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Have you help to setup problems or other problems with the Turkish language support

If you have purchased our template, we can help you get up and running. If you use the latest version, there shouldn’t be any problem with Turkish language support. See this thread


Please update to a modern browser—> I am getting this for my website what should i do?

Please see this thread

All support is conducted on the forums.

regards, Joel

I have updated the last version of the templet but still has a same problem

Please post on the forums where we handle all our support.

regards, Joel

I tried to follow the installation method 1 mentioned in the Fontaine installation documentation but it fails.

I get this error:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

I tried installing downloaded from Everything went fine.

But when I use I get Internal Server Error.

I had a quick comparison of and and I noticed that in there is joomla.xml file missing and tmp folder is also missing.

Also, I have noticed that is also missing from the that I download from Theme Forest.

Can someone please help me solve this problem.



All our support is conducted via our forums. please open a thread on the forums: If you don’t have an account, please create one here:

regards, Joel

Dear Author,

I want to purchase the theme and its very good theme , my question is Can I divide the slider area into 2 sections left for menu and right for slider


With some customization on the module layout, this is possible. Once you purchase the template, please contact us on the forums and we’ll help you configure the module.

ok, I will purchase now

Thanks for purchasing. Once you are ready, please post on our forums and we’ll help you with the customizations.

Hi Arrow Themes, I have a pre-sales question: Is it possible to have a logo larger than width=”200” height=”80”? I would like to have a logo image that goes across the width of the page. Is that possible with this theme? Thank you for your great theme.

Here’s an example of a site using Fontaine with a full width logo:

wonderful, thank you :-)

You’re welcome :)


susan3 Purchased


I need support i have purchased fontaine template i tried to follow your instruction in documentation but i didn’t make it

1. I have upload the quickstart to my website 2. I have tried to show social icons but the website shows the code of the shortcode 3. I have tried to create slideshow but i didn’t make it

PLEASE support me ASAP

Kind Regards


Please open a thread on the forums and our support team will help you out.

regards, Joel


prekki Purchased

Hi, is it possible to assign a other style of the template to a subpage?


I believe it’s possible. Could you provide an example?


prekki Purchased

I want to set another template-style to a Domain. I want to use the component “Virtual Domains”.

I’ve copy the template an set another color, but the style is not shown on the frontend.

Can you help me?

You need to rename the copied template to a different name for that to work. We’d like to assist you on this. However, it seems your support period has expired. Please renew your support then send us an email via our profile page.

regards, arrowthemes


rohinj Purchased

since install i have not updated my site but now the site seems hacked and a phishing attack is reported. I checked a list of updates from themeforest on my email. but now if i click on download button i am not able to get them. Please suggest the next step.

Hi rohinj,

You need to always keep Joomla, all extensions and your template updated to ensure your site is safe. You may also need to add additional security measures like firewall for better security.

Envato introduced support at a fee last year September, which is charged at a fraction of the item price of the template. To extend the support, go to the item page and on the right you’ll see the button Renew Support.

regards, Joel


beboyd Purchased

Hi, it seem grid layout not working, I can see this test in frontend


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein framework/headingOur themes are built on Warp, a powerful framework which provides a rich tool set /block_icon column size=”1-4”Responsive Design/headingOur themes are built on a responsive framework, which gives them a friendly adaptive /block_icon column size=”1-4”Advanced Features/headingWe’ve enhanced the Warp theme to include some nice features that makes customization a breeze /block_icon [/grid]


Go to components > rokcandy > click on Options button (top right) and ensure Enable content is set to Yes.

All our support is conducted via our forums. Your support period has expired. Please renew your support by going to the item page and clicking on ‘renew support’ button.

regards, Joel

Hi I want to buy the theme with Regular license. Will I get layered PSD file of the theme ?


The PSD was designed based on version 1 of Fontaine and hence doesn’t have all the additional elements that you see in our demo. The social icons is one of those features which were added in a later version. As of now, we don’t have a PSD with the social icons.

regards, Joel

Ok, Please share latest PSD file whenever it is ready. Currently I am facing error while installing ‘fontaine_j3_quickstart’ setup on my server. The error is “[an error occurred while processing this directive]”. I have PHP 5.4 installed on my server. I am able to install Joomla 3.5.1 stable version downloaded from joomla website. Please suggest me how to resolve the issue.



please see this tutorial on how to install quickstart demo. If you have any issues or questions please post on our forums

regards, Joel

hello ,i have purchased fontaine template and i can’t find the Widgetkit Lite in the file just a documentation and a link .


Thanks for purchasing our template. Please click on ‘Widgetkit-documentation.html’ to be directed to the download page. You’ll find the Widgetkit lite (free) on that page.

If you’d like to have a replica of our live demo (which includes the Widgetkit lite, you can run the just like you would run a normal Joomla installation.

If you have any further questions, please ask in our forums

If you don’t have an account yet, please create one here Kind regards, Joel

thank you

You’re welcome :)


Deimo Purchased

Demo is suspended O_O


We are sorry for the inconvenience but we are trying to resolve the issue with our host. We think something could have gone wrong after we upgraded to a new server but we’ll post more information as soon as we have it.

Please bare with us and if you have any questions, kindly post on the comments and I’ll respond.



We are back online. We’ve resolved the issue which was caused by a slight misconfiguration on our account after the upgrade. Once again we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

regards, Joel


ikovacs Purchased

Youre site / Demos doesnt load, please check it :)

Woops! sorry about that. I’ve informed my hoster and they are working on it to resolve the issue. At the moment I’m able to load the demos. Please check the links again.

Thanks for the heads up and thanks for purchasing our template. :)

regards, Joel


vbict Purchased

Posting here because making an account on your support site didn’t work for me. I use Mega-menu (with the supplied extension ice) and the standard breadcrumbs, they both work fine if you stay in your current windowsize. But whenever you scale-down (trigger responsive design) and scale-up after it, they get placed on top of each other. A reload fixes it but thats not the way it should work. Help?


When creating an account, please user the same username as Themeforest i.e. vbict.

All our support is conducted via our forums. This helps us keep all questions in one place, which also helps others looking for the same information.

Kind regards, arrowthemes


I have some pre-sales questions re. the Fontaine template.

I purchased the Saffron template from you earlier this year, and I’m very pleased with it. I’d now like to update another of my Joomla sites with a fully responsive template, and I’m interested in Fontaine.

The site I’d like to update is With regards to Fontaine:

1. Is is possible to have a larger site logo than the one in your demo? My existing logo is 460×80 px. It doesn’t have to take up the full width of the page, as you demonstrated in a reply to another question.

2. Can the site logo be in .jpg or .png format, and if so, is it scaled for tablets and mobiles?

3. Is it possible to stop the main menu from staying in view as the user scrolls down the page?

4. Is it possible to adjust the screen width where the main menu collapses to the mobile version? I’d like the main menu to be visible on a slightly narrower screen than your demo.

5. I’d like to keep the footer area the same dark green colour if possible. Is it possible to do this with Fontaine?

Many thanks,


Hi Allan,

Yes. You can change that image by editing the module ‘Expand your business’ > navigate to Options tab and change the ‘Background Image’ > save

regards, Joel

Hi Joel,

Many thanks for the info.



You’re most welcome.

Regards, Joel

Is the latest theme version still compatible with Joomla 2.5.28? If not, what is the most recent version of your theme that is AND is it possible to download that previous version # instead of the newest?


Unfortunately we don’t dropped fontaine support for Joomla 2.5. Joomla 2.5 ended support last year so we are only providing Fontaine for Joomla 3.x.

The most recent version of Fontaine is v 2.5.2. You can see the changelog here

No, it’s not possible to download the previous version. Each new version fixes bugs and adds improvements.

regards, Joel

Hi, we have also a presale question. We would like to buy Fontaine template (the most recent version). We looked up in several forums, that there are still vulnerablity gaps concerning the K2 extension. ALTOUGH the vulnerability gap is known and a hacker published a full disclosure on it, the developer ( I have read that arrowthemes is the developer) still did not corrected it. Maybe you have abandoned supported the K2 extension?

pls check this: and this:


Thanks for purchasing our template. Thanks for informing us about the vulnerability. We are not the developers of the said extension. I’ve notified the developer about the link. From their github repo, they seem to be working on the next version and hopefully that will be fixed in the next version.

If you have any questions concerning our template, please post on the forums.

regards, Joel