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I noticed that the dotted line under the heading doesn’t quite make it across to where it should. Is there a way I can fix this?

Sorry but i don’t really get you, what do you mean by “make it across to where it should”? Could you attach a screenshot or a link so that we can see it?

HI where can i change the text ‘Latest Works’ and ‘Our client’ to other text ?index.php?and how coluld i put google map in contact page like your demo?

3. why i add one page “about us”,but blank under title?between content and title is blank,how can i add “ABOUT US” into?

1. Please refer to the section “How to localize/change built-in texts” in the tutorial to change the built-in texts.

2. Add a Google Map is simply inserting the map code provided by Google to the content editor, here is a tutorial from Google:

3. There is a dotted line between title and content, you can check it on the demo site, do you mean you couldn’t see the dotted line?


I had someone point out that my CSS updates don’t seem to be working on internet explorer. Is there something I can do to correct this. All my updates work on every other browser.

Please send me a login and your website address via my profile page, i will be able to take a look later.

I figured where the problem lies. It has to do with old gallery way. I need to set it to the old way but I can’t, and that is what is causing all of my problems, because i tested it offline on my localhost and this is the issue. why can’t i use old gallery way? Please take a look, I have emailed you

I’ve changed to old gallery way, but the thumbnails under portfolio show the blue box with question mark. You can click and they direct to correct image, but are not showing?

hi,can you answer my question? thank you

SORRY I hv anthoer question how can i add something into footer like your demo site? thank you

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets, and you’ll find sidebars – Footer Column 1, 2, 3 & 4 at the bottom right. Drag the widgets you want show on footer to these four sidebars respectively.

thank you for patience,then how can i put foot LOGO into Colum3?

You can do it by add a “Text Widget” to column 3 and then insert your logo to the text widget.


I am trying to get the Jetpack tiled images to work and after disabling everything without luck I found by changing to another theme the jetpack tiled gallery works but not with Folioway activated ?

Is there a solution to this problem ?

I haven’t used Jetpack, but if you are using Folioway v2.x, have a check if you enabled “Old Gallery Way” in “Folioway > General Settings > General”, if so, turn off it and try again.

Excellent. Thanks that seems to have done the trick. Is there perhaps any way to expand the content column ?


i just had purchased this theme but i’m looking forward to adding some my own images and videos how can i do this ?

Where are you adding your images and videos to? If you are looking for how to create a portfolio page, please check out the “Portfolio Setup” tutorial in the documentation.

Hi there. I love your theme and would like to purchase it but before I do I would like to know if you can have multiple images in one project. For instance if you click on a thumbnail in the portfolio section for “Project A” can I have multiple images for “Project A” included in the light box that pops up? Thanks

I have been working on a premium multiple post thumbnails plugin for a while, it has all features that you mention and more. The plugin is almost done, and the most exciting thing is, i will include it in all of my themes for free, includes Folioway of course :)

Hi there addway,

Awesome theme!

I am having difficulty working out what i have done wrong with the portfolio section under latest works, it simply shows a lightbox image pop up and the title doesn’t take me through to the portfolio post???

Also how do i get the clients section to work or how do i delete that section if the client doesn’t want it in there?


Many thanks in advance :-)

Hi, I’ve checked your site and found the permalink of your posts don’t work, WP thus returns “Page not found” error and fallback it to the home page all the time.

Please have a check if there are any permalink conflicts and then go to Settings > Permalink, click “Save” to refresh your permalinks, this is known fix most permalink issues.

Client row can be turned off from the admin panel Folioway > Home

Hope it helps and thanks for your compliment!

Hi there, bought this theme a couple of years ago and have finally got round to updating it! A few problems however:

1) I’m unable to log in to my iWakTheme account to find support for the following. It says my email/username submitted could not be found when requesting a new password, and says my email address is already in use when I attempt to register.

2) The Lightbox on my portfolio doesn’t seem to be working… Vimeo links have been inserted into the correct fields and I’ve followed instructions. With YouTube videos however, the lightbox just sends visitors to the YouTube link which isn’t what I’d like.

Please advise. Thanks, Jeremy

I don’t know, it must be some code in your page, check this:

PSW: 123

AH! Work’s brilliantly. How do I fix/reset the code? As far as I know I haven’t changed the code, just swapped some of the png images for the design.

I mean, there must be some issue/conflicting code in your portfolio page that affects the lightbox function, if not from plugins, might be some theme modification.

The link above shows your portfolio works well independently, i didn’t change anything, just copy and paste to my demo site.

Somewhat of a presales set of questions (although I suspect I’ll have purchased it by the time you read this) BUT – nevertheless..

i) how are the portfolio entries ordered (ie date, ID, alphabetically..) and is it possible to change these? ii) is it possible to add or implement a previous/next portfolio entry (rather than the similar projects) based on either their respective date/ID/order in the grand scheme of things?

1. By default it’s ordered by publish date, you can change it to title, id, modified date, category, random, etc.

2. There isn’t a built-in function like that, you may have to find some plugin or tutorial to help you do it.

Hi, I left a post in your forum but thought i may as well try here also… We are wanting to update Folioway as we are still on 1.1.7! The developer who set the website up for us is unreachable/out of business so we don’t have any purchase details. Is there anyway we can get the update/prove to you we bought the theme legitimately? Thanks.

I couldn’t come up any idea that may help, i guess you have to find a way to reach the developer.You can also have a try to contact Themeforest guys to see if they could help.

-How to add 4 featured images on home page ? -How do i create (home) and other buttons ? -How to set order portfolio items ?

Please read the tutorials in theme documentation first! If you do not know where to find them, it’s the “Documentations” folder inside of the theme package you downloaded.

Got it ;) thanks

i’ve made the register in web support but i don’t received the activation mail for days,

Please let me know your account name, i’ll have a check.


1)I had done most editing work but i have a question i want to create a seperate shop items how do i do this ? if i add these items on portfolio do these items auto add on my portfolio section ?

2) (Newbie question)this is our website when i click on why domain company link opened instead of my website ?

thanks for nice theme :)

1. I see, it’s because you didn’t install your WP site to the root directory but a sub-directory of ‘wp/’, thus your site home address is not

2. You can change the order in the admin panel – Folioway > Home > Latest Works

3. I guess you mean the slider images, right? THe size is 940 by 390

4. If you want to embed your video to a page, simply insert the video link there, it’s a WordPress built-in function since WP 3.6

If you want to open vimeo video in lightbox from latest works or portfolio, there is a tutorial in the documentation about it.

1. How do i solve this problem ?

2. i asking you about how do i change work oders but you told me How many works will be displayed for the “latest works” i don’t get you

3.Problem solved

4.Problem solved

5. New problem


<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-29” alt=”Ibox_template_after_effects_template” src=”” width=”640” height=” /p> [/frame_left]

is this code correct ?

6.i added purchase button but i want to these purchase buttons will open in new tab not the same how do i do this ? ” />

1. This is not a theme-related question, if you do not know how to install WP to root directory, contact your hosting company support and i’m sure they will be happy to help.

2. My fault, there isn’t an option for change latest works order, but WP allows changing of post published date (above the ‘update/publish’ button) so that make it possible to change latest works order.

5. The correct usage is

[frame_left] Here is the URL path to your image [/frame_left]

see for more shortcode examples

6. Please drop me a line via my profile page and i’d like to help you do that.

a simple question: is it possible to make the clients area like a filmstrip (arrows left-right)?

Unfortunately no, but clients area is a simple image (with link) list, so a carrousel plugin should be enough to create one (with direction navs).

thank you! i’ll do that.

Btw very nice theme! when my site is ready i will send you the link..

Definitely looking forward to it!

Hello, after i made the last update this message appeared: “this site has stepped out for a ” what does it mean? I can`t acces the forum or other Help support.

Please help me with this error.

Thank you.

We are working on a new support forum, it isn’t open but close, if you have questions to ask, drop me a line and i’ll send you the URL. And thanks for the message report, appreciate it!

Hello! I’ve recently purchased this template and I am struggling to install it. I have uploaded the .zip file as usual, so far no problem. Then I went to check the set up instructions. It seems to me the guideliness (help) to set up is out of date. Part written but not really well explained, and part using video tutorial. These videos don’t correspond to the latest versions of wordpress, or perhaps, because I’m using Mac (Chrome) configurations don’t appear to be the same. Once installed, my page loads empty, the video shows with “About” link already set.

I then tried to access the help page but it gives me this error:

ERROR: NOT_CONNECTED Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /data/19/2/49/117/2864606/user/3151447/htdocs/bcwp/wp-content/themes/folioway/core/classes/class.template.php on line 171

Very frustrating I must say!

I found my purchase code, but I have no idea about the account name and password… would it be my wordpress account and password or those from Theme Forest… it’s not explained anywhere. Then I came here for help and under the help page, I get a SITE SUSPENDED!!!!!!

Unless you can really help setting it up, I would like a refund please !!!! !!! Other templates I have purchased give me a child file with all set… do you have this available?


DONE… I’ve just sent you all…. many thanks!!!

As you will see, I also noticed that the Google Tracking Code is showing in all pages bottom left… :(

That’s because you didn’t enter the correct tracking code, but your site profile id in Google Analytics

Hey addway. I’m just looking for the changelog for 2.0.5, I’ve done a little customizing so just want to make sure i update safely.

Here you go,

Folioway Version History

BTW, sweet red and the boy in black is really standout

Thanks although what happened to my background image phone-area.png in the #phone div? I can see it’s there with firebug but it’s not displaying… any thoughts?

because you have set a very large background image for that small place, it now resides on transparent part of the background image.

Hi. How can I disable the mobile drop-down? so it just shows the regular main nav. on mobile? (My mobile dropdown menu is not behaving properly).

You can force the regular menu to show by add custom CSS (Folioway > Customize > Custom CSS)

#menu-wrapper select {display:none!important}
#menu-wrapper ul {display:block!important}