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Really like the look of this. Am wondering how hard it would be to place video in the phone’s screen?

I’ve also noticed that if my browser is sized fairly narrow, the screenshot pops off the phone. Any way to prevent that?

I just purchased this item and the PSD does not have anything below the testimonials – the file just stops, but the demo had a footer and the other sections – why is this not on the PSD ? :(


When someone sends an email from the contact form then the site looks like this :

How can i prevent it from doing that?

And when someone sends something via the same form and it´s wrong then the red “You must enter….” pops up but the site doesnt scroll down to it so you need to scroll down by your self to see it.

Is it possible to make it scroll down by it self?

How can i make the Intro Features PurchaseTestimonial Enquiries “micro sites” be hidden ´til clicked? Like a “normal” site so it wont be a long site?

Sorry for all the trouble i´m making you guys. :)

Love the template!

Can you provide an option for a male hand in the portrait position instead of female hand as an option, or direct me where to get it?


Hi, Great theme! I would love to buy the WordPress version but the link is broken. Is it still available?


what is the name of the font used for this? can you send it to me please?



Lots of images where it could have been headline text. Lets it down a little and kind of wastes an opportunity to do it right, right out of the box. If you’re into editing Photoshop images for individual headlines, go for it as it’s a nice looking theme, just pretty labour intensive for what it can achieve.


Hi, the wordpress version link is dead and it seems to be missing ?

The wordpress link is not working. Is there a WP version available?

I’m also wanting the Wordpress version. Is that not available?

Hi can someone please help me. I have just bought this template and extracted it onto my site. but to view the page, I need to add /website at the end of my domain name. Eg.

how do I install it so it displays when just typing ???

someone please help