sure i’ll create an e-commerce theme sooner or later, not scheduled though.

Why does content on my portfolio page get duplicated? When I insert text, it appears also on the sidebar for some reason. See here:

The excerpt shows on the sidebar, if no excerpt has been set, WordPress will create one automatically based on main content. Excerpt can be set manually, the option box is right below the Editor on your post editing page, if you cannot find it, make sure to check out “screen options” at page top right.

Where do i remove the links on the photoes in my slider?

You can customize the link or remove it in Folioway > Featured Panel > Items (expanded), more details please refer to the section “Slider Item Settings” in the documentation comes with Folioway 2.0

Thanks a lot! :-)

I am using folioway for a client’s site and they would like to change the text color for headers and body copy. Is it possible to do that from the dashboard, or do I need to go into the code to make those changes?

You can do it by custom CSS, enter your CSS code to Folioway > General settings > Custom > Custom CSS and save, that’s it.

Can’t find the header image uploader. Can you point me in the right direction, or do we need to call it in the header code?

It’s Nextbiz > Custom Styles > Backgrounds > Header Background

Hi, I purchased Foliway and I’m loving it. However, I set it up in a test server and now I want to move it to another server with a different URL. I tried copying the theme files and using the wordpress export/import function, but all items related to Folioway are not working anymore.

How can I easily export and import my Folioway settings, images, etc. to the new wordpress installation?


Content and images are exported and imported by WordPress, i’m now working on a plugin to help exporting and importing theme settings, it is supposed to complete in a couple of days.

I got help from a programmer in the end. He managed to solve it somehow. However, it didn’t seem a straightforward process and it took some time to figure out. A plugin may be good to help people with similar problems in the future. Thanks.

Hi nice theme. I just wondered what would happen to the demo site if say twice as many client logos were added to the homepage? Would they scroll from side to side?


Nope, they will be displayed to a second row.

Hi, I just bought the theme and my first steps are a bit difficult ! 1- I can’t log in the help center … I registered on you forum and that is ok, but when I enter my name, password and licence number in the “help center” of the theme, it returns me an ERROR -> ERROR: INCORRECT_USER_OR_PWD

I sent a PM to the admin with my licence number in the forum about that, but still no answer …

2- I can’t get rid of the “slogan” (We’re awesome) in the theme. I just find the possibility to replace the image with something else, but I just want to have it blank ! It is written on the admin panel “Leave here empty for no slogan on header.” but it’s not emplty and I don’t see any “delete” button or whatever to erase your image. I guess I’m missing something …. but what ?

Thanks in advance !

You are right, i will fix it in the next version, before that, you can use a line of custom CSS code to hide it

intro {display:none}

Enter it to Folioway > General settings > Custom > Custom CSS, save and done.

Thanks for issue report, appreciate it!

Hi, would it be possible to have a three column portfolio, while retaining the responsiveness?

If so, could you please tell me more or less how I can achieve that?


You will find a definition of “thumbnail_size” in file folioway/template.portfolio.php, you may change it to a different dimension, but before that, make sure you have added this dimension to wordpress, a plugin ‘simply image sizes’ will help to do that.

CSS might need adjusts, you can go your custom CSS to Folioway > General settings > Cusotm >Custom CSS to apply your changes.

By the way, it is recommended to duplicate the file to a new template before starting to modify, thus any future theme updates won’t affect your own template file.

Forget about my N°1 Question, I got it work ! Question N°2 about the “slogan” is still A question …