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hello, where a can find testing information(text,images)? or may be you have import data?:)

Hi there,

the boxes in the footer area are with different fonts and fonts size. Can I change it in the code and where to find the code. Also I want to have a third box with the same fonts and size looking like the other ones.


Change style.css and find this class:

.box-footer h4 .box-footer p .box-footer.daily h4

You can change the font size and font face from that class


What I’m trying to do is create two menus on the website, “menu1” and “menu2”. I also have 3 food categories, “cat a”, “cat b”, “cat c”, “cat d”. I would like all the food belonging to “cat a” and “cat b” to show up on “menu1” and all food belonging to ””cat c” and “cat d” to show up on “menu2”.

How do I do that?

Thanks for any help.

Drop down menus on the main navigation don’t work on the iPhone. Is there a fix?

Hmm, I test it and it’s work, what is your browser?

Hi! Does this template support the WPML plugin? Can we use this template to build a multilingual Wordpress site?


Not sure, I never try WPML plugin before

Hi, how can i add my pictures to the gallery? Thank you

woo commerce support?

Do you still support your theme? are you compatible with the latest version of WP?



I have problem this complete when view in mobile site (android)


Hello, I purchased the your theme, is amazing! I wanted to know if can change the color of the Color Scheme from light to green color, for example. Where exactly should I change the CSS file?

I purchased your theme Food Lovers and it won’t load via WP admin and if I ftp via Filezilla the server times out at the same point. When I choose the theme in the admin section it is very incomplete? I can only keep this up for an hour or so so I hope you can guide me what to do next.

Hi thanx for the great theme! One question, How do I add custom content on my homepage. (I would like to post 3 text blocks with content)



Hi plentong, I really like your theme. I bought if for my sister’s business. I have issues with the intro box on the homepage (on the right of the carousel). A horizontal and a vertical scroll bars appear. I checked and used the right size for the image. Can you help me figure out how I can fix this please? Here’s the site: Thanks for your help