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maximum number of columns to display portfolio on this theme?

Three columns of images is the widest on the portfolio view. The home recent portfolio’s widget can handle as many as you have per however wide the screen is.

Cheers, Rich

This theme looks great! Before I buy it, I have some questions:

1] Is it possible to display more than 3 images in a project?

2] Are you planning to add video support?


Hey Dartoumi – glad you like it :)

1. Yes, you can add as many as you’d like. 2. Possibly – it’s on the roadmap, just need to find a moment to implement and test it well. We already added the code in for our latest theme Krative – just need to bring it over and test, test, test.

Thanks! Looking forward to see this theme get even better. Keep up the good work ;)

Hi, great job! :) I have a question, is it possible for the portfolio to enable preload an image that tells the user that more images are being loaded? as is running the user might think that there are only the first images. Thank you very much.

Hey! Glad you’re liking the theme! It’s probably possible – you can try removing the display:none from line 598 (#page_nav) and adding an image or style to that. I have not tested this though.


Hello, thanks for your response, But what line 598 of what document? Thank you very much!

hello! Thanks, but are you sure that is the line 598? there is no file with that many lines. I confirm please where I could make the switch? thank you very much

hello, excuse me, for I have found online. But with the change you suggest does not work the preload. Is there any way you can enable a preload image while showing more results? for a template like this is essential to have it. Thank you very much! This was the line you indicated I modified, but does not work

<?php next_post_link(‘%link’, ’’); if(!get_adjacent_post(false, ’’, false)) { echo ’<style> {display:block}</style>’; } ?>

Oh, apologize for that – I had mixed up a couple comments here. If you have a future question do you mind contacting us through the Bean Support Center, it’s much easier to keep things in line. :)

I believe I was referring to style.css, to remove the display:none attribute from the #page-nav ID – if I’m right.

Really happy with this theme so far, it’s my first and it has been great to learn with.

A quick question – as far as the portfolio is concerned, is it possible to have the description of the images on a specific portfolio page actually sit below the image itself? If I have something specific to say about each image, I would rather have it accompany the image than sit on the side. I realize that small captions show up in the lightbox if the image is clicked on, but don’t want to rely on someone to do so to read about the piece.

My apologies if this has been asked for/covered before, just wanted to throw it out there. Great work!

Hey Todd – so glad you’re enjoying the theme!

By default if you’re using the Stacked Images layout for the portfolio post, then you can display the captions over the images like this: (screenshot: If you wanted to change that caption to display it below the image in a different style, you can edit the .media-caption class in style.css (or accompanied child theme).


What I also would like to see are some nice clean looking social media icons in case visitors decide to follow u on one of those options.

Thanks for the feedback Dartoumi – we’ll see what we can do :)

This theme is awesome!!

I just can’t figure out how to create a portfolio page. I see your helpful tutorial on portfolio posts, but how do I get the initial portfolio page (like the demo’s homepage) where the images float next to each other?

Hey there – glad you’re liking it! Check Section 2.1 of the Folo Help Documentation with details, but basically you just need to create a page with the Portfolio Template, then set it to your home page via the WP Dashboard > Settings > Reading Settings.

Cheers! Rich

YES! I got it up and running—thanks Rich!

Awesome – no problem :)


im a step to buy this amazing theme, but ive a couple of question before do it.

a) its possible in work page, load all the items? and not just when i scrool down.

b) always in home page, why the image became in bw when the mouse is in the the space between? its a bug?

c) in the detail page its possible to make the image wide like the stage? and not on the right?

thanks a lot! your theme rules

Hey Luka04, alrighty – here’s some answers for you:

1. You could either set the initial loading count in the theme options panel (screenshot: or modify the page-portfolio.php file to load “-1” posts – which means to load them all.

2. No, not a bug. I personally decided it would be best to have the whole container turn black/white – otherwise it would seem almost too jumpy having the images flash between colorful & grayscale when you’re scrolling and viewing them.

3. Not by default it isnt – though with a bit of customizing the single-portfolio.php file, you can get that effect. :)

Thanks! Really appreciate that, Cheers! Rich

Hi! i have a question it is posible to sett up 2 portfolios ?

Hey Paumorgan, it’s possible to separate them via the portfolio categories. For example, separate your photography portfolio and your design portfolio.

is quickstart available?

Hey there, we’ve the demo data downloadable this guide here to get you started. Is this what you’re referring to?

Cheers, Rich

Page not found ( can u plz send it 2 me via email mb? it possible to customize and add more columns to the portfolio page?

2.if I add a video item without selecting a featured image, how will it appear on the portfolio?

1. Not without some customization to the single-portfolio.php template.

2. The portfolio does not support video posts, just images which trigger the jquery viewer.

Hi, i just wanted to know how long till video support? And if there will be a better way of adding images. Finally i have a issuu flash embedment to add how do i go about doing this?


App Juice

Hey AppJuice, probably by the end of this week (Friday/Saturday). What error are you having with flash embed? Do you mind contacting the Bean Support Centerwith it?

Cheers, Rich

hi beans,

I will contact beans support. Thanks for all your help

App Juice

Responded :)

Hi, great theme! But in the Internet Explorer, when you go inside the actual portfolios, the picture overlaps the text. Is that a bug? Can it be fixed? Thanks, Sandra

Hey Sgaetke, what version of the theme are you using and do you have a URL that I could take a look at?

Do you mind contacting the Bean Support Center and we’ll see what’s up?

Appreciate it! Rich

I have bought the template. Currently i have only this same question about captions on the portfolio images.

I am interested in Folo, but I really like the feature on Snazzy that allows you to see a description when you mouse over the images in the portfolio. Is this feature available for Folo or would it be possible to add to the code if someone knew what they were doing?
  • You answered Sure, it’s possible (not too difficult really). You could probably easily grab the HTML and CSS straight from in the browser and get a couple Codex calls (title/permalinks) and you’re set. *

Can u please tell me what code and where should i paste to see it work?

Hey Supreme3, you’ll want to grab the contents within the portfolio-overlay class (page-portfolio.php line 41-49) but also look how the a link is encompassing that div, which is above the portfolio-thumb div.

Once you pull those elements into Folo, you’ll need to grab the CSS elements from Snazzy’s style.css (lines 571-585) and put those in Folo’s stylesheet. You may need to do some other typography mods, so prefix your styles with .portfolio-overlay and you won’t risk overwriting anything.

Cheers! Rich

Hey TB,

love the folo theme!! Simple and beautiful!

Unfortunately im an idiot and didnt check for video integration. Actually i cant really understand why there is no such thing… but: There must be a way to display a simple Embedded Vimeo on the right portfolio column, right? Would you be so kind to point me in the right direction? Otherwise my purchase would be pretty much useless… :/

Hey Jeffrey, Folo is built to put portfolio images to the forefront – without a copious amount of extra code that displays videos/audio posts as well (that about 20% of users actually employ) – which is why we decided to hold out on it at the moment.

But, we have decided to do an update to add video embed support to the portfolio posts and this update should be available by Monday/Tuesday next week at the latest.

We’re working hard to keep improving our themes even after launch, so if you have any other feedback I’d be more than cheered to read it. :)

that sounds awesome. thank you!

Please tell me how can i past an image to the right of the template on page for example?


Please tell me how can i make an image in portfolio to be a link to a blog item?! What i mean is that: just to assign a link 2 image in portfolio?

Hey Supreme3, do you mean a featured image on the portfolio page – like if you clicked on a portfolio post on the portfolio template (home page on the demo) that would link to a post?

You could assign redirects via an external plugin, or modify the loop and output structure of the portfolio template in order to get it to pull posts instead of portfolio posts.


... 2 bad its not possible to make it via template. Its horrible that portfolio posts cant lead to usual articles.

Sorry about that Supreme3. I’m unaware of any stock themes that would include this as a viable option in the theme itself. In almost every case the portfolio loop is built to pull portfolio posts and the blog loop is for blog posts.

It would be double-kill to link portfolio posts and blog index posts to the same single view.

Hi there,

Digging the theme, but before I buy… is there a way to put the social icons in the title/menu bar at the top? Or some other way to have the social links prominently displayed? I need to have those puppies front & center.


Hey Tiger, not by default there isn’t – but I would probably code in a simple list of icons either under the branding tagline or to the right of it (screenshot of where:

Whoa, thanks for the super quick reply!

So, sorry, I’m not great with WP… Is that going to be something that a knucklehead like me is going to be able to figure out without spending all weekend? :)

Also, I didn’t notice a soundcloud social icon on your demo page. Do you have one in the theme?

I don’t think it’d be very difficult as it’d be entirely an HTML/CSS add in without any PHP needed. You would need to add it in header.php, probably around line 65 (if you were going to do it the way I was thinking).

If you know your way around HTML/CSS it’d be a breeze. :)

Hello, I really like the theme and want to buy it, but i have a question. Can i categorise the work that is in the home page? or can i make the navigation as categorising the work like photography, typography and so on and if i click on any of the navigation the photography that is in the home page appears in photography page and so on. I hope that you got my question.


sorry, Another question, Can i upload a video? Thanks again :)

Hey Norona. You could separate them via cateogories, like these here:

And you could set one of these to be the home page. If I’m understanding you correctly, then yes you could set links for the different categories of the portfolio.

There is a video post format with the blog posts but not yet in the Portfolio Posts. We are pushing the finishing touches on an update to provide this functionality, as well as a couple others, to the theme this week.

Cheers, Rich

I’ve purchased the theme. Looks great!

But it only works on certain computers. On my iMac its fine. On the pc laptop its fine, on my mac laptop & my brothers sometimes i have to click in and out of the pages up to 5 times for the info & images to load up.

On the mobile phone its all of the show too.

Is this meant to happen?

I’ve not had any problems like this on my other websites :-(

Hey Hugh no this is not supposed to happen (never heard of the clicking in/out issues before on any website) – very curious as I develop a lot on my Mac laptop. Do you mind contacting the Bean Support Center with your query and URL so we can take a look for you?

Also, try turning off external plugins for a moment, clear your cache, and refresh to see if the error still persists. Let us know in your message if it does/does not please. Oh and inform us of the browsers too. Thanks!

Cheers, Rich