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Hi, installing this nice theme for a friend who bough it. On WP 3.6 there is an error : warning: invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homez.744/calkstudu/www/wp-content/themes/folo/single-portfolio.php on line 61

Any idea just a thing, can’t add skills

Best regards


sorry new to WP not for cms. Blog is a PAGE or a CATEGORIES ?

Sorry again, finaly find all questions myself. Nice theme and good doc. TY etienne

Haha it happens ;)


I would like to show my Portfolio Tags on every portfolio project (just under the portfolio column project description).

Is it possible?

We do have that functionality on some of our themes – but we use categories instead of tags as there’s typically more in a group to display. I don’t know if we’ll add that to Folo anytime soon.

Understood! The code I posted seems to work fine! I show now both, Categories and Tags. I’ll try to make the “Tag link customization”. If I’ll success, I’ll post the code :)

Anyway, really nice theme, simple and clean. The content loading is very fast!!!!

Thanks mate!

Would really appreciate it you would rate the theme in your Downloads section of ThemeForest – helps out big time. :)

Thanks, Rich

Hi! Great theme, and great work. I have a question, i want to put on the same portfolio item a vimeo video and image gallery but i have to choose between the 2 types, is possible to put both together?

Thanks in advance.

David Carrillo.

This is the first we’ve heard of this type of request so I don’t think we will work it into a future build (it’s a bit out of the box). I would say it’s about a medium level of difficulty. The more difficult part would be connecting a meta field to display below the media area (in meta-portfolio.php and single-portfolio.php). Without a decent understanding of meta and PHP you may need to find a developer to pull it together for you (shouldn’t take him/her more than an hour or two tops).


Ok! thanks for your reply. Keep up the good work. ;)

Thanks mate! Appreciate it :)

Bean Social WordPress Plugin

The latest addition to the Bean Plugin family – Bean Social WordPress Plugin. It generates a nice widget and provides quite a few shortcode options for you to place icons anywhere and everywhere. Give it a look – oh & of course it’s free.

Cheers! Rich

Bean Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

The latest (and arguably the greatest) addition to the Bean Plugin family – Bean Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin. Give it a look – yup, it’s free too.

Cheers! Rich

Hi, thanks for the theme… I have some problem with portofolio type gallery when I edit a portofolio post. I can’t insert images with the gallery settings (upload works but doesn’t insert into post). And it’s the same problem with de Media Upload button (drag and drop doesn’t works). I desactivate others plugins, but it’s not solving the problem. Is it possible that the “drag and drop WP media uploader” doesn’t work because of the server configuration? Thanks for your reply. pierredb

Server issues probably would not affect the media uploading, unless there was a javascript error derived from something. Have you followed the portfolio media video for Folo on our Support Center?

If theres still an issue, contact our support team with your query and we’ll help you out. :)

In the future would you mind contacting us through our Support Center and we’ll have the team to help you out. It is much easier maintaining communication through official channels rather than comments here. Thanks!



Love the clean style on this theme. Is it possible to have a drop-down menu for different portfolio categories, I plan to have 5 portfolio areas (work areas). So ‘Work’ button (portfolio button) drops-down to Logos, illustrations, photography, art, so on.

Thanks, Rick

Hey Ricmar222, yup you can set that up in the WP Appearance > Menus area. No problem :)


Thats great, thanks.

No problem :)

Hi, I would like to know how to add border-radius:15 on picture on portfolio Folo page. I try to edit framework.css but when I inspect the code with chrome… Nothing change its always, border: none Same problem with opacity on style.css Is something override css code? Thanks for your reply. :) Mathieu

I’m not quite following you there. I tested that CSS on local build without any problems. Do you mind contacting us via our Bean Support Center if you have any other questions. :)

finally I found! I had forgotten to delete a test line in the css. Thank you for your help!

No problem :)


Folo has been a great theme, but I cannot figure out how to set the post images to have show captions. I’ve created captions in the CMS, but I’m not seeing captions in the front-end. Is this a setting that I don’t know about, or something I have to modify in the child theme? If I have to modify it in the child theme, where would I do this?

Thanks in advance -R

I’ve seen this question unanswered so maybe this will be a bump. My post images are missing their captions. They appear in the edit area, just not when published. I’m hoping it’s just a one button click somewhere I’ve overlooked for this theme.

Hey DoubleADesign, I’m working on a fix (as well as an updated media manager in full) to touch up image captions, and make the media manager much easier and intuitive to work with.

Happy New Year, Rich

Excellent, it’s a much needed fix. I’m making due with the use of the columns shortcode. I’m almost glad I’ve been forced to try an alternate method as it does look nice.

Also, for those of us using the Jetpack carousel is there any code we can add to the custom CSS page to have it extend the width of the page column?

Not that it’s necessarily a problem but with how the pages are set up the Jetpack subscription functionality is no longer useful. This is more a comment for the forum readers. I’ll make the merge to use Mail Chimp at some point.

Have a great 2014!

I’ll take a look at Jetpack as well. Thanks for the info!


Hey, great theme!

Starting to upload things into the portfolio but on the portfolio page the featured image shows up before the gallery content, how do I disable that?

Cheers, Seb

Hey there! Glad you’re liking the theme so far! Are you uploading your retina featured image on the portfolio post?


Great theme, I’m planning to get it for an artist portfolio. What about video, does it support vimeo?

Yup, it sure does – any embedded video code will do.


Thanx, wich plugin is better to ad a downloadable pdf files? for example in a portfolio…

Hey Sebrr, I would recommend just uploading them via your WP Media Dashboard, then just linking to the actual PDF (use a button shortcode if you’d like). This way you don’t need a whole plugin just for this here.

Alternatively, you could check out Easy Digital Downloads, but it’s a bit more work than the first option.

Cheers, Rich

Read the paragraph text right above your circle there. It says “BEANPORTFOLIO”.



How can I disable the greying out of images on the portfolio scrolling page? Thanks in advance. You guys have been super helpful.

Hey there! Sure, simply remove the grayscale line in style.css on line 621 – screenshot:


Totally makes sense. But, it still has a hover effect. I even tried deleting the whole hoover section. I tried just 621, then 614, then both.

There’s a ghost in the machine somewhere!

Ah, well the grayscale is gone, but if you also want to remove the opacity, then remove it from line 615 (screenshot:

That should do the trick :)


That worked. And changing line 618 from opacity: 1.0; to opacity: 2.0; did exactly what I wanted.

Hope this thread helps others as much as it did for me.

Thanks again!!!

No problem!


Does this theme have a filer function like others, Koi, Grille, and Wonder?

Hey Kawakawa, no Folo does not have a filtered portfolio template.

Cheers, Rich

Hi, love the theme!

Is it possible to add a logo (jpeg) in instead of the text?

Many thanks

Pretty sure we talked via the Help Center, but just in case (and for other folk) yup sure is possible. :)


Hi I’m having problem with the Snazzy theme. It was all working fine yesterday unfortunately today i cannot see my home page. I’ve reinstalled Wordpress but I cannot get home page working again.

My new portfolio pages are going to rathe than my home page link

How do i make it work help Thanks a lot

Hey Viloa82, please contact us at the Bean Help Center for questions related to Snazzy (this is the comment feed for the Folo theme). Reply there :)

It’s hard to tell without details, but have you assigned your home page to display via the Theme Customizer (near the bottom)?


Hello, again, loving the theme and its clarity. However just a small question, how could I change the position of the default drop down menu? For instance, simply raising or lowering the box that drops down when I hover over a link?

Hey there :)

This CSS should do the trick:

#header-container .main-menu .sub-menu {
top: 125px!important;

Love this theme.

However I have an Issue with with the captions on the Portfolio galleries. if the caption contains a ’ ( apostrophe ) it cuts the caption in the lightbox view and breaks the code as the code obviously sees it as the end of the text quote example <text=’this is text and it’s > would end the text cutting off the s and the end of it’s .

Yup, sure is! I’m doing final testing – but should have something uploaded by the end of the day. :)

Thanks for your patience!

fantastic. you guys are awesome!

As are you my friend! The update went live yesterday afternoon and included a couple new widgets and some back end UI adjustments (mostly in the widgets view and the new widget adder via the Theme Customizer).