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Nice concept ;) Good luck!

Glad you like it! It will be even tastier! :)

Unique idea! great work :)

Small Error “Of Course” not “of cause”. ;-) Great work!

Hahahaha! Thanks man! and Thanks :)

Good concept. Congrats! Good luck with sales brother! :P

:) Thanks mate! Glad you like it!

Thanks man! Much appreciate it!

Great work. Any plans on converting to a WordPress Theme?

Yes! In fact were on it! Thanks for your kind words! In the mean time stay curious cause there are coming new flavours. Regards :)

Can’t wait!! Thanks

Do you have a timetable when you drop the theme in wordpress format? Looks really in front of on the use of the theme!

Hi Gate! We plan within 2 weeks more or less! Hope that helps! Regards

Is it ready for wordpress yet?

Work still in progress! Ill let you know once its done. Will be hugh! :)

Any ETA on an HTML version?? Very nice work! Can’t wait for the web version(s).

Hi hfallen! Were very close now for the HTML. Please stay a bit more patient. If you like follow me on FB or ThemeForest so you wont miss the release. Thanks for compliment. Have a nice day!

Any ETA on the WordPress version of the this? Thanks

Hi! Sorry, its still in production!

Hello! Is there any advance on that Wordpress version? This template is just perfect for my cafeteria, which is due to open next month… I’d really really like to use this template for my website…

Hi! Thanks for your interest in our template. The advantages of the wordpress version are: - You dont have to know any line of HTML, CSS or Javascript to create the entire website. - You can create and adapt your content way more easy in wordpress. For example the menucard. - The wordpress version will be updated on a regular basis. - The price is way cheaper in comparison to a HTML site where you have to hire someone to set it up like the way you want.

I think this are the most and biggest advantages. If you still have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask.

Kind regards

Marcos (TR)

It’s not working on my pc. what shld i do? i bought it yesterday.

Hi! Can you please specify your problem! What exactly doesnt work? Please make sure that you bought a Photoshop Version, not the HTML or the Wordpress Version. In case of Photoshop, its just a bunch of Photoshop files. If you have trouble to open the zip file please try using to download the package another Browser. Try Firefox or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. If you still got trouble please let me know. I will help you out. Kind regards and thanks fir the purchase Marcos

Hello, i just bought this template but i don’t see the food truck in the layers, where it supposed to be?


Hi! I think i know what you mean. Please send me your mail adress. I will help you out.

sure is, info@alxsaiffe.com thank you