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Awesome theme, but how can i get the homepage to show my work like in the live preview?

Kind regards, Emiel

Gotcha, you can change line 64 of lib/widgets/widget-newsletter.php where it currently says this: <?php _e(‘Subscribe’,’bean’); ?>

Cheers, Rich

Thanks! that worked for me :)

Hey, that looks pretty cool and close to what I am currently looking for. Is there a way to categorize the portfolio items? And maybe filter it by ajax? If not – do you have close plans to implement that feature? Thank you!

Hey 100wunder (cool name btw). You can categorize them by the portfolio category into separate pages (links below). We do not plan to introduce a ajax filter in Folo – mostly because of the subtle infinite loading technique and simple/elegant experience the theme currently offers.


Any plans to add a gallery, or can you recommend a gallery to use with this theme? Do you see any problems with me integrating woocommerce into this theme?

Thanks for that – fixed now. :)

Ah I see. We don’t have plans at the moment to introduce that kind of lightbox/filtering to Folo but it’s on the list for future themes for sure – the same with WooCommerce.

Thanks again, Rich

Just one more prepurchase question, trying to decide between your theme and this one – is there a way for your portfolio to have a load button and filtering instead of infinite scroll? Can you have to different “work” pages (basically 2 different portfolios) using your theme?

No there is not a filtering system nor a load more button – currently it’s just the infinite loading js function.

And yup, you can split portfolios via the category. Here’s an example.

The theme looks perfect for my architecture work. Is there a list of links for how people have customized it for their own websites? Thanks so much!

Hey JolieKerns, glad you like the theme! We’re compiling some user’s sites for a theme showcase but it’s not quite ready yet.

Cheers, Rich

Just installed. Pictures I attached to my blog posts show up in the “Related Posts” section, but they do not show up in the main blog. Any ideas? Should they be a specific dimension?

edit: Nevermind, seems you have to select “image” as the post format, now I have to go through all my posts I suppose?

Hey Dailce, a bit confused here.

If you upload an image, and set it to the featured image, then your portfolio will display on the portfolio page. You need to have the featured image set in order to display the portfolio post on the portfolio template.

I created it this way because the featured images and the single post portfolio images are two completely different sizes. And I think uploading a featured image will fix your error there.

For the Gallery Settings box, only the images uploaded to through meta field will display, otherwise you can check the uploaded posts via the “Uploaded to this Post” selector in the media manager of the post.

Hope this clears things up!

Ah. I feel like such a noob. I was thinking that the image displayed on the portfolio page was coming from the first image in the gallery settings box, not the featured image. In that case, it’s working perfectly as it should. Sorry for any trouble.

Awesome – it happens :)

Cheers! Rich

Hey there, I’m looking to have only 2 columns similar to

Is that possible?


It’s possible if you know a bit of code. You would take the media query CSS and adjust it a bit to the default theme styles.


Loving it so far. On the comments form in your demo, it doesn’t validate the inputs as it does on the contact form, is there a way to do that?

Got it working :)

Glad to hear :)


I’m a writer, and most of my work is on webpages and copy, so the text is really what I want people to see. When I post images to the gallery (I usually just get entire web page images), they open up relatively small in the lightbox—which makes it difficult to read. Is there any way I can get the images to open up full size so clients can read the information right there in the lightbox as they scroll through it?

Besides that issue, this is a great theme. SUPER lightweight and clean (just how us writers like it).



Hey Pengu, glad you’re liking it. Are you referring to the light box feature, such as on this page here?

Those images will open up at max width, as long as your browser allows. For instance, this is how big the image is that I’ve uploaded, but when the screen is smaller, the image accommodates that screen size – in order to ensure maximum visibility.

It is possible to modify these a bit with the CSS that starts on line 699, marked with “CUSTOM VIEW.JS CSS THEME”.

I hope this is what you were referring to! If you like Folo, you’ll really like what we just uploaded this morning for review. It’s killer :)

Cheers, Rich

Hi ThemeBeans,

I have a question about the font for this theme. Can i install or using different font form the original font in the theme? Thanks Bun

Yup, you’re in the clear! You may update your WP version without any problems.


Thnak you for your feedback

No probs,


About the twitter widget. It seems to be adding a period ie. ”.” at the end of links that are part of the tweet. Also, is there any way to have two instances of the twitter widget? Thanks.

Hmm that’s odd. Do you mind copying this comment to our Bean Support Center with your URL so I can check it out for you?

I do not think it’s possible with the current build of the plugin – most definitely not on the same page, but maybe on different ones – I’ll look into it some more for you.


Hi looks great, just want to know how customisable this would be if I was to restyle to have title at top, image in middle, and description below and have different sized tiles. With a feature larger version in the middle.

See here for a rough idea:

Hey Ross, if you know your way around code a bit then you wont have a too much of a problem customizing it like so. If you’re not a developer-type then I would recommend posting a customize request on Microlancer.

Cheers, Rich

I want to create a page template that displays a certain portfolio category so that I can assign this as the home page.

Where do I modify this in the loop to display a certain portfolio category?

$args = array(
'post_type'         => 'portfolio',
'orderby'             => 'menu_order',
'order'             => 'ASC',
'paged'             => $paged,
'posts_per_page'     => $portfolio_paged,
query_posts($args); if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); 

I think the smarter way to do this would be to use a conditional statement

if( is_home() ) {

this would possibly solve the menu problem. Thoughts?

Ah I see what you want to do. The is_home could do the trick.

Would you be able to post the code here along with the else statement? Just in case other people would want to do the same thing. Thanks!

How do you go about making different catogories for the portfolio?

Whats the difference between that and just making multiple for for design?

So I have the blog set up as the posts page..I have the contact page set the logo and all that good stuff..but however..

I have created a portfolio post called art..I made two separate categories..I deleted the page art..and just put the portfolio most on the menu…also put the categories as the sub items for art so they do show up on the pop down now when you click on art on the takes you to the post with the images..but the images are uploading in a horizontal order and nothing is in the do I make them appear scattered as in the well as separate my media into categories?

here is the URL..

Also, on the post under the URL i just sent you..there is a broken link to the left of the page..with the little boxes..what is that for?

Sorry for all the questions and thank you for your help.

Here’s the screencast.

They are loading side-by-side for the most part because of the allotted space, and the images being thinner & what do you mean by “scattered”?

Do you mind contacting us with your response through the Bean Support Center? Would be much much better than spamming/filling the comment wall with support questions.

Thanks! Rich

Hi, I previously asked a couple of questions at the Wonder theme comments section comparing Folo with Wonder. I’m now pretty set on buying Folo but just had some questions regarding the margins.

Can I increase the size of left and right margin (white space) as I find it too close to the edge of the screen at the moment? (I hope this question makes sense). If I can, is it via CSS? Would you be able point out which lines of CSS to change once I purchase the theme?

Thank you.

Hey Zceline! Awesome, glad you’re interested in Folo, personally Wonder toots my horn – but Folo is pretty sexy as well :)

For the container margins, those are relatively easy to modify – though the primary concern would be the responsive queries that are triggered based on the size of the screen. As your size gets smaller, so does the row width (set in mobile.css, at the top) – in order to ensure a sweet viewing experience throughout devices.

Those numbers may need a little tweaking, as you add margin/padding to the grid – but we’ll definitely point you in the right direction!

Cheers, Rich

Hi again!

First off, I couldn’t find a support forum for this so I am posting here. Happy to log this at a separate support forum if there’s one – please let me know!

Anyway, I’ve purchased the theme now and I can’t figure out this problem. I do not want my blog posts to be cut off so I’ve set the Custom Excerpt Length to 1000 so the entire blog entry will show up. This works fine on posts that are just full of text, however, when I want to post an entry that is has text and images interspersed, only the text shows up and I have to go into the blog post to display the entire post with the pictures in between. For example, I would like my blog page to display entries like where an entire post is displayed with text and multiple images.

I’ve experimented with this and realised that if I set the post as an ‘Image’ post and put a featured image, it will display the featured image at the top of the post, but if there are other images further down the entry, it will still not display unless I view the individual blog entry.

Would you be able to please tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Hey! Yup, we do have a Support Center to handle all support requests. Do you mind copying your comment here as a message there? Would be much easier and we’ll be in direct contact via email.

Thanks! Rich

Can I easily set another page as the home page, a full width page, for example like in the demo? Then have the portfolio page be another page in the navigation? Thanks!

Hey LisaLeague – yup, that’s a setting in your WordPress Dashboard, General Reading Settings. :)



Is it possible to exclude a Port Folio category from the “Portfolio Page” ?

Or, is it possible to set a specific “Portfolio Category” as home page?

See if this works here. Add this below line 27 (and before the 28) of page-portfolio.php ( That may do the trick.

The taxonomy needs to be “portfolio_category” and the slug is your category variable there.


I was wondering if there is a way to make the site fixed at a 3 column width. If so, any assistance would be much appreciated!

Oh and I was hoping to add a thin horizontal rule beneath the header. How can I do this?

Thank you :)

Hey @DaniGood23, do you mean to take out the responsive nature and cap the width at 3 columns? this screenshot here portrays the element that caps the 3 column width when you shrink your browser window smaller than 900px. You can move those CSS elements to the corresponding element in framework.css if that’s what you’re looking for. :)

For the HR, to manually add it as an HR HTML element, you could add it to header.php, probably around line 90.

Hope this helps! Rich

Is there any way to disable the responsive feature?

Hey Manuel, not within the options but it is possible to go in and pull out the responsive works from the framework.css file, as well as the mobile.css file. Anything inside the @media queries.

do you have sample data? xml

for wordpress import…

Hey Jason, sure do on this support center article you can download the XML for Folo, as well as all our themes. :)

Cheers, Rich


I’m interested in buying this theme, but I use a lot of vimeo video’s in my portfolio, is it possible to add them as a portfolio item?


Yup! There’s a meta selector for the type of portfolio you’d like to use. Here’s a screenshot:

Cheers, Rich