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Discussion on FolioZee - Singe Page PSD

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Congrats and welcome to forest :)

Thanks mate!

thats really nice and unique. Cong!.

Thanks man :)

Wow, I love it:)

Thanks a lot!

Great! Nice layout!


Wow! Nice and unique. Good luck with sales mate! :)

Thank You !

amazing is not the word enough, GLWS :)

Thanks for such great comment

This is amazing man, really nice job! Good luck with sales, make the HTML version and WP, it’s really good and will sell more! :D

Thanks for your appreciation. We will do HTML and WP very soon

Really nice. Very Original :)


Thanks for your appreciation

very clean and great job…

Thanks for appreciation :)

Is it allowed to put your own website reference at the bottom if you used this psd style for the website of a client?

I made it different than the original but used alot of design elements from the psd.

yes you can use

Does this also come with the straight layout sections?

yes you will have the straight version its already in the pack