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Thanks for theme! Maybe you can help. When i open a porfolio item it don’t have navigation. Thanks.

Hey there! Yup sure can. Do you have the Single Portfolio Pagination enabled via the Theme Customizer (screenshot:

Am I missing something? when you use the “sort” function for the portfolio. the order is correct when using the forward and back buttons in the portfolio pages themselves.


Is there away to sort the order of portfolio thumbnail grid ( by on the default theme. )



Sorry I worked it out . if anyone else has over looked this feature it can be found in page-portfolio.php

around line 33

Yup, that’s right. Thanks for pointing that out for others :)


Is it possible to have a lightbox portfolio slideshow on the homepage? So a lightbox shows when clicking a portfolio image of the slideshow.

Tnx, Daan

Hey Daan, Folo does not have a lightbox grid portfolio template included. Our latest theme Macho does have two templates like this though (example 1, example 2)

Cheers! Rich

Wrong theme, question was meant for Macho. Regards Daan

Ah gotcha. Yup then you can set either of those templates as your homepage without a doubt :)


Hi themebeans I have some problem with the contact form in my website. I can’t recive any email from the client. If you have any idea to fix this issue that would a great help. Thanks

Hey Bunsom, do you mind contacting us through our official Help Center with your login details so my team can run some tests for you? Chances are it’s either a host related issue, or an external plugin messing with the output – as we use the same contact JS/PHP in all our themes. We’ll figure it out either way!

Thanks, Rich

ThemeBeans Help Center | Folo Help Guide

Is there any effect on the website if i update the new version Wordpress 3.9.1?

Works perfectly – no problems!

I have purchased this theme. I love the aesthetic but I have some trouble with things that aren’t working and nobody would answer my emails trough the support site. It won’t let me upload any image bigger than 100Kbs (when it says that the max is 2MB). This affects the look of my blog very much. It also won’t let me rearrange the Portfolio projects in the order I choose. It doesn’t matter how I shuffle them, they always appear in the same order as they where uploaded. Please help me fix this problems. Thank you.

Hey there, what is your support ticket number? We usually try to respond within 24 hours so we may not have gotten to it yet – though I’m sure we will today :)

Chances are the limitations in file size are set via your WP install/permissions as themes do not have that kind of capability.

For your second question, we have an article referencing how to trigger the portfolio sorting feature of the Bean Portfolio Plugin (if you’re using an older version of the theme). Basically, you’ll want your ‘order’ key to equal ‘ASC’ and your ‘orderby’ key to equal ‘menu_order’ within page-portfolio.php.

Cheers! Rich

Thanks!! I just fixed the Portfolio issue, now I will try to fix the other one, although I have no idea about this kind of things… Well, thanks very much, have a nice day.

Let us know if you need anything via our Help Center. Cheers!

Hello, love the theme. I’m curious to know how to change the blog section from reading the excerpt only to showing the full content. Please accept my apology if this has been asked and answered. I did a search prior to posing the question. Thank you.

Hey Ahmier, you would need to change line 69 of inc/post-formats/content.php to: <?php the_content(); ?>

You may need to do the same thing on the other content files (for the different post formats) as well.

Cheers! Rich

Hi, I have some questions

I have a web with portfolio, when I upload a gallery, it’s possible desactivate the “full screen” gallery when I click picture.?

I can customize gallery php and what it’s the route of php files?

I can made a multi language site with folo them whit portfolio?

What is the compatible plug in for multilanguage site?


Hi there, great template I’m looking for a simple homepage portfolio like yours and what i see sound great ! I have a question : is it possible to add some filtering to the homepage portfolio ? (categories filtering) Thanx for your answer ;) Best regards


Hey Blackspirit! Folo does not have a filtering capability (yet) but I do have an update in the works for it!


If this has been answered already, feel free to link me to that. I would like to set up a menu option to show all blog posts. Do I need to set that up a menu option with all blog categories checked, or is there a way to auto-select all posts to show (My main page is the portfolio page).

Thank you!

Hey Wanderlane! You could use the standard Recent Posts widget (the default WordPress version) and tell it the number of posts to display – but not which specific posts unfortunately.

Hello! Love the theme! I have managed to just about getting it working but there’s warning messages within the portfolio pages and on the contact page. Clearly I’ve done something wrong but I don’t know what! Any hep would be grately appreciated!

Also, I’d like a blog link that links to an external blog is this possible?

Thanks so much!


And also, why don;t the images in the portfolio stay in the order you want them? Thanks, Jen

Hey Jen – wow, you’ve done a nice job with Folo for sure! Love your work!

What warning messages are you getting? Are they only displaying when you’re logged in?

For your blog link, you could simply create a menu, then add a Link, with any URL you’d like (if you were using a different web address for the blog). You would then need to install Folo on your other domain, if you’d like to have the blog output like in our demo.

Cheers! Rich

Hi Rich, thanks for getting back to me and thanks for the compliment! Its a really lovely theme. I got a friend to remove the warning messages so they’re not a problem anymore.

I have a Tumblr blog that I already use so wanted that button to link directly to it. So I just create a new page? I got that far but cannot see what else to do? Also, There is a button that doesn’t do anything and the word ‘skills’ that I would like to remove, can you help with this? Thanks so much, Jen

You don’t need to create a new page, just simply head into your WP Dashboard > Appearance > Menus, and add a Link (with your Tumblr blog URL) to your menu. This way you will link to your blog, without having to create a page and redirect it to your Tumblr blog. Does that make sense – or am I off in left field here? :)

And of course – lovely work deserves praises! Rich

Great theme!

I had a quick question regarding the mobile phone view. As of now it displays the site in a normal web view but much smaller. I notice on my mac that if I decrease the window size by a certain amount the portfolio grid constrains to single items and you get a nice hamburger menu that’s very nice for mobile users. Is there any way to make this the default view for phone users?


Hey mate!

Are you viewing the website through an iframe, or via our Theme Switcher? If you’re looking at our demo, from your phone, you’ll see the responsive version. But if you’re loading the website via iFrame, the iFrame is incapable of identifying window width.

If it’s happening on your install, shoot us a message via our Help Center with your URL and my team or I will take a look and see what’s up.

Cheers! Rich

Last questions:

Can you setup the navigation in the portfolio to go in order from first to last? Right now it seems to skip around..

Can the grid of portfolio items be perfect squares or does it have to be irregular?

Is it possible to keep the site in responsive view in landscape for iPad? Right now it seems to revert back to full browser settings instead of an iPad landscape responsive view…

Hey mate, the portfolio pagination should be pulling them in order of publish date, via category I believe (though I’ll double check).

Yup you can. I just uploaded different sized images in the demo :)

Also possible (may even add this in for the next update, as this is common practice now-a-days). You just need to mod line 304 of mobile.css to “768” instead of “767” (screenshot: You could also add it via landscape (which would be “1024” – though this isn’t necessity the best practice, as it’s usually a good idea to let the user decide how he/she would like to view it.

Hope this helps! Rich

This totally helps. Right now I’m inbetween Folo and Krative. My only last question is, can the related projects be added to the folo theme under the single project view like it does in Krative?

Folo does not have the related portfolio posts option (as of yet, though I may add it as an update, since it’s a popular request) – though Krative does. Folo is already on our v2.0 framework system (which is quite better in many many ways) but Krative cranks it out!

Cheers! Rich

I created a wordpress 4 website with your theme. I liked the portfolio function so I setup all the portfolio posts as was said in the Help documentation. Once I created the portfolio page it was empty. I’ve tried everything to get it to work but nothing gets it done. Did I miss something?

I just found out that the HTML for the portfolio items is being generated but the page looks like it’s empty.

Oh, I found out that that the theme needs featured images to show anything on the portfolio page.

Yup featured images are a necessity to allow your posts to display (you need something to click on! :-] ). Adding those should have resolved it all. If you have any future questions, please contact our team via the Bean Help Center. Thanks!

Hi there, is there any way to increase the amount of columns on the home page?

Yup! You can use the following CSS, but using any width you’d like:

.isotope-item { width: 100px; }

Cheers, Rich


No problem mate!

Hey there

A couple of things – I have tried to use the Custom CSS editor and it isn’t working – Do you have any idea why? I can give you access to the backend if that helps.

Also – my logo is a bit taller then the theme logo so the nav hover effect is too short – what CSS do I need to change to amend this.

Any help greatly appreciated. Mel

Hey Mel! I’m able to get the Customizer CSS Editor working on my local and demo builds – it could be a caching issue most likely (with a plugin caching your CSS and not allowing mods). If not, do you mind contacting our Help Center and we’ll have someone check it out.

We’ll help you out with the logo CSS as well.

Cheers! Rich

Hello Themebeans! Is it possible to have the social icons in the footer?

best, Séb

It’s not possible via the current theme files, but you could add them in pretty easily with a bit of HTML/CSS in footer.php

Cheers, Rich


How can I add a portafolio category with short codes into every wordpress site?, I need to categorize all portfolio per pages.



Hey Santiago, the portfolio already categorizes your portfolio posts via the portfolio_category taxonomy. Theres no custom portfolio category short code though.

Cheers, Rich

Hey Team,

how can I add every category on every page?

By default your portfolio will output every category on the portfolio templates and portfolio archivial views. If you want to output a page with a specific category, you can use the built-in terms URL, like this:

That page only shows the portfolio images within the design portfolio category.

If you have further questions, please direct them to our official Help Center and our team will help out :)

Cheers, Rich