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Is the showcase page included with the slider? Would it be possible to get it once I purchase?

Hi masterok, I’m sorry to say that demo images are not not included :( But of course you can paste your own images!

Hi again masterok, please get in touch with us on private message – our graphic designer says he might be able to help you :)

thanks, createIT

Hi, just bought the template. Can u include the fonts used?

@fayerhu Hi! fayerhu! Please check the readme.pdf in the Photoshop folder. All needed fonts plus where to get them are included. Thanks

Awesome work, Ill be waiting on the WP Version.

Thanks! WP development is already in progress, stay tuned! :)

Im also waiting for the WP version. This theme is a must have. Good luck with the project. Regards

Thanks :) please follow us to be the first to know about WP :) Regards!

Very nice design. How do I add an extra section with link?

That link does not allow me to type in my problem. Now my contact form does not work.

Hi ShaneF,

In order to add a new issue you need to create an account. This way you will be able to easily communicate with our support team. If for any reason you have some problems using our support system, please do not hesitate to send us an email at

Thanks, createIT


already purchased the template, and must say that its extremely Very nice designed pages and very creative ,

i feel sorry that i didn’t waited for wp version and purchased html , bytw my lick,

i am confused about the preview when we see preview in theme forest we see a starter page first, but in the downloaded files there’s no such page and it just show the index page, how we can get that starter page.

again thanks for giving us the amazing design


Hi xquisite,

Could you please post a support question at Our support team will be more than happy to help you out.

Thanks, createIT


Any updated ETA on the wordpress version?

Thanks :)


Sorry – not yet. We are still working on it.

Thanks, createIT

Any eta on the WordPress version? I think 3-4 weeks has passed. :-) Sorry…very excited about this template!

Yup, we are still working on it. There are SOO many flavors that it takes some time unfortunately.

Stay tuned!

Thanks, createIT

Pumped for the Wordpress version! :)

Great template and styles, I will definitely be purchasing this when the WP version comes out.

thanks! Working hard on WP!

Great Theme! Count me in for the WP version as soon as it comes out!!

Will do:)

Hello! Great template. I have been reading the reviews and I know you are probably tired of the same question :) However, one more time hehe. When will the WP version be ready? Please advise. Cant wait to buy it Cheers

Hi mktsolut,

:) Still working on it.. Will get back to you when we have a release date but we do everything we can to deliver is as soon as possible.

Thanks, createIT

Do you plan to add woocommerce feature to the WP version? It would be so cool. Thank you!

Hey, we were thinking about that, but no – there won’t be WooCommerce in WP version. At least not till crowds demand it :)

Thanks for asking!


Just call me “Crowds” :-D

Hahhaha good one :) cheers!

I really like the layout and I can deal with either WP or What you have so my question is not about WORDPRESS. Since Twitter has changed its authorization methods does the twitter script within the pages work for a real-world working site?

Thanks. I can get another script if needed just want to have a heads up if I buy this.


Twitter script that’s on foodtruck is live (it’s not hardcoded), but it doesn’t use the most recent version of their API. As far as I know, they will turn it off in week from now. We will issue an update till then :)

Cheers, createIT

Where is WP version? I can’t wait for this! :) Best regards!

Will soon come :) We can’t wait to release it too, but bulding WP theme with 10 flavours included is really challenging :) Please follow us to be the first to know!


We need a release date please! How far are you from finishing? Pleaseeee !! Tku

I would say we are somewhere at 70% now. We want to release it as soon as we can, but on the other hand quality is on our priorities list! We politely ask for a bit more patience :)

I cannot get the twitter feed to work properly any suggestions i also signed up on your support forum and posted the issue with no response please help

Hi toycruiser,

Twitter changed it’s API a little bit and that’s why it stopped working. We will post an update soon. Fix is really easy: just go to twitter/proxy/twitter_proxy.php and at the top (line: 5) change : http://api.twitter ... to https://api.twitter ... (just ad S to http) Also make sure that inside twitter/config.php directory you only have 1 config (not multiple).

That should do the trick.

Thanks, createIT

worked thanks! i knew it was something easy

How do you add additional sections? can i also add another section either with or without a menu item?


Yes, you can add as many elements as you like – just copy code with: - div which has container class - div with class section and you are good to go. Please note that if you don’t want element to be in menu, you need to remove class “section” for this element. Otherwise menu will scroll to this item.

If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at:

Thanks, createIT

Can you hotlink the pictures in the polaroid slider? I’ve submitted tickets on your forum and haven’t gotten any answers besides here

i’ll add hotlinking polaroid slider as well still would like to know how to do that it says in the bxslider documentation its possible

submitted bug #920

Hi Toy,

I’ve responded to 2 of your issues. I will make sure your other request will be handled tomorrow.

Sorry for this delay.

Thanks, createIT