Foodie Moodie Restaurant Cafe Bar

Foodie Moodie Restaurant Cafe Bar

Foodie Moodie – Restaurant . Cafe . Bar

Foodie Moodie is an ultimate setup for your food category websites. It is not bound to just one option. It is designed in a very flexible way so that you can customize it in any of your food business like restaurants, cafes, bars, chefs, stores etc. etc.

Ultimate solutions for your food or any other business, just contact us and we are all available.

Main Features

This theme can be used for any branch or restaurant in food Category

  • Sliders
  • Tabs
  • Reservations
  • Parallax
  • Sticky Scrolled Header
  • 7 Color Schemes
  • 86 + Animations (on scroll / on load)

Resources Included

  • Static (code)
  • Animated (code)
  • Examples (code)
  • Layered PSD (photoshop file)
  • Google free fonts (included in css)
  • JS folder
  • CSS folder
  • Demo images

Fonts Used

Layout CSS Customization

visual layout and totally easy properties defined in elements folder

  • Body
  • Header / .navbar / 7 color styles
  • Slider / #myCarausel, #myCarausel2 / .Sliding1, .testimonials
  • Content / .section / .section1 – .section5 for diffrent patterns
  • Content / .container / .container to .container3 for diffrent width
  • Welcome Content / .section .section1
  • Our Services / .section .section3
  • Reservation Box / .box-reservation
  • Menu / .section .section4
  • Tabs / .menubox – .specialbox
  • Subscribe Newsletter / .subscribe-cover
  • Team / .section .team
  • Grill Fire / .section5
  • Footer / .footer
  • Color scheme comparisons for any element
  • default = light scheme
  • inverse = dark scheme
  • primary = red scheme
  • warning = orange scheme
  • info = blue scheme
  • success = green scheme
  • danger = brown scheme

Online Documentation & Examples


There is no hidden issue or any blunder that will mess up the code while customizing it. It’s very simple and user friendly code so if you ever feel any issue or want any change regarding to the design or code, feel free to contact Us. You want anything that is not in the theme, you can mail us at