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I was wondering if u could help me. I want to make the thumbnail also retina ready, but when i upload the image at 2x it automatically generate a resized thumb. So how i deactivate this so i can upload an image twice the size of the thumbnail and make it retina ready?

If your site is installed to your host root directory, you could have a try with the plugin WP Retina 2x, which case the plugin works well for me in eariler testing.

There are also other Retina plugins around, they may work as well, but i’m not sure as i haven’t tested any of them.

Hi, my twitter is not working anymore – on your homepage it works. What can I do? It seems twitter has changed the api…

Thanks in advance!

Yes twitter did, and you may have already read the 2.0 update notes (, the old twitter widget has been removed, please use the plugin “really simply twitter widget” instead.

Quick question: I would like to add a byline at the beginning of each blog post that lists me as the author so that I can be listed on Google Authorship. Can you help me with what code I need to insert to make that happen?


You have to modify the file “template-blog.php” for your requirement, you can also find the code about post author in the file already by searching for “Posted by”

Hi, I was wondering how you change the font of the Page titles in the header of the site?

There isn’t any “page titles” in the header, do you mean font of “navigation menu”

yes, where home, about us, etc. is located

Hi. How can i get the last version? I already buy 09 Feb 12, but i’m update my WP (3.5.2).


Just re-downlaod Folioway and you get the latest version, some important upgrade notes

Do I have to purchase folioway again to get the latest version?

It’s free, just re-download Folioway and you get the latest version.

Can the navigation menu font be changed?

Yes, you can see how it changes via the “fonts” menu on demo site

Hi, i’ve taken over a folioway blog and would like to update. not sure exactly where i go to re-download?

I downloaded the upgrade and now there is a black tab at the top of the screen. How do I get rid of this?

I was able to figure out the tab situation.

Quick question. I downloaded the theme again and installed. Visually it looks like the updated version of folioway 2.0.3 but in my dashboard under folioway at the top right it says Theme Version 1.1.2. is that just a glitch?

pleases help

I have checked the file in Themeforest and it’s correct with the version number 2.0.3, if you didn’t get the theme file from Themeforest directly, just re-download it and you will get the correct file.

I’m updating for a client, and they misplaced their themeforest account. Do you know where I can re-download?


Just updated, but I’m not such a big fan of the responsive layouts for the theme. Is there any way I can either turn off the responsive functionality or download the latest version before you turned it responsive?


Replied in email.


I have a problem. I just purchased the 2.0.3 theme and was planning to work with it on MAMP, but now i’ve changed my mind and want to just install online and work from there. But now when i go to install the theme it tells me: Destination folder already exists. /webspace/httpdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/folioway/

what do i do? I don’t want to purchase the theme all over again because I’m not even able to use it now!!

It says there is already a Folioway installation found, pls delete folioway folder from /webspace/httpdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/folioway/ and you should be able to install the theme.

before purchase I would like to know if I can add a wider logo ?

Sure, both the size and the position are under user’s control, you can easily change it inside of theme admin.

thank you for developing this theme, greatly appreciated!

i was just wondering, for the Portfolio items. under Folioway General Post Options, is there a way to add classes, ids, titles, alts etc to the links? and also if not, is there away to modify it? which file is it under?


Sorry that we can’t give technical support as you haven’t purchased our theme yet. If you have already bought our theme, pls use the right account to post questions. Thx.

i was just wondering, for the Portfolio items. under Folioway General Post Options, is there a way to add classes, ids, titles, alts etc to the links? and also if not, is there away to modify it? which file is it under?


There are already titles and classes, for ids, you can add them to the function “list_posts” in file ”../folioway/includes/template.php” starts from line 346 (v2.0):

Code of thumbnail link

if($show_thumbnail && $post_thumb) {

  $o .= '<div class="entry-thumb '. $filter. '"><a class="thumblink">'. $post_thumb. '<span class="extra" /></a></div>';
Code of title link

if($show_title) {
  $title = $href=='none' ? $text : "<a href="$href" title="$title" target="$title_url_target" rel="bookmark">$text</a>";
Code of ”+” symbol link

if($show_morelink) {
  $more = '<a class="more-link" href="'. $href. '" target="'. $morelink_url_target. '">'. $more_text. '</a>';

Since the function controls, not only portfolio posts, all posts rendering, you wouldn’t want to add a fixed id say `id=”post-title”`, but a relative one having the post id included say `id=”post-title-999(the post id)”`

thank you for your reply,

how can i go about with adding a id to specific posts.

do you mean copy the functions code and re name it and then link to the page?

i’ve tried the method above, by adding a class to the links, put since im opening a modal box, the scroll bar disappears and screen cant move/scroll or close the box. Unless i refresh browser/ link. did a quick search and it is a problem with lightboxes, modal boxes etc, but WordPress can fix it but i couldn’t find the solution on how i could do it.

No, all you need to do is modify the file “template.php” and overwrite the old version in your host.

And if what you need is to gain more control on these links by adding ids, here’s a simpler modification:

1. Find $o = "<$itemtag class='$class $addition $rank'>"; at line 429 (v2.0+) in “template.php”

2. Change it to

$id = get_the_ID();
$o = "<$itemtag id='post-$id' class='$class $addition $rank'>";

After done, you have unique CSS selectors on those links of each portfoli post as following:

Assume the portfolio post id is 999

#post-999 .thumblink (unique selector of thumbnail link)
#post-999 .entry-title a (unique selector of title link)
#post-999 .more-link (unique selector of "+" link)


I have a few questions, please bare with me.

1. On the portfolio page, there is an arrow type image beside the portfolio headings. How do I delete this image and Bring the headings to the left.

2. Once you click on an image in portfolio there is an “i” at the top right. How do you delete this image?

3. I have inserted a contact form and I would like to change the send button colour.

4. Is there a way to center the home page menu headings?

5. How do I change font/colour of page headings?

Thank you!

is there anyway to change the dimension of the slider images?

Also, how do you change the space in between the navigation menu headings? I appreciate your help A LOT!

Hi, custom CSS should be written by yourself, i just wrote some examples so that you know how it works, if you have no knowledge on CSS but still want to change the design here and there, i suggestion to hire some guy to work them all, at a quite affordable price, on sites like

Hi there,

Apparently, according to support I got for a plugin, the </head> tags are included too early in the theme. You can see the specific info given here:

Can you advise how to fix this? It seems to me like it’s a problem with the theme.

Thank you!

I’ve been talking to my hosting support, and apparently this problem only goes away when we deactivate Folioway. Is it possible your SEO code or something is conflicting with it? Any clues?

I’m pretty sure it is not on Folioway, no worry, please drop me a line with your site login and i’d like to take a look at this issue for you.

Hello, I really love this theme.

Pre-purchase question: I noticed while testing the theme on a mobile device that the main slider buttons are super tiny and hard to use. Since this is a responsive theme, are there slider options that have larger forward and back buttons, or swipe capability?


The slider in Folioway has been improved, it is now a plugin but hasn’t been added to Folioway yet, a few compatibility problems have to be sorted first. I will be able to work on this in 1-2 weeks, and look into if there is something i can do with the small buttons.

I am interested in your theme. I have two questions. Is the wavy pattern at the bottom “built in” or can it be turned off? Also, are there other options for the transition animation when the viewer filters the portfolio page?

Hi, thanks for your message. The wavy pattern is just an image and can be deleted. There’s no other options for the transition animation. Glad that you like my theme. If you have further question about it, pls feel free to drop me a line.

HI, How do I add a video to the homepage. I would like a video to show up instead of a slider of images.

thank you,

You can do it by:

1. Create a page to have your video embedded

2. Go to admin panel Folioway -> General settings -> Home

3. Disable the slider, and enable the additional content area to load the page created in step 1, configure displaying order of the additional content area to be 1