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This is great but it looks oversized on my iPhone? Good luck with it

Thanks, good to know, it’s easy to fix. All I have to do is delete minimum width or make it smaller. I need to borrow an iPhone for tests :) Tested on my HTC and it looks fine. Too many test devices these days :)

No probs it looks great on laptop etc

Site width on iPhone fixed.

Your demo site is getting blocked by Kaspersky because it been added to their database of phishing sites.

You should probably contact them ASAP about that… I imagine it will cannibalize some of your sales.

Crap, thank you for the info, I will contact them.

I’ve sent them email, I hope they won’t ignore it. How the hell it could be a phishing site?

I moved demo to . Could you let me know is it still blocked by Kaspersky?

what it looks like on an iPhone Not good !! when that is fixed will be big for you no doubt

also it doesn’t rotate to landscape view

Thank you very much. I will fix it tonight and re-upload it.

Site width on iPhone fixed.

It’s just what I was looking for a restaurant! How nice! Got an update or is pending final version? I say to start making the web or wait a bit … Thank you.

Thank you. You can easily working on it, just remove “min-width:480px;” from the body tag in the adv.css file.

I’d appreciate if you rate this theme. Thank you.

Site width on iPhone fixed.

Dem Theme fehlt das “style.css” Stylesheet.

Fehler! “style.css” need help

This is not w Wordpress theme. It’s a HTML theme only.

oh damn. I bought it in the assumption it would be wp. oh nooo…

Bummer. It will be a WP in a month or so.

Still being blocked by Kaspersky

They didn’t reply my email :( I will move it to other domain.

I moved demo to . Could you let me know is it still blocked by Kaspersky?

how to slow down the review slide duration? it’s too fast. Thanks

It’s in one of the fwslider CSS files. I will let u know which one when I get back home. Later today.

Review slide duration time is in: /js/responsive-carousel.autoplay.js line 12:

interval = 4000

Slide transition speed is in: /css/responsive-carousel.slide.css line 24-28:

transition: left .7s ease

Lovely design for a restaurant. Elegant and fresh, congratulations. Do you have any plans porting it into wordpress? (:

Yes. Will be ready next month.

Hi great looking site! does the site have a contact PHP file?

Hi Great template, does the contact form work or will I need to make my own contact php?

Yes, it does. It contains php sendmail script and jquery to display error messages.

Sorry just realised I have already asked dohh

Please rate it after you buy it. Thank you.

I have purchased the theme but the contact form doesn’t have any of the fields filled in ie. Your Name.. Date and time.. etc when using internet explorer also the date picker doesn’t seem to be working any ideas

I just checked IE. I’ll try to fix form placeholders, but the calendar working for me with no problem.

Hi Marcin, considering this neat template for a project. Just noting, shouldn’t this template “Layout” be considered as “Responsive” instead of “Fixed”? - Also, in my opinion, it could use a small “Scroll to Top” arrow in the bottom right, especially for the iPhone layout. - The URL you are referencing moving the demo site to is missing site/ at the end.

Thank you, I’ve changed it to responsive. Arrow to top is a good idea, I will include it in next update. I just checked the demo and it’s there –

sorry but in i don’t found file syle.css, where is?

It’s an HTML theme, not the Wordpress.

Wordpress theme should be ready in a week.

Hello I purchased the template over the weekend. When I test the site on iphone the images seem to be long and distorted. Anything I should do or download. Thank you. Great template and I will rate too

Sorted my issue. when replacing the slider images, i was giving a definite size to the pictures i.e. img src=”images/anyimage.png” width=”1600” height=”900” the width and height should be removed

Great, thanks.

I will remove it from the theme. Thank you.

Any progress on the “scroll to top” button? It would be a good idea to put this in the website.

Hi, sorry, I just came back from my holidays, I will work on it and should be ready on Monday.

“Back to top” button inbuilt.

Hi. great template. Regarding blog section. Cannot find anything in the help index to implement the blog page into wordpress for the blog to work. Any ideas?

Hi and thank you for the purchase, but this is only static HTML theme. Wordpress version should be ready next week (hopefully).

Thank you for prompt response