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Great theme, although after setting a custom colour I noticed that some of the default colours still manage to leak through (particularly in the sidebar).


Hey Andrew, do you mind emailing us at support(at)themebeans(dot)com with a screenshot or so. I can fix that asap and upload an update immediately.


I love this template but I am wondering if you have the same template in html instead of wordpress. Also, when I shrink the browser down, the image covers part of the text.

Ouch, I see it now. I already found the fix :)

Will be uploaded a small update today anyhow, this is added to it. Thanks for the catch – really appreciate it!

Would you be able to ping me when you update the theme?

Just uploaded it, it’ll be about 5-10 hours (depends on when TF approves it). Thanks!

Fab theme! Love the simple, direct concept – it will work great for my graphic design portfolio. However, just one thing I’m having trouble figuring out: how do I insert images into my portfolio post? I have all the project details on the left and would like images of the project down the right (as in the live demo) but can’t seem to connect the dots. Thanks in advance for your help.

Are you hitting “Insert into Post”?

You don’t need to do that either, once you hit “Add Media” and drop your images in, close that window and update/publish.

Aaaaaaah, I see, I was trying to add my already uploaded images from my library and that wasn’t working – I tried re-uploading them on the spot and that worked. Phew! Thanks for your help! :)

Awesome! Glad you got it :)


Really great theme. I was just wondering, the portfolio home page with the 4 columns of featured images currently shows the oldest at the top. Is there anyway to reverse the order so that the newest is at the top?

Hmmm are you using the menu order, sorting function from the portfolio by chance? If not, take out the ”’orderby’ => ‘menu_order’,” line above it.

Perfect! Thank you!


Hi! I’m in love with this template! :) Does it uses Bootstrap?

Thanks Aditivadesign. No it doesnt – we’re using a highly customized version of Zurb Foundation for the framework instead. :)

Yuppers :)

Thanks for the theme, its going great so far getting everything set up. However, on the individual pages for portfolio items, is there a way that I can stop the images from being cropped on the page and subsequently in the lightbox?

Hey tboyett, if you would grab the v1.1.1 update (it just went live) – it will solve issues regarding media re-ordering and cropping that some people have been experiencing.

Cheers! Rich

Are all of the Themebeans themes built on Zurb? I always wanted a theme built on Zurb. Don’t ask me why, I think I just like the yeti lol

Haha Yup. We’re using 3 though – they changed far too much, far too fast with 4. :/

Sweet! I always wondered what the framework was

Yup yup :)

Hi Guys

I bought the theme at the end of last week, I’m loving it!

I have hit a small problem. I can get the images into the Portfolio, but I can’t re-order or delete them from the portfolio once they are in. I know I am missing something. I have been through he PDF document, but I can’t see it in there. Can you give me a step by step guide of how to update image once they are in a portfolio.

Here is my site: Cheers, Paul

Hey Themrward, if you would grab the v1.1.1 update (it just went live) – it will solve issues regarding media re-ordering that some people have been experiencing.

When you upload your image, just click on the select box to view images only assigned to that post (screeny: then reorder your images in that grid. You don’t have to hit any save button (WP auto saves).


Hi Rich I have updated the theme and tried the tutorial, but neither have solved the problem. Any other ideas how I can remove images and order images in the portfolio. Help! Paul

That’s so odd! Do you mind contacting support with your login credentials (and a copy of these comments) so I can log in and see what’s up.


Hey, great theme! Purchased it and its working fine. But I have a question. Is there any possibility to display the image I’ve choosen for the thumbnail in the portfolio post itself?

I’ve uploaded three images and one is set as thumbnail, it won’t appear in the post, only the two other images.

And the second question … Is it possible to insert a video to a portfolio post?

Hey Fmohr, Thanks!

By default, the featured image is hidden from the images uploaded to the post (because they are most likely different sizes and it would not match) but I can help you remove that functionality if you’d like. Just hit us up here with this comment.

For your second question, no just images.

Cheers! Rich

Thanks, I’ll use seperate images as teaser!

Sweet! Let us know if you need anything – Bean Support Center.

Hi again, I was just wondering what the max size for images in the portfolio posts are? I’ve tried uploading quite a large one but it downscales it.

Hey Revilo – with the recent v1.1.1 update your uploaded images do not have a max height. Are you using that version?

Yes I’m using the latest version thanks. What about width? The one I tried must have been too wide which is why it was downscaled.

Hmm If your image is very wide it may still scale the height – to fit within the grid system. I probably would not go further than ~700px wide (though you may could).

pictures from galleries are not shown at my blog? what can i do?

i had the same problem with the acute theme…

Hey Grhrd. Make sure you are using the WordPress media uploader (Add Media button), adding the images to that post, then hit publish. No need to hit the insert into post button.

It’s using the Gallery Post Format, not the WordPress gallery input.

It doesnt work at all. What else can i check or try to fix this? folder permissions?

You mean the media uploader isnt working? Do you mind contacting support with your login credentials (and a copy of these comments) so I can log in and see for myself?


Love this theme guys. I have a question – may be a dumb one because I’m new to all of this. I want my portfolio to look like the one on the demo site, with the images in a grid across the page. Right now, it is putting the images all along one side.

Also, how do I add in the effect that as you hover over each image, the other images turn grey? Here is what I have now:

Thank you!

Are you referring to the social share buttons? (screeny:

If so, there’s an option in the Theme Options Panel, to enable Social Sharing (in Blog Settings – screeny: )

These buttons: The colorful icons towards the bottom of the page, of the diff. social networks. Would love to use them, but can’t figure out how

Ahh, they’re using the Bean Shortcodes Plugin (free).

Download the plugin and activate it to your WordPress Install.


The theme looks great, but is there an alternative layout for the portfolio post pages? I am using this as a web design portfolio… and cropping my designs down to 640px width is not going to work. It will work if I’m only showing photographs or logo designs, but web interfaces are larger and need more space in a portfolio. Please let me know. Thanks!

It’s possible via a couple grid edits ( you could make it “four columns” for the content area and “eight” for the image area (or any combo that totals to “twelve”).

We also have another theme in the works with a larger view area for content portfolio images ;)

Hey really great theme! I was wondering if there is a filter option? to sort projects? ( e.i. branding, illustration etc. ) Thanks!

Not at the moment no, but we’re working on some neat add ons to publish in the near future! Keep posted by following us on Twitter: @ThemeBeans

How can I add images onto a page and get them to look as they do on the demo? Right now I add them in with the add media button and the portfolio template selected and nothing shows up on my preview. If I go back to the default template the images show but, of course, are not formatted like the demo. I am new to Wordpress so perhaps I have missed a step? Is there a phone number or live chat I can reach support at? Email response time is a bit slow. I want to get my site up asap. Thanks.

Hey JDuffy, we typically get a chance to respond with 24-48 hours.

Are you referring to the portfolio post? Do you have a URL so we can see what’s going on?

Here’s an article I wrote about uploading posts to the portfolio, Uploading nad Attaching Images to a Portfolio Post. – which may point you in the right direction.

Thanks so much. I will have a read. The site is here:

I have managed to upload an image and have it show up but it looks nothing like the demo and isn’t on the homepage.

Did you upload the Bean Portfolio Post Type Plugin – or a different one? Do you mind contacting the support team with your request. Thanks!

This may be a dumb question but does this theme support custom fonts? Id like to use a typekit font?


Sure you can add the script into the header.php file and it’ll load like normal. :)

Themebeans—super awesome theme!

Question 1: Is there a way to control the order of the images that appear on portfolio posts (via the “Add Media” button)?

Question 2: I really like the lightbox that images pop into when you’re in a portfolio post. Is there a way to get the images to pop up into a larger resolution (for example, have an image on the right column the typical 700 or 640 pixels wide, then once clicked appear larger when activated in the lightbox)? That would be quite nice, and give the lightbox another function.

Thanks in advance, and again, great work!


Are you using the most recent version of the theme? We added a fix that relieved the issue that some people were experiencing with the portfolio media uploader.

Yup, that was it. Works like a charm now. Thanks a bunch!

Awesome! Let us know if you have any other questions at the Bean Support Center.


I love your site. Question: on the portfolio pages i see that the pages are not categoriesed. Is this possible or coming in the next update?

For example: web – print – poster – brand This way people dont have to return to the main portfolio everytime. Please inform

greetings Daniel

Currently Folo does not have a filterable portfolio feature, but it does employ different portfolio pages using categories.

Awesome theme, two questions though:

1.How to embed video from Vimeo into the portfolio page?

2. How to make just One feature Image 640px wide?

Thanks a lot!

Hey s8ndi, currently our portfolio only handles images. You can adjust the image size by the ”.isotope-item” class on line 549 of style.css. Currently it’s maxed out at 250px wide but if you remove this, the featured images will display however big they are uploaded.

Hi, great theme however i’m dealing with an issue with the same issue with the portfolio as others I see.

I installed the plugin, added the images and updated. I noticed that the portfolio automatically creates a gallery scrolling down on the right (like it’s supposed to) but then it also creates the same gallery scrolling down on the left where the text and other information go.

I noticed that if after updating that portfolio, I go back in and remove the images from the content section it removes the scrolling gallery on the left, ultimately doing what it’s supposed to.

However, once I do that, I can’t manage the order of the images anymore since they no longer exist within the content area. Any fix or solution to this?


Hey Steve – we added a help article & screencast demonstration to clear up some things.

The number one thing to remember is not hit the “Insert into Post” button – a quirk I wish WP had done differently – because it will auto-save.