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A very nice workk mate, good job! Best wishes :)

Thanks Zisi!

Hey good template i like it

But i have some questions

Do you include in the futur the facebook comments?

In your template , we can like every posts , do you include in the futur a top 10 or whatever with the posts the most liked?



Hey Julien, no we do not have a widget to loop the most liked posts, but that’s a good idea :)


Great Theme, but having an issue with the portfolio—I can’t control the image order. How can I do this? I’ve even tried uploading one by one, batch and even file numbering.

Anything I’m missing? btw The documentation should include this…

Thanks for the quick reply! and that screen cast really helped. I really think you should add this to the portfolio section of the help pdf.

Thanks Rich.

Thanks again.

No problem. We’re working on a fully HTML/CSS documentation set to accompany the theme (videos and all).

Appreciate the feedback!

This looks like a terrific theme! just what I was looking for after hours of searching!

I like everything about Folo except one little thing. I love how you guys put the portfolio gallery at the bottom of the portfolio post (like on Acute and Weblog) My question is, would that be easy to add later on for a person like me that can only indentify code (not write it by any means)? Or would you give support for this and help me add it?

Thanks!! That little feature is a deal breaker for me!

We probably wont add it in (it would change too many customers’ websites a bit too much) though a filterable portfolio add on (a separate template) is within the scope of an update.

We don’t like to change core elements (blog/single views/portfolios) of themes because some people may not take these modifications lightly. Though template add ons, plugin compatibility, and general improvements we do take seriously – and love to do.

I understand. I don’t know much about code so I didn;t know how much of a change would that mean. Thanks for your response. I think then I wll go for Snazzy. Thanks!

Awesome. Let me know if you need anything, over at the Bean Support Center.

Pre-purchase question: I am interested in Folo, but I really like the feature on Snazzy that allows you to see a description when you mouse over the images in the portfolio. Is this feature available for Folo or would it be possible to add to the code if someone knew what they were doing?

Beautiful themes!

Sure, it’s possible (not too difficult really). You could probably easily grab the HTML and CSS straight from in the browser and get a couple Codex calls (title/permalinks) and you’re set.

And thanks!


Yesterday I buyed the Snazzy theme. But I was mistaked, I really want to buy Folo!

Can I change the theme please? I don’t gonna use Snazzy theme.

Sorry for the mistake. Thanks.

Hey Alberto, do you mind contacting us in the Bean Support Center – you’ll probably have to sort the refund from CreativeMarket (I don’t have that capability).

Hi ThemeBeans,

I send you and email here

I wait for your response. Thanks!

Sent. Thanks :)

Hi there.

Rad theme, just brought it and all setup and ready start filing with work!

I have 2 questions:

1. Can I make the portfolio thumbnails display in 3col instead of 4?

2. How do I decrease the overall width?

I just want to make it a little less wide.


Hey Letitfade, you can adjust the media queires via the /assets/css/mobile.css file (you’ll see the pixel widths in the @media parts, with the largest at the top). To adjust the actual image width, you could adjust the .isotope-item class.


I really really like Folo but I have a short question. Is it possible to add embedded/uploaded video and/or a gallery to a portfolio post?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Maul, not on the portfolio posts, but on the blog posts there is a specific Post Format for that – haha, that rhymed.


great theme! couple pre-purchase questions:

1) is there a way to keep the portfolio “thumbnails” but on click open something like a lightbox with the image being larger? (instead of going to a portfolio page)

2) is it possible to embed a video on a regular page?

3) i love how the portfolio thumbnails fade and turn black and white but only one remails full colored when the cursor is over it.. can this be set to default when the page opens?


Hey there.

1. Not by default, but with mild dev work it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

2. Yep, via default WordPress.

3. You could set a jquery trigger to load with a class that specifies the grayscale, then on hover remove the class (so the others can light up).


I just purchased your vanilia forum theme. How can I download it? I did not received any email from you. this is very urgent. Where is my purchase?

Hey Zozo, if you purchased the VanillaBean Theme though our website and the payment went through then you’ll be sent a download link (the current order status is pending from PayPal at the moment).

Awesome, clean, simple theme.

I had a question before purchase. Is it possible to have multiple work pages? For paintings, prints, etc?

I’ve used EasyDigitalDownloads before (using it on our site as well) and it works pretty well. It’s a bit of work to get right, but when it’s done – it’s practically flawless.

awesome thank you. did you guys figure out this not being up to upload a logo issue?

It’s not per every case, which leads me to believe it’s either outdated PHP or user upload method.

I have been emailing you guys a few times. I can’t upload the logo or the favico, seems there’s something wrong with the upload button or something. I already emailed you my log in credentials. Please help me.

Found em. They went to the spam folder for some reason. Responding now!

Edit: I was able to upload the image without any trouble, make sure you’re pushing the “Insert into Post” button there (review it in the video screencast I shot).

Hey ThemeBeans! Really loving the theme, it’s working out great for my portfolio. Hoping to launch by Friday! Anyhow, I am also having the problem of my Logo not showing up.

I feel I’ve done all the right steps, “Browse”, then Upload my image, then hit “Insert Into Post”, and all that shows up is a little trash icon. After I hit save changes, the trash can goes away and the Browse button comes back. No logo update.

Here’s a screen shot after I click Insert Into Post:

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Hey Stanton, do you mind contacting Support through the Bean Support Center – it’s way easier to keep things in check.

Anyhow, that’s strange – I’ve been getting reports of some people not being able to upload logos. Do you mind checking your PHP info (add <?php phpinfo() ?> to your header.php file and look at your website, top left) then you can delete it.

Send your login creds along with the php version and we’ll login and take a look for you.

Cheers! Rich

Also, Make sure you have the write permission on your uploads folder (755 or 777).

Thanks for a great theme! I’ve a few questions:

1. The submenutext dissapears and the submenu looks shifted? (

2. The page isn’t aligned with the header? (

3. How do I achieve the formatting of a portfolio item like in the themedemo, with the images to the right in a column? (

Grateful for quick repsonse. Cheers!


We uploaded a video here: to help with Folo uploading.

And here’s a walkthrough article:

I’m not quite sure what your other screenshots are of. Did you add a menu in the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Menus area and set up your drop downs there.

As a rule of thumb, disable your plugins for a second to see if they are conflicting with anything in the theme.



I’m not a coder, and I’m working with your theme for my daughter’s portfolio. I have been trying to figure a couple of things out and could use your help. Sorry, the list might seem extensive.

1) On the single item portfolio page, I would like to remove the forward and backward arrows. 2) On that same page, I would like to change the current Client, URL, and Skills labels. 3) On that same item, I would like the labels not to show if there is nothing in the admin boxes.

Even if you could point me to the correct page, I don’t mind trying to figure it out, but any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Ahhh I see. Ok – misunderstood you there. Uncomment it (so it’s back to normal) then head to lib/funtions/theme-functions.php and comment out or delete lines 495-497 and 507-509 (the page-previous and page-next spans.

That’ll do the trick!

That worked perfectly. Thank you for the quick and great help Rich.

When will snazzy be available on TF? Because I want to buy it.

No sorry, ThemeForest reviewers did not think the design was full enough and said it was “too flat.”... I know right.

It’s available on Creative Market though and it’s holding the #1 spot on Popular Themes list. :)

Ah too bad, because I like the features that are in snazzy :(

Yea me too. :)

Go buy it there, it’s pretty much the same deal as TF :)

Hey ThemeBeans!

Your theme looks really nice.

Does it support embedded video or uploaded video?

Is it possible not to show: archive or blog?

Is it possible to insert at e.g. a profile picture on Contact and deselect the newsletter feature?

I guess it is possible to add pages like an about page etc. ?


Hey Defehkt, please contact us via the Bean Support Center (as these are Snazzy related questions on the Folo thread – and it may confuse some people).

The audio post format is a blog format, not for the portfolio posts (which handle images). Did you see the screencast I did for uploading media to the portfolio post – it’s the same as in Folo.

I have contacted you through Bean Support.

Responded :)

Hello, There is any XML file available?

Nice theme!

Yup, sure is. Check the link below to download and install the demo data:

Cheers! Rich

Just purchased and looking for the XML file to upload demo info so that it looks like the example you show.

Can you let me know where to find it?

Good stuff, thanks for posting the answer for others. Really appreciate it. :)


I have been trying to purchase this theme.

I have tried two different of mine and one of a friends..both were not accepted.

How do i contact somebody so I can figure this out?

Hey, sorry to hear about your troubles. Envato Support handles all of these sorts of requests. I suggest opening a ticket with them here:

Cheers! Rich