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Really nice !

Glad you like it :)

That is very nice. Good job on a really fine work.

Glad you like it.

I love it, good work guys :-D

Thanks for the support:)

Looks awesome! ;)


Really good work guys, congratulations!


really nice work.. Any change of WP version.



Thanks, WP in progress;)

Excellent theme , great design. Are you guys planning to do something similar with wordpress?

Hi, Glad you like it. Yes, we are currently working on WP version which will support all 10 styles :)

Thanks, createIT

Awesome, really amazing themes. Are you going to make this theme for Wordpress? Regards


Thanks. WP version is in progress :)

Thanks, createIT

^ I would be interested in Wordpress version as well.

Yup, working on it!:)

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! You need to release a WP version of this theme! AWESOME AWESOME

Thanks :) Glad you like and as for WP, yup that’s the plan.

Dope! +1 for wordpress :)

Great theme, bookmarked! :)


Wow your portfolio is amazing ! Good Luck with your sales ;):)

Thank You:)

DEFINITELY interested in a WP version ASAP!

:) I’m glad WP version is so demanded. Stay tuned or just follow us to be notified the minute when WP is released:)

Thanks, createIT

Hahahaha much to write :-) It has become great! Thanks guys!

you too man! :)


Do you have a ETA on WP version? I would like to push the buy now button for this incredible theme…but WP sounds better :)

haha thanks : :) WP is planned indeed, we plan to release it within 3-4 weeks from today. Follow us to get updated!

It’s finaly there! After LONG LONG development, we are now ready with the product we are really proud of! It’s here!