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Is there a way to remove the image hover/magnifying glass option from the latest works on the homepage?


Hi there, i don’t see a purchased mark, if you used another account for purchase, please use that account to post questions as well, thanks.

Hi there!

I’ve purchased the theme and it’s great. I just updated to version 2.0 and i have a few problems: 1. When I open the posts on my mobile (Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100) the images are distorted (you can check it here and i dont know how to fix it, 2. On the first page I want to remove the right column containing “Categories, Pages and Archives” (

Thank you, Catalin

Yes, I want my posts to show the images at 900px but what I was saying is that I don’t know how to use the line you wrote ”.single #content {width:900px;}” inside the Customm CSS field. I just copy/paste it there and nothing has changed. Maybe you can help me with that. Thank you!

Both issues have been fixed, the fix is included to the incoming version Folioway v2.0.2, drop me a line if you cannot wait and i’ll send the new version to you.

And thanks for issue report, appreciate it!

I’ll appreciate if you could send me the update…my email is Thank you!


I really like your theme. One pre-purchase question. Is it possible to add more options in the contact form. Like drop down selection, radio buttons etc…

Thanks in advance

Nope, but the popular plugin Contact Form 7 is supported, with which you should have all the options.

Any news on the update?

Just finished the demo stage, check out the demo:

Folioscene Slider –
Revolution Slider –
Folioscene Static –
Meteor Slider –

I’m now working on updating the documentation and demo files, release should be ready in a couple days

Sorry, my mistake, the above reply is about the update for Nextbiz. For Folioway, the responsive update was released weeks ago, re-download it and you get the latest version


Lovely theme.

I have 2 issues.

1. I tried to activate an account within the theme and I get an error: Fatal error: Call to a member function contact_support() on a non-object in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/ on line 63

I then registered directly on the iwakthemes forum and when I select folioway it tells me this: You do not have the required permissions to read topics within this forum. This forum only opens to those who have purchased this theme. If you have already purchased one, please go to your theme admin panel Help Center to activate your account. Otherwise, please contact administrator via PM with your Purchase Code for us to approve your account manually.

2. I uploaded a slogan image that’s the same size as the demo (447px X 72px) and mine looks smaller and slightly skewed on my site. I even uploaded the demo slogan and it looked slightly skewed as well.

Please how do I resolve these issues? If you require my url please let me know how I can email it or pm it to you.

I look forward to your response.


There is a bug with Instant Position, it has been fixed in the incoming version 1.4, for 1.3 and earlier versions, you can fix it by “unlock” slider in Nextbiz > Slider Options

Thanks for responding….. I don’t see Nextbiz > Slider Options… where is it located exactly? In the meantime I’ve used css to move it. It seems when you put stuff in custom css, nothing happens. I had to put the code in the theme’s css file. Is this a bug too? When will the new version be available for download?

I look forward to your response…... thanks.

Sorry, my bad, i wrongly took it a question to my another theme.

For Folioway, there isn’t any known issue with Instant Position, if you couldn’t move the logo, there is most probably some plugin conflicts, deactivate them all to see if it works.

For custom CSS, these is an issue found in version 2.0 and 2.0.1, it has been fixed since version 2.0.2, please re-download Folioway and update to fix the issue.

Hi Bud,

I have just re-installed the theme and updated my site, but for some reason cannot see the twitter widget anymore, has something changed or is there a work around please?

Hope all is well with you


Responded in email


A_K Purchased

Hey, I have been using this theme for a while with no issues. (Almost 2 years). For some reason now then I try to upload images it asks me “is its parent directory writable by the server”

I don’t know what this means but now I can’t upload images. DO you have any idea why it’s doing this!?


Hi, image uploading is implemented by WordPress, also the error message is from WordPress too. Please goes your question to WP support forum or try Google, i’m sure you will find answer or help there.


your theme sounds good, but on my WP installation don’t work… my url is this: and I’ve set a new page like home (and I named it ‘home’), and I set the page model like ‘slider’. Then, I’ve created two new project on portfolio, I’ve defined the featured images for each portfolio work. But in front-end, the images are disapear… why? Where is the mistake? Ah, I’ve installed the latest wordpress version and your theme is the 2.0 release.

Please help me Thanks, and sory for my simple/bad english. Fuzz

Your site returns a 500 error on image resize script:

please contact your host support to fix this issue, also the script author can be reached here –

Hi, thanx, but I’m not sure that the problem stay in my server… with other galleries plugins works all… then, on my server I’ve installed others instances of WP with others premium themes, and all features works fine.

So, I’ve another problem: is it impossible to define the contents of the featured panel. I define it, save, but the content remains the same… this is very unpleasant, because is the main feature of the theme.

If you need I’ can give you the password to enter in back-end.

Thanx, regards F

The story is, the default wp gallery won’t resize images in the gallery, if the gallery is configured to be 4 columns and inserted to a full-width area, the gap between images is very large. That’s why i improved it in Folioway to make the gallery fluid, show larger images when in larger area, so is included a image-resizing script called Timthumb. The problem on your site is because Timthumb ( ) is somehow couldn’t be reached, it is probably a file permission issue, but i’m not sure. Let your host manager know the issue to see if he could help, the issue will be solved once the file can be accessed via web.

For “define content” of slide item, it’s the excerpt that being displayed in the slider, please enter the text to the “Excerpt” option box right below the Visual Editor (if you couldn’t see the option, make sure to check out the “screen options” at page top right) and it will be displayed, WordPress will automatically generate an excerpt based on Content if no excerpt found.


Apologies, I used the wrong account previously.

Is there a way to remove the image hover/magnifying glass option from the latest works on the homepage?


Amazing – thanks!

One final question. The magnifying glass image has gone, but the functionality remains. Is there a way to replace the link that opens a thumbnail with a link that opens the post? Thanks again.

Open the post editing page, scroll down to the “Folioway General Posts Options” box, you will find the option to control the thumbnail link, you can change it to whatever link you want say ”#” so that no links attached.

Awesome theme!

I have one problem, the wordpress gallery option doesnt work. If I put in a gallery like [gallery ids=”1159,1158,1157”], it comes out like this:

I deactivated all plugins, but that doesnt help. Am I doing someting wrong?


Hi, thanks for the compliment, for the gallery issue, please have a check if you are using the latest version 2.0.2 of Folioway, you can see the version number at the top right of Folioway admin panel. If not, please upgrade to the latest version which has any issue found in earlier versions fixed.

First, congrats for the nice theme!

Is it possible to change the Height of the slider?
Thanks and Regards!

It cannot be done inside of the theme Admin, you’ll have to customize the slider style and the file ../folioway/slider-custom.php to change it.

Thanks addway for the reaction on my question from yesterday, but I already installed the latest version, so that doesn’t give me an answer. Please help me with a solution to manage this.

Regards, Arthur

Awesome theme!

I have one problem, the wordpress gallery option doesnt work. If I put in a gallery like [gallery ids=”1159,1158,1157”], it comes out like this:

I deactivated all plugins, but that doesnt help. Am I doing someting wrong?


Ok i found the cause, please set permission 777 for the folder ../folioway/cache/ in your host, this should solve the problem.

Hi does any body try a multi language plug for Folioway ? One that will let me make separate languages portfolio posts not just for blog posts ? Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

Hi addway , can you help me please with two problems i got :)

First , to portfolio item from home page also in portfolio on mouse over i got that black borders slide and then its the actual link only on the text ,the question , its possible that the link can cover the entire area of that two borders ?

Second , i install qtranslate for multi language support , and i search the net for support to add the flags on my header and the only workable code i find its that below ,but its something wrong with it because they just floating over all . I try to make them stay in the right corner where the search/phone box was . can you pleease help me ? :) thank a lot.

Hi again i manage to work it out the qtranslate flag ,but please help me with first problem i got in previewed post. First , to portfolio item from home page also in portfolio on mouse over i got that black borders slide and then its the actual link only on the text ,the question , its possible that the link can cover the entire area of that two borders ?

Thank you

It can be done by custom CSS, for example:

.works .entry-title a {display:block;width:100%;height:100%}

I just wanted to say that this is a great theme that looks good works well on all devices we’ve tested this on. However during our testing using a Nexus 7 tablet we noticed a serious issue.

PHP reported a fatal error that caused our pages not to display. The error can be found in <theme_name>/includes/template.php on line 138. We have concluded that there is a call to a function that doesn’t exist: $this->get_image($image_2x);

This causes a fatal error throughout the theme when you change the default theme logos with your own. In this example we had removed the default retina logo that shipped with the theme and then uploaded our desired (non-retina) logo and saved our changes.

The way we fixed this error was by forcing header.php to use the non-retina version of the logo in all cases:
<?php if($iwak->o['general']['logo']): $logo = $iwak->get_image_by_option($iwak->o['general']['logo']);?>
  <a title="<?php echo $site_title; ?>" href="<?php echo HOME_URL; ?>"><img width="<?php echo $logo[1]; ?>" height="<?php echo $logo[2]; ?>" src="<?php echo $logo[0]; ?>" alt="<?php echo $site_title; ?>" /></a>
<?php else: ?>
  <h1><a href="<?php echo HOME_URL; ?>/"><?php echo $site_title; ?></a></h1>
  <div id="blogdesc"><?php bloginfo('description') ?></div>
<?php endif; ?>

Hopefully a proper fix for this will be available so we can update our theme.

I see, the issue was found in Nextbiz 1.3 and has been fixed since 1.3.1, upgrade to the latest Nextbiz of version 1.4 and the issue fixed.

More details about Nextbiz version history, please refer to

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly AddWay. We’ve altered the look and feel of the site so its a bit different from the original theme – is there anyway you could tell us what files were updated to fix this so we can overwrite our files with the ones released under v1.4?

Where can we download version 1.4?

It’s always Themeforest that you download the latest version, the section “Installation Guide > Update Installation” in the documentation has more about that.

Changed files list is available with every version, you can find it in the version history.

I would like to know if it is possible to change the grid on the portfolio page, showing 3 columns of portfolio items instead of 4.

Thanks :)

This would require some customization, CSS, PHP knowledge needed

Ok, thanks :)

I’ve just purchased your theme. How do you implement images in the Our Clients section on the homepage? I’m using WP 3.5.1 and they’ve removed the Link Manager.

nvm, i see you’ve included this in your documentation. Thanks keep up the great work!

Love the theme! I can’t seem to get the Clients section on the homepage to work. May I email you my login info so you can take a look? Thanks!

Since WP 3.5, “Links” menu is removed, a plugin “Links Manager” is required to recover this menu, you will find the plugin link in the documentation, tutorial of “Home Page Setup”